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2020-11-07 00:31:15 UTC

Be game.

2020-11-07 02:00:12 UTC

Counter Strike: Cold War

2020-11-07 18:19:19 UTC

no why

2020-11-07 18:19:30 UTC


2020-11-07 18:19:46 UTC

why can't they just let it end

2020-11-07 18:19:53 UTC

ME 1-3

2020-11-07 18:19:57 UTC

that's all there is

2020-11-07 18:20:06 UTC

no more

2020-11-07 18:20:12 UTC


2020-11-07 23:40:10 UTC

its literally 1-3 remastered

2020-11-08 03:39:48 UTC


2020-11-08 15:02:17 UTC

But they're saying that a new game is coming too.

2020-11-08 18:30:36 UTC


2020-11-08 18:30:55 UTC

They're going to change shit

2020-11-08 18:31:32 UTC

probably make shepard gay or something

2020-11-08 18:34:19 UTC

and its not like their last game which took 5 years to make and a hundred million dollars was any good

2020-11-08 22:19:36 UTC

why would they change shit

2020-11-08 22:20:06 UTC

isnt the whole point of remasters to shell out a product that will be a guranteed success with the minimal amount of effort humanly possible

2020-11-09 03:27:52 UTC

i hope they only change that

2020-11-09 03:29:30 UTC

but after all these years of EA doing nothing but shit games that are incomplete, broken, and/or full of agendas, I find it impossible that they won't mess this up too

2020-11-09 03:30:08 UTC

also the ME3 ending was shit, indoctrination theory is the only ending i accept

2020-11-09 08:24:56 UTC

all these companies doing such a bad job is pretty much the reason i got forced into RTS games because at least those won't turn against their own fanbase and lore/history

2020-11-09 19:37:05 UTC

Id like to present to them the entire Port Royale franchise

2020-11-09 21:33:25 UTC

I was surprised they kept a white male protagonist for Jedi Fallen Order tbh

2020-11-10 02:49:36 UTC

He was a ginger, so it worked out for them

2020-11-10 09:42:14 UTC

Representation for my people

2020-11-11 18:03:40 UTC


2020-11-11 18:11:06 UTC

Seen it, looked interesting- but my money already went to the Cowell.

2020-11-11 18:11:24 UTC

the quest is free

2020-11-11 18:31:52 UTC

Yeah I might get the decal but the plane I’m good without

2020-11-11 19:17:25 UTC

Based PopTop software predicted 2020

2020-11-11 19:17:27 UTC


2020-11-11 19:40:49 UTC


2020-11-12 06:47:39 UTC


2020-11-12 12:02:30 UTC


2020-11-12 15:00:41 UTC

I am making a video game intended for sale

2020-11-12 15:00:49 UTC

Will update.

2020-11-13 01:00:51 UTC

i can't get a ps5 anywhere I wish some cop could shoot a black man outside my walmart

2020-11-13 02:58:19 UTC

My crip gang about to raid them ender gangz territory


2020-11-13 04:10:21 UTC

"Truly an answer to a question nobody asked. Very well made, but now out of business." - Ian McCullum of Forgotten Weapons on Instagram, 4 hours ago.


2020-11-13 04:10:29 UTC

The Full Conceal Glocks are actually pretty cool, but they just went out of business a few days ago.

2020-11-13 04:57:43 UTC



2020-11-13 17:11:33 UTC

is the trs minecraft server dead?

2020-11-13 17:12:13 UTC


2020-11-13 17:24:40 UTC

I think so

2020-11-13 17:24:53 UTC

I finally bought mc and the server didn't connect

2020-11-13 19:53:33 UTC

The server is dead af

2020-11-14 02:52:00 UTC

the server is still on 1.16.3

2020-11-14 03:30:14 UTC


2020-11-14 03:30:20 UTC

needs to be updated and reopened

2020-11-14 06:18:00 UTC

im still able to go on it

2020-11-14 09:36:50 UTC

Factions kinda suck dick

2020-11-14 09:37:02 UTC

I like the vanilla survival

2020-11-14 10:42:05 UTC

Cooldead is dead

2020-11-14 10:42:18 UTC

He doesn't even join his server

2020-11-14 10:42:34 UTC

He is just paying for the server's host for no reason

2020-11-14 10:42:58 UTC

maybe he forgot about the server

2020-11-14 15:25:13 UTC

rip cooldead

2020-11-14 18:50:27 UTC

got a new headset


2020-11-14 18:52:54 UTC

got my 5 today

2020-11-14 18:52:58 UTC

thing is fuckin huge <:forsenKek:714120476275900437>

2020-11-14 20:55:54 UTC

I bought a new headset before 2 weeks as well <:hmm:691981543593476106>

2020-11-14 20:56:23 UTC

I'm thinking to buy a new mic too

2020-11-17 11:31:00 UTC


2020-11-17 11:31:03 UTC

Look at this doood....

2020-11-17 11:31:15 UTC

Wait until you see the...


2020-11-17 11:31:18 UTC


2020-11-17 11:31:21 UTC

Oh no no no

2020-11-17 20:23:32 UTC

Only a hipster would buy a macbook

2020-11-18 00:18:19 UTC


2020-11-18 21:01:54 UTC

^^ Actually works, just got it working on mine

2020-11-18 22:10:26 UTC

does anyone here have fallout new vegas on the ps3 and have the DLCs? (not GOTY)

if so, please message me so we can gameshare because i really need those DLCs

2020-11-18 22:34:22 UTC

Skyrim is abysmal for roleplaying

2020-11-18 22:34:57 UTC

Dialogue fell off the mountain same way the new Mass Effect did.

2020-11-18 22:35:14 UTC

As for Sea Shanty 2!

2020-11-19 09:46:56 UTC

> Dialogue fell off the mountain same way the new Mass Effect did.
@Weissest dialouge in TES was never really good
Talking to NPCs in Morrowind felt like reading a wikipedia article

2020-11-19 09:47:11 UTC

Apart from when you had to make a decision but that was very rare

2020-11-20 05:01:31 UTC

Watch, the game will get delayed again

2020-11-20 05:03:00 UTC


2020-11-20 05:03:07 UTC

does anyone even use that shit

2020-11-20 05:12:12 UTC

I just dearly hope that service never really takes off. I have a feeling that after the Great Reset, we'll all be relegated to playing Cloud Gaming services if we forfeit our computers and consoles.

2020-11-20 05:12:49 UTC

Then again, "we" is a relative term. I don't think anyone here would willingly go through with it. I sure won't.

2020-11-20 05:20:58 UTC

hell no

2020-11-20 15:10:55 UTC

I swear most of the delays are to replace good content with woke content

2020-11-20 16:04:52 UTC

<:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:bugman:689862457493160028>

2020-11-20 16:12:28 UTC

@Casmos that and degeneracy

2020-11-20 16:13:15 UTC

"let's sexualize everything!!!!!1!!!2!!" <:bugman:689862457493160028> <:NPC:690282782651318313>

2020-11-21 13:14:11 UTC

Gaming in addition to tech.

2020-11-21 14:17:14 UTC

I think they have some pretty big bugs to fix, and it'll take them time to fix the worst of them. Then the game will be released and the worst remaining bug will therefore be remembered as the worst bug and everyone who plays it will wonder why they didn't fix THAT bug when they delayed it.

2020-11-22 20:08:14 UTC
2020-11-23 12:34:36 UTC

>paying for single player games

2020-11-23 20:48:29 UTC


2020-11-23 20:50:31 UTC

and judging from that sink he does not look rich

2020-11-24 12:19:36 UTC

what gpu is that...

2020-11-25 18:48:00 UTC

steam sale 😴

2020-11-25 19:25:53 UTC

Big thanks to Milk for alerting me

2020-11-25 19:26:00 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:02 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:04 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:10 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:23 UTC


give me money

2020-11-25 19:26:30 UTC

I appear to have been summoned

2020-11-25 19:26:30 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:33 UTC

fuck yes

2020-11-25 19:26:34 UTC

You're gonna love our pizza

2020-11-25 19:26:35 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:39 UTC


2020-11-25 19:26:39 UTC

Its time

2020-11-25 19:26:43 UTC

to spend money

2020-11-25 19:26:50 UTC

Like a filthy whore

2020-11-25 19:26:53 UTC

Anyone wanna play phas?

2020-11-25 19:27:15 UTC


2020-11-25 19:27:16 UTC

I'm probably going to wait another month for the Steam Winter sale, but cool.

2020-11-25 19:28:27 UTC

I see

2020-11-25 19:29:21 UTC

@clonetrooper im dirt broke though...

2020-11-25 19:29:27 UTC

have fun guys

2020-11-25 19:29:38 UTC


2020-11-26 01:15:49 UTC


2020-11-26 03:14:02 UTC

What anti-virus should I use? My friend recommended McAfee. I currently use Norton, but someone told me Norton is a virus. I am not tech literate so I want an anti-virus.

2020-11-26 03:21:22 UTC

use linux

2020-11-26 03:48:55 UTC


2020-11-26 13:59:45 UTC

Use Protegent

2020-11-26 16:23:10 UTC

Does your computer naturally have one?

2020-11-26 16:36:58 UTC

My craptop does. Not sure if my new computer will or not.

2020-11-26 17:00:44 UTC

don’t pay for an antivirus software

2020-11-26 17:00:50 UTC

it’s not 2003 anymore

2020-11-26 17:01:11 UTC

plenty of free options like malwarebytes and avg are available to the consumer

2020-11-26 17:01:46 UTC

You dont need an antivirus lol just put a mask on your computer screen and make it so that it socially distances from other devices

2020-11-26 18:56:29 UTC

Windows defender already does a decent job

2020-11-27 09:34:53 UTC

gaben sex

2020-11-27 22:10:01 UTC

Follow me on steam

2020-11-27 22:11:31 UTC


2020-11-28 00:05:03 UTC

Gaming & technological discussions only.

2020-11-28 05:57:40 UTC

new PC setup, whadda ya think TRS?


2020-11-28 18:40:51 UTC



2020-11-29 00:40:24 UTC


2020-11-29 00:40:28 UTC

Are you fucking serious

2020-11-29 01:50:21 UTC

Sounds like you played it too long.

2020-11-29 20:14:37 UTC
2020-11-30 02:54:51 UTC


2020-11-30 02:54:54 UTC


2020-12-03 14:05:41 UTC

KOF 15

2020-12-03 14:05:42 UTC

KOF 15

2020-12-03 14:05:43 UTC

KOF 15

2020-12-03 14:05:43 UTC

KOF 15

2020-12-03 14:05:45 UTC


2020-12-04 19:58:43 UTC

what is this?

2020-12-04 19:58:52 UTC

lol no one knows wtf this is

2020-12-05 01:04:42 UTC


2020-12-05 01:04:43 UTC


2020-12-05 01:25:47 UTC

king of fa ggots 15?

2020-12-05 05:07:23 UTC

context bruv

2020-12-05 05:40:43 UTC

no one plays kof lol

2020-12-05 13:40:35 UTC

no more trs mc server?

2020-12-05 13:40:44 UTC

it says can't resolve host name

2020-12-05 16:20:15 UTC

Pretty sure it's dead

2020-12-05 17:04:38 UTC

minecrafters seething!

2020-12-05 17:04:42 UTC

Roblox wins again

2020-12-05 17:05:00 UTC


2020-12-05 22:14:29 UTC



2020-12-06 01:58:12 UTC


2020-12-06 09:13:17 UTC

Civ V mods <:PepoFront:754427364192026824>


2020-12-08 23:53:37 UTC

lmao fall 2021

2020-12-08 23:53:42 UTC

basically next holiday

2020-12-09 01:42:42 UTC

I posted this on another server. If anyone could help me that would be great.


2020-12-09 16:24:19 UTC


2020-12-09 16:24:23 UTC

Am I turbogaymer yet?

2020-12-09 17:30:18 UTC


2020-12-09 17:50:56 UTC

Be games.

2020-12-09 19:01:11 UTC

Breaking News: Cyberpunk 2077 delayed to Fall 2022 due to COVID-19

2020-12-09 19:16:44 UTC


2020-12-09 19:16:52 UTC


2020-12-09 19:16:54 UTC


2020-12-10 05:57:51 UTC

@Mr. Monkey If you don't have anything too important on your drives rn then reinstalling windows shouldn't be too much of a problem. If you do have imp work stuff, back it up on an external hard drive or cloud storage first. Download the windows installer from the microsoft website itself. Use their tool and flash a 16 gig minimum usb stick with the installer. Then when booting your pc, boot into your bios and then boot into the usb drive (might do this automatically tho if you boot with a usb drive plugged in). Then just follow most of the instructions until you reach the drive allocation. Format your C partition or maybe the installer will do it for you (don't remember this part too well). After that it should be smooth sailing. To activate windows you can either buy a cheap key or do what everyone does and just use a crack like hwidgen

2020-12-10 14:40:30 UTC


2020-12-10 15:09:14 UTC

That's so awesome!

2020-12-11 02:51:57 UTC

__***Pre-Game Show Awards***__
**Best Musical Score:** Final Fantasy 7 Remake
**Devolver Digital Game of the Year*:** Loop Hero
**Best Action Adventure Game:** The Last of Us: Part II
**Best Family Game:** Animal Crossing: New Horizons
**Best Community Support:** Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
**Best Debut Game:** Phasmophobia
**Best eSports Game:** League of Legends
**Best eSports Coach:** Zonic
**Best eSports Event:** League of Legends World Championship 2020
**Best eSports Host:** Sjokz
**Best eSports Team:** G2 eSports
**ο»ΏBest eSports Athlete:ο»Ώ** Shoemaker

__***2020 Game Awards***__
**Best Performance:** Laura Bailey as Abby (TLOU2)
**Best Ongoing Game:** No Man's Sky
**Best Art Direction:** Ghost of Tsushima
**Best Action Game:** Hades
**Best VR/AR:** Half-Life: Alyx
**Best Sports/Racing Game:** Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2
**Most Anticipated Game*:** Elden Ring
**Best Narrative:** The Last of Us: Part II
**Most Impactful Game:** Tell Me Why
**Best Multiplayer Game:** Among Us
**Best Indie Game:** Hades
**Best Audio Design:** The Last of Us: Part II
**Best Role-Playing Game:** Final Fantasy 7 Remake
**Best Simulation/Strategy Game:** Microsoft Flight Simulator
**Player's Voice Award*:** Ghost of Tsushima
**Best Fighting Game:** Mortal Kombat 11 Ultimate
**Innovation in Accessibility Award:** The Last of Us: Part II
**Best Mobile Game:** Among Us
**Content Creator of the Year:** Valkyrie
**Best Game Direction:** The Last of Us: Part II

__***Game of the Year (which totally wasn't rigged or anything)***__
The Last of Us: Part II (which got 6 other awards despite being completely hated by everyone who played it except journalists)

*This award was sponsored/was a poll and is technically not a real award

2020-12-11 03:47:39 UTC

classic af

2020-12-11 08:16:31 UTC

I thought Ghosts of Sushi was GOTY or was that only players choice or something?

2020-12-11 08:17:36 UTC

Oh yeah player's voice

2020-12-11 08:18:48 UTC

Half Life Alyx wasn't even nominated for GOTY <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:20:06 UTC

Last of Us Part II best narrative <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:20:41 UTC

Best Game Direction Tranny Fucker Suckmann <:honk:694051039241830470>

2020-12-11 08:25:13 UTC

Lol no. Even if you manage to find and properly rename the directories the likelihood that another directory or ref parameter got changed. You pmuch bricked it and the only to resolve it is to reformat it and try again.

2020-12-11 23:15:45 UTC

I crucified a guy in cyberpunk

2020-12-11 23:41:52 UTC


2020-12-12 04:19:57 UTC

You get a call from wakako (the Japanese fixer) and she gives you a side quest that is a hit job. Don’t actually kill anyone, the oppurtunity will come to you

2020-12-12 04:21:33 UTC
2020-12-12 04:22:14 UTC


2020-12-12 13:29:09 UTC

Best Game Direction: The Last of Us: Part II

2020-12-12 13:29:11 UTC


2020-12-12 13:29:13 UTC


2020-12-12 17:18:42 UTC

Best = the most woke, what do you expect from the entertainment industries in current year?

2020-12-12 18:04:01 UTC

The VGAs are no more relevant than the Oscars, as far as I'm concerned. They both routinely ignore groundbreaking works and other things that are truly worthy of accolades in favor of what the industry wants. I'd rather go on ignoring both of them for the most part.

2020-12-12 19:45:14 UTC

All the awards shows are the same way. Grammys are probably the worst. Cardi B won a Grammy....

2020-12-12 21:37:22 UTC

Technological games.

2020-12-13 07:29:52 UTC

PC Gamers have entered the war


2020-12-13 07:39:53 UTC

PC has no games lmao

2020-12-13 08:03:52 UTC
2020-12-13 08:04:13 UTC

Xbox Destroyed

2020-12-13 12:54:29 UTC

Only because Microsoft is trying to EEE PC gaming, though.

2020-12-13 15:06:30 UTC

I saw arma in there, based.

2020-12-13 18:37:42 UTC


2020-12-13 22:57:57 UTC

Refunded cyberdung <:hmm:691981543593476106>

2020-12-14 02:23:03 UTC

any good open worlds?

2020-12-14 02:23:14 UTC

if only r* and bethesda didn't make a game every 10 years

2020-12-14 02:37:31 UTC

Genshin Impact

2020-12-14 02:37:36 UTC


2020-12-14 02:39:03 UTC

nah I don't like weeb games

2020-12-14 02:41:10 UTC


2020-12-14 02:41:23 UTC

What about Yakuza? That's semi-open world.

2020-12-14 03:05:52 UTC


2020-12-14 18:21:38 UTC


2020-12-14 18:26:51 UTC

haha! awesome.

2020-12-14 18:53:48 UTC


2020-12-15 06:02:56 UTC

hello fellow gamers what is the most expensive keyboard you've destroyed by spilling alcohol on it

2020-12-15 09:34:03 UTC

I lost a few keyboards by spilling soda on it, but I'm not an alcoholic.

2020-12-15 09:35:04 UTC

I also lost my favorite mouse to a spill of Peach Nehi.

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