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He is probably looking at the website. also I am free Monday-Wednesdays if you wanna make banners.

Scouting out a site for a stencil run.

@Walter ID Meet up next week?

I am flattered, it is a honor and a privilege. I would be happy to help in anyway I can.

Yes sir. Will do!

Yes, I would be honored to help in anyway I can, I saw the post in the think tank but I am curious. What have I done that makes you think I meet your requirements? :)

Any time next week will work, It needs to be done late at night though (like 1-3 AM), we can of course supplement this with posters! What works best for you?

or someone who isn't used to liquor, though generally speaking you are correct.

Run time, planks, and pull-ups. I’m going to aim for100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 air squats, and try to do as many pull-ups each day, till failure. Going to change up my diet with more chicken, broccoli, rice, etc.

Can you send me the uniform list so I can make sure I have everything

amazon links as well?

I'll ask John

all good

Can you send me the Amazon Uniform list please.

@Walter ID You want to do it tomorrow or Wednesday?

The closed down IHOP in town that I was talking about.

Marcus is in Washington, I need you because you have the stenciles. I'm gonna go get some whiteout from the store tomorrow as well as some spray adhesive so we can do some banners.

Lets aim for tomorrow then

So I think we should aim for maybe 1AM today/tomorrow.

lets do tomorrow

Patriot Front.US

Bring Reclaim America and the url

That should be good, I have some in my trunk

read and understood

I leave at Dec 3 at 4:25pm, and will arrive in Newark at 6AM on Dec 4

I will try


Walter is the only of age to secure a rental.

To my knowledge yes

For direct conformation you should ask him.

Thats what was avaliable

So basically as soon as I get to the airport I just go change in the bathroom, pocket the chevrons and head to camp?

wait no

I got ya

Missing attachment: SecondarySarcasticCattle-size_restricted.gif

anything below 5'9 is a manlet.

My apologies, you are correct.

I mean if you are instructed I get it, but I don't think we have a hard time socializing.

In fairness we have had fair notice that there is a contribution.

Johnny Rebel.

@Alexander OR I found your coat btw

That wouldn't be pleasant for sure.

Can't really get the exact boots because they are sold out so I'm gonna have to get the next best thing, though I think I have a good tan pair anyway.

I should just get my Class A. It would open so many doors.



Yes, I'm complete free on Tuesday, Wednesday at noon I have something but if its at night I'm good.

I mean, Santa is less of a lie then the Holocaust

but yes that is revolting

Its a sacred holiday and they are fucking it

I mean no one does beyond violance

What do you propose?

What do you mean leadership is handling thatr?


I don't have one, beyond maybe John

So whats this stuff about that Christmas thing they made?

John didn't know what I was talking about and I sent him the link

I don't know

John CO sent it to me

Good to go.

Everyone have a safe flight!

Thanks for the warm welcome!

What the actual fuck was that

I was tempted to blast my own music because I had my soundboard open but I decided against it.

Growing from this will be exciting.

So did John get DDOSD or something?

I never heard him say nigger I think

I have some ideas for how to avoid this whole thing again.

Shouldn't hinder us either.

I find this situation rather funny in all honesty

The flood gates are open Patriot Front just announced its presence to the whole world, millions of people have heard about us now

What they did, was a feeble and petty attempt to harm us, it didn't work.

Either he was retarted and slipped or he wants us to be paranoid.

"The government should not be guided by Temporary Excitement, but by Sober Second Thought."- President Martin Van Buren

An emotional response is what they want, overconfidence or lack there of. They want us to act with our hearts rather than our minds.

The information on my plates and ID is so out of date its not even funny

I don't even know how they let me have a drivers license

and I fear for all the traffic tickets that I have not received.

This meeting is too disorganized, while its important to understand whats going on. We don't have anything solid yet.

We need to just tell them the situation is being handled and is under control and meet with these people on an individual basis.


@all I think we can all agree that right now we need to just pull back a bit and let things play out. I have complete faith in our leadership to resolve this issue. Just be more selective with what is said, keep doing activism, and most importantly: ENJOY OUR VICTORY! This isn't a feat to be taken lightly, enjoy yourself. In times like these I like to remind myself of the wisdom of Presidents.

"The government should not be lead by temporary excitement, but by sober second thought" - Martin Van Buren.

How ya doing Carter?

Hey Sam, I wanted to talk to you about the interviewee that we had in our region. Is there a time tonight i can ask you some questions about it?

Hey Randolph, how’s it shakin pal. Listen, I’ve got an interviewee that in my region you took notes on and I was wondering if there was a time tonight I could talk to you about it in more detail.

Well how long are you staying up for? I’m a night owl so it wouldn’t bother me.

Mountain or CST?

Okay sweet. So is there a time specifically we could talk about it?

Yeah sure

Well I got Sam scheduled but I would like your perspective on it as well. What time works for you?

Feet are sore so I can’t do activism, beyond that everything is peachy!

So are we still gonna do the think tank thing?

Sorry I was at a church thing

I'm on now

also thanks for taking the time to review this with me, it means a lot.

Yeah, they seem to have done a piss poor job with you. So that’s good.

The New Awakening


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