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@all I hate to do this but I won't be able to make this trip. I've had so many bad things happen over the past month and I'm mentally drained. I'm on my way to put down my oldest dog today. It's one thing after another.

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Hurts man. I appreciate it.

I get it. I'll see what I can do. It would be good for me to get away and be with my brothers. I just need to find someone to watch my remaining dog and I'm so financially strapped. I don't even know if I have everything I need.

Darth Apu



I don't really know much about memecrusade but I'm passing this along.

Is he really?

Blown away by how moronic these people are.

Haven't heard anything from Soygon of Mossad in years either.



They did the same to me and they have no way of knowing my real name. Just an empty threat to scare you.

That is badass. Gonna share it.

I get a little carried away in laughter when I read some of these things.

I forgot all about that.


This one of you?

@Patrick NC was that you that just followed me on Twitter?

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City, OK

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Oklahoma City, OK

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I'm starting a new job here pretty soon and I probably won't get paid for a couple of weeks. Who do I need to stay in touch with to pay my owed dues

I blocked him. Just trying to destroy his credibility. Not that he had any.

He may be posting insider knowledge but my whole point was to prove that he has no credibility. There's a reason he wouldn't answer whether he was a former member, current member, or not a member at all. His credibility on the subject is faulty no matter what.

Done, I blocked him.

He's definitely a member.

Yeah he's definitely a member. I don't know who he is but he's a member.

He sent me a DM and said he suspected the NWG account was Mike MD so he knows something.

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Very well may be

I haven't asked. Anything relegated to PF I keep in house. Seems like he's a NE guy but I really don't know

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Guy is legit, u just don't know who he is

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