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Colorado CMO says to expect race-based healthcare rationing in Colorado soon

We need to push back on this HARD

Copy that, going to try and schedule a local shield team drill this week if possible

I'm in it :k

Yes, we'll meet in Denver on the day of departure, anyone who's driving will be at the rental place to get their ID on the insurance, then we'll depart

So I'm happy to take you and Charles down with me when I go

That way you don't leave your car in the lot for a week

Yeah man I'm stressed as fuck RE: 05Dec

Yeah, pretty much

Hoping everything goes smoothly

Yeah, it was my hope we meet around 4-4:30 in FoCo, amd I take you down to the pickup location for the rental

Alright, I'll take a look and try to bring it

Hey, GM quick question--have you coordinated w/Ben CO RE:transportation when you get in? If not, can you send him your arrival airport/time so we can assist if you need a shuttle service to the meetup?

20 minutes out

You guys at the location?

Thanks all, wish I could a been with you. VANGUARD HUA

Howdy Mason, confirming all the CO boys are safe and sound, we arrived without incident. Keep me posted with any after action news, will you?

Yessir "Were you at D.C.?" Will be a question to separate the men from the boys for a long time

I'm sure there will be forthcoming announcements, but overall I feel like we scored a strategic victory, even if we took some tactical losses. Let me know if we can support at the Network level.

Does Thomas take D'nations outside of sticker orders?

I'm getting request from my pool party about a cash app going around requesting donations to assist PF members. Can you confirm if this is valid?

I can upload tonight

Ok, there was a cash app someone in PP leadership claimed was ours, but I said I hadnt heard anything

I have it, I can upload the footage tonight

This was in PP leadership chat today per my PP leader. Leak was NOT from CO Network

Can you verify this:

>Antifa discovered the location of the POV's while PF was demonstration.
>Per policy PF will gaurd the vehicles while the demonstration is ongoing.
>Antifa pulled a gun on the member and held him while they totaled the POV's.

Everyone is safe, HOWEVER, they are stuck in the city without an operable vehicle and time is of the essence to get the members out.

$cwh1488 cashapp for the man in charge if yall can throw them some bones to help.

Griftgang is out again

@all I would like to try to schedule an all-Staff Mumbl meeting for this weekend if possible. As you may or may not be aware, Server-side Security checks are currently being conducted by headquarters, so please verify your access to this server, the Promat Server, and Mumbl this week and message myself or @ND - Ben CO if you have issues.

@John CO @PF-787516 @Kevin CO please reply ASAP to verify you have received this message

Ok, I can help with that

Hey Mas, sorry, having trouble logging in--here's the Mega:

Copy all, I'm back online now

I'll tell you, I would never have permitted anyone to search my phone when I joined up

Already done

first thing once I got back on today

I probably won't be able to meet you, I've got a pretty heavy work schedule\


got it fixed now

what do you make of the new interview protocol?

At this point I think its a good idea. We've got a lot of new recruits, but honestly the attention will put us a greater risk for the next few months. I'd as soon have a gideon's band than accept a bunch of newbies with a high probability of infiltration

hehe, let me check with Jesse--I saw it the night we got back, must be with his stuff

I'm with my family saturday. I have a PP interview I'm conducting thursday if possible--want to come along?

should be evening. It'll be virtual

should be 2 files, one is 40 min of marching, the other is a funny clip of you dancing

sorry again for the delay

its coming

~4 gb

oK, thanks

No pressure. Always better to have more than one listener in the background

Any chance you have the interview question set? the PP questions are much more vague, I prefer our script, if you can share it

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