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2020-04-23 22:59:26 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Whats happenin

2020-04-23 22:59:47 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I was just watching the task force briefing

2020-04-23 23:00:02 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Cnn person always gets f ed up

2020-04-23 23:01:56 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I feel this channel is moreso for people to attack anyone that supports trump

2020-04-23 23:02:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Am I right?

2020-04-23 23:03:10 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:03:22 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Ah damn

2020-04-23 23:03:31 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:03:57 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Well actually that’s just racist but alright

2020-04-23 23:04:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

You said israel must fall

2020-04-23 23:04:49 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Israel is supposed to be a safe haven for jews

2020-04-23 23:05:02 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Ah yes I suppose thats right frog

2020-04-23 23:05:38 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

You said Israel must fall

2020-04-23 23:05:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Thats a lot more extreme than what you’re saying here

2020-04-23 23:06:00 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Yes really

2020-04-23 23:06:24 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Primarily made up of the jewish

2020-04-23 23:06:53 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:07:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

It could imply anti-semitism for sure tho

2020-04-23 23:08:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Well the conversation just kinda shifted there

2020-04-23 23:08:19 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Wasnt the topic necessarily

2020-04-23 23:08:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I dont remember him commenting about it

2020-04-23 23:09:31 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I mean it is technically an infringement on their rights

2020-04-23 23:09:37 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:09:51 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Which is why trump disagreed with the Georgia governor

2020-04-23 23:10:02 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

It has to open eventually

2020-04-23 23:10:19 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Because people are losing their jobs

2020-04-23 23:10:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

And the economy would inevitably crash if we stay closed for too much longer

2020-04-23 23:11:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I wanna strangle every “woke” politician

2020-04-23 23:12:04 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

They don’t do much good now do they?

2020-04-23 23:12:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Sometimes you gotta take matters into your own hands

2020-04-23 23:12:49 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Masks are useless if you dont have it, but if everyone had a mask it does help to not spread it

2020-04-23 23:13:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Most people think it helps to not contract it though

2020-04-23 23:13:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

It does not unless its air tight

2020-04-23 23:13:36 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

China has far more deaths

2020-04-23 23:13:47 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

They said they’ve had no deaths for 8 days now

2020-04-23 23:13:56 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Who actually believes that though?

2020-04-23 23:14:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

That wasnt the point of it

2020-04-23 23:14:36 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

People will literally starve if we dont reopen

2020-04-23 23:14:51 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Also Elizabeth warrens brother died

2020-04-23 23:15:02 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

That wasnt very funny

2020-04-23 23:15:15 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:15:30 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Its about money

2020-04-23 23:15:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:15:48 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Oh no

2020-04-23 23:15:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:15:55 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I was boutta say

2020-04-23 23:16:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

But that was wrong

2020-04-23 23:16:20 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Almost 30 million people filed for unemployment bro

2020-04-23 23:16:40 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Stale humor

2020-04-23 23:16:57 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Yea the death rate would be more than double if the travel ban didnt happen

2020-04-23 23:17:06 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

He was called racist for that

2020-04-23 23:17:27 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

And trump doesnt do everything, and what he does do is heavily influenced by experts

2020-04-23 23:17:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Theyve called joe biden racist now

2020-04-23 23:17:45 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

The left

2020-04-23 23:17:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Because of his ad

2020-04-23 23:18:32 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

He didnt promote them

2020-04-23 23:18:45 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Or encourage them

2020-04-23 23:18:55 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Quote a tweet

2020-04-23 23:19:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I mean still

2020-04-23 23:19:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Its very encouraging for the governor to reopen the state though is it not

2020-04-23 23:19:53 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

For the protests

2020-04-23 23:19:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

It infringes on their rights

2020-04-23 23:20:01 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:20:07 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

New york is fucked

2020-04-23 23:20:33 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:21:15 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:21:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

The virus is racist??

2020-04-23 23:21:40 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Itd be racist to kill them though

2020-04-23 23:26:04 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Only one game matters...<:yus:538083968881524747>

2020-04-23 23:26:26 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Fuck it, fortnite dance party

2020-04-23 23:29:42 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Alright here a my thoughts

2020-04-23 23:29:48 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Virus bad

2020-04-23 23:29:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Made economy bad

2020-04-23 23:30:01 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Trump reelected economy go up

2020-04-23 23:30:06 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Biden elected we die

2020-04-23 23:30:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Is that ok

2020-04-23 23:30:28 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

True that

2020-04-23 23:30:39 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Wonder who his vp would be

2020-04-23 23:31:32 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I highly doubt that

2020-04-23 23:32:16 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Its just the absolute idiots who a toddler can cripple with a handshake saying stuff like “I thought an awful lot about blowing up the whitehouse” and nobody cares

2020-04-23 23:32:45 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:32:46 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:33:10 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Oyasumi how old are you

2020-04-23 23:33:29 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

You seem to have a worse mindset than haha orange man bad

2020-04-23 23:33:52 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Why are you furry

2020-04-23 23:34:53 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Bru you got a legit fursona

2020-04-23 23:35:37 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Trump tower has incredible hot chocolate

2020-04-23 23:35:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Trump hotel*

2020-04-23 23:35:51 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I went there in wash dc

2020-04-23 23:36:26 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I didnt stay there but a bit over $500

2020-04-23 23:36:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I stayed at a very large friends house

2020-04-23 23:36:41 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I dont know how we know them

2020-04-23 23:36:44 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

But we do

2020-04-23 23:36:58 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:37:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

*four stories*

2020-04-23 23:38:12 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

It snowed on the last day too, very cold

2020-04-23 23:38:51 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

In Washington dc

2020-04-23 23:38:57 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Keep up bro

2020-04-23 23:39:13 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

No wonder

2020-04-23 23:39:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Oh no

2020-04-23 23:40:08 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:40:37 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

If dogs can be put down for no reason so can you

2020-04-23 23:40:49 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:41:52 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

His existence is misery

2020-04-23 23:41:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:42:05 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:42:08 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I hate edgelords

2020-04-23 23:42:20 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Makes me wanna twist they neck

2020-04-23 23:42:29 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

And then I become the edgelord

2020-04-23 23:43:29 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Must be pro choice

2020-04-23 23:43:30 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:43:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Says the “idiot” who calls trump rump

2020-04-23 23:44:18 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

@Takasuya i feel you must change that opinion

2020-04-23 23:44:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:44:45 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Banana you probably like that banana up yours

2020-04-23 23:45:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Thats me

2020-04-23 23:45:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Hey guys listen

2020-04-23 23:45:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

According to a new study, china covid-19 cases are 4x higher than official amount

2020-04-23 23:46:49 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-23 23:46:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Why are you white

2020-04-23 23:47:12 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Now thats just immature

2020-04-23 23:47:19 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I wouldnt not expect it

2020-04-23 23:52:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

I smell edge

2020-04-23 23:52:49 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-24 02:00:15 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

On instagram I see posts of terrorist cutting peoples necks off and people being hung as they mast**bate on livestream

2020-04-24 02:00:23 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

And it isnt being taken down

2020-04-24 02:01:47 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

But uh politics

2020-04-24 15:54:28 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Welcome to the jungle

2020-04-24 15:54:45 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

China knew about this

2020-04-24 15:55:14 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

They released it on purpose, and had to cure ready to go but are deciding to wait on the best time

2020-04-24 15:55:33 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Tuberculosis vaccine possibly helps with the virus

2020-04-24 17:05:36 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-24 17:30:46 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  

Im Joe Biden and I forgot this message

2020-04-24 18:00:03 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Its coming out that china at a low estimate has at least 235 thousand deaths

2020-04-24 18:00:38 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

I dont see how you guys call someone who literally made himself a billioniare “dumb as bricks”

2020-04-24 18:00:41 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Nah you

2020-04-24 18:01:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

His dead didnt give him 2.5 billion dollars now did he

2020-04-24 18:01:29 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Then leave, nobody cares what you think

2020-04-24 18:02:25 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

And since the unemployment rate was at its lowest and economy at its highest before the virus i dont see how that makes him “dumb as bricks”

2020-04-24 18:03:08 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Yea it was because now theres a virus

2020-04-24 18:03:32 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Because of the virus damn you are dumb as bricks

2020-04-24 18:03:53 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Oh boy

2020-04-24 18:04:44 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

You guys are retarded honestly

2020-04-24 18:04:55 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Especially ned

2020-04-24 18:05:10 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

See, iss true

2020-04-24 18:05:34 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

I didnt want to call you children

2020-04-24 18:05:43 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Why do you care? Someone reacted first

2020-04-24 18:06:05 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Its not cringe

2020-04-24 18:06:22 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Alright its like arguing with children Im done

2020-04-24 18:07:11 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  


2020-04-24 18:07:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Whatever you say

2020-04-24 18:09:13 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

He said today he doesnt encourage that shit

2020-04-24 18:09:42 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Its just idiots with a boner for an over the top story

2020-04-24 18:09:59 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Ned you got a cringe ass pfp you realize right

2020-04-24 18:10:17 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Also what do you mean by pool cleaner

2020-04-24 18:10:25 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Be more specific

2020-04-24 18:10:41 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Frog im not really doing anything so I really dont see your point there

2020-04-24 18:11:01 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  


2020-04-24 18:11:28 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

He was building up the country very well till covid hit

2020-04-24 18:11:58 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

I dont care though, its not like ned’s old enough to vote

2020-04-24 18:12:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

That got knocked down because china threw a rock at it

2020-04-24 18:12:57 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Out of your control

2020-04-24 18:13:21 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Weve done the most tests than any other country

2020-04-24 18:15:04 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

And thats just not true

2020-04-24 18:15:27 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Uk, india, rest of europe, south korea, we’ve done more tests than all of them combined

2020-04-24 18:15:52 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  


2020-04-24 18:16:05 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

You say per capita as if you know what you’re talking about

2020-04-24 18:16:20 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Meanwhile you don’t

2020-04-24 18:16:37 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

You clearly don’t

2020-04-24 18:16:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

And idiots like you is why trump is gonna be reelected

2020-04-24 18:16:54 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #general-chat💢]  

Im out, bye

2020-04-25 00:17:50 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-04-25 00:17:56 UTC [NEWS and POLITICS #trump]  


2020-08-30 00:21:52 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

rename TRS Paypig to money machine

2020-09-04 18:14:03 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Anyone else here tank dive? Or has before

2020-09-04 20:37:40 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Lotta gun enthusiasts i see

2020-09-04 20:37:45 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

But what about fishing enthusiasts

2020-09-04 22:41:21 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

@SanguineSegue where do you go fishing?

2020-09-04 22:44:44 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Down in florida depending on which part or what season I’m usually looking for tarpon and snapper, or if another fish is particularly large I’ll take it. down in Miami whats most desirable is Mahi Mahi and mutton snapper

2020-09-05 00:34:38 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

Oh yea? I live on the eastside, I rarely fish in the gulf, I remember there being tarpon dock fishing, but offshore I definitely prefer

2020-09-05 00:34:54 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  

also waking up 5 am tomorrow to go offshore fishing

2020-09-05 01:28:26 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

what problem did removing it address

2020-09-05 03:04:09 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

yes but

2020-09-05 03:04:10 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  


2020-09-05 03:15:34 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

also like

2020-09-05 03:15:48 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

where is #news

2020-09-05 03:22:34 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

oh shucks

2020-09-05 03:22:36 UTC [The Right Server #suggestions]  

i did

2020-09-05 23:00:59 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]

2020-09-05 23:03:33 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  


2020-09-10 21:28:47 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]

2020-09-10 21:41:49 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

In the shower rn

2020-09-10 21:42:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

My opinion > your opinion

2020-09-10 21:45:50 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Feds bustin anyone who says they watched Cuties

2020-09-10 21:48:08 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]

2020-09-10 21:48:16 UTC [The Right Server #hobbies]  


2020-09-10 22:04:04 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Poor kids are just as bright and talented as white kids

2020-09-10 22:05:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Josephine A president shouldnt be “bad with words sometimes”

2020-09-10 22:06:26 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Trump can debate and had done a good job regarding foreign relations, with some countries better than others

2020-09-10 22:06:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Biden cant even debate

2020-09-10 22:07:31 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

You know the the thing

2020-09-10 22:08:32 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Bidens “economic plan for america” is essentially just trumps

2020-09-10 22:10:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

<:cryingbugman:738000461386350653> n-no its different!

2020-09-10 22:12:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

@Josephine he didn’t help the economy? The economy was booming thanks to him before the virus, and its recovering quickly

2020-09-10 22:13:00 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Ya just a lil special I’ll respect it but keep that to yourself

2020-09-10 22:13:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I can respect someone who supports neither candidates but not someone who supports joe

2020-09-10 22:13:57 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

So what you’re saying it was obamas fault

2020-09-10 22:14:44 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Trump absolutely added jobs, not every job is minimum wage and it shouldnt have to be a living wage, its an entry level job you work your way up from there

2020-09-10 22:15:23 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Thats not even true

2020-09-10 22:15:30 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Most people?

2020-09-10 22:16:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Theres so many factors into that

2020-09-10 22:17:01 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

But i imagine you make minimum wage and are crying that its trumps fault

2020-09-10 22:17:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Its getting better, the economy is getting better, people are making more money and more people are investing in the stock market

2020-09-10 22:17:52 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  


2020-09-10 22:18:34 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

It depends how much you buy

2020-09-10 22:18:42 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

High risk high rewards, you dont just get nothing

2020-09-10 22:19:12 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

I bought apple stack recently and it shot up

2020-09-10 22:19:19 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

And then they split the stocks

2020-09-10 22:19:55 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Not just a gain, investing when everything is incredibly low is a fantastic idea, because itll never get that low again, it can only go up, down, then back up

2020-09-10 22:20:03 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Because of the virus

2020-09-10 22:21:46 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Its not gonna go lower than it was

2020-11-07 02:00:12 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

Counter Strike: Cold War

2020-11-23 20:50:31 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

and judging from that sink he does not look rich

2020-12-14 04:12:23 UTC [The Right Server #commands]  

!d bump

2020-12-19 05:21:06 UTC [The Right Server #gaming-tech]  

yea but it doesnt have my $1.65 factory new StatTrak Galil AR Akoben skin

2021-01-11 21:28:08 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-11 21:33:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Meh, im taller than both parents, not saying much though, i’m 5’9

2021-01-11 21:36:06 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Tall femboys in chat

2021-01-11 21:36:33 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Why would they be older @imasmah

2021-01-11 21:36:56 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Shouldnt they sorta be like the same age from an ideal standpoint

2021-01-11 21:37:35 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Not so much so past maturity

2021-01-11 21:38:14 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

Meh not really

2021-01-15 02:12:52 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

used to love watching those vintage cab calloway films, especially that one with the graveyard

2021-01-15 02:17:34 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

i feel bad for calloway though, fucked by disney unfairly

2021-01-15 02:18:50 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

disney got color but wouldnt allow calloway so he was forced to stay black and white

2021-01-15 02:20:23 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

what one

2021-01-15 02:25:07 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  


2021-01-15 02:26:57 UTC [The Right Server #shitpost]  

didnt realize your username was actually joe

2021-01-18 02:46:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

brees threw 3 interceptions

2021-01-18 02:47:09 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

bucs were ass to begin with letting new orleans almost get a kick 6

2021-01-18 02:47:22 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

brady wasnt even that good this game

2021-01-18 02:47:27 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

neither was brees

2021-01-18 02:47:37 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

there were some crazy catches tho

2021-01-18 02:48:07 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

thats like his 8th this season

2021-01-18 02:48:10 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

8th running td

2021-01-18 02:48:24 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

just wish the dolphins would make the playoffs one season

2021-01-18 02:48:43 UTC [The Right Server #chat]  

any winning florida team Ill take, or carolina, they're cool

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