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By the way, do you have any posters/stencil we could use ourselves?

Dunno if we're still getting out tonight though, it's pretty late.

Wait it's 7 LOL

Ah, no problem brother

It's a workday, I assumed most dudes would be dead tired anyhow

I'm still surprised by the dark being so early

Strong agree, it's probably some groyper

Since I'm not able to get away this weekend for the Utah event, I could for sure get some time away from family and personal events to sticker near protest locations etc. Still want to go back to Smoky Hill sometime in the coming weeks

Missing attachment: 20211114_164506.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_165307.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_164810.jpg
Missing attachment: 20211114_165458.jpg

Objectively speaking he should be acquitted, but with the state of the modern criminal "justice" system I still have some doubts

Protest plans will be important both so that we know where they'll be so we can sticker and poster beforehand and so we don't come into contact with them while it's occuring.

Sounds good. I have a busy week but Friday is free for me so fingers crossed it's then or sometime on the weekend



Nah, sorry brother. Long day today and got another one tomorrow. Best of luck though

Depending on the time they plan it, I would be able to help you out with scouting. I can't fully commit to it until I know the time but otherwise I'm able, only thing I have tomorrow is classes. Both Thursday and Friday I have lacrosse practices/ weightlifting though.

Would you want to link up at Westminister and then ride in together? I have a station closer to me is all, would prefer to waste as little gas as possible on a 7 mile/galloon vehicle.

Nine Mile Station is the closest to me as far as I can tell.

Alright, would 6 still work for you then? Sorry about yanking your chain on this.

Sounds good.

Yeah no joke, sounds good to me.

Ticket prices are 5 dollars, right? Or is that only one way

Nah, I have like 10 dollars cash on me and 40 or so on debit so everything is tight.

Thanks for the offer though man, appreciate that.

John, you should come with me and Jesse if you can make 6 tomorrow night at Nine Mile Station.

We're going to be Nat Geo but with Antifa

Retweeted by the account previously calling for a protest/riot in Denver



Sure lol

Some dumb stuff, nothing doxx wise just some nerd being annoying. Its been handled

Hey Jesse, my sister came down with something and I might have to make sure she's alright and take care of her tonight instead of coming out. It depends on whether or not my parents are gone for the night but it's looking like that might happen. Sorry if I can't make it out.

I'll let you know more later if I can.

Thanks brother, appreciate it

Yeah I was thinking the same.

I'm glad to be honest, I'm unable to come out if it's today.

I might be able to make it tomorrow if we roll it to the meetup at 6:30 at Nine Mile but idk if that works with everyone.

Depends on how long workouts go.

BTW- Jesse is on telegram rn but not RC as far as I can tell. Message him there

True. I've got a list of at least some of the accounts in the Denver area that id as antifa/are leftist groups

lemme check

Nothing too major- no signs of any publicly advertised events

Although that's probably the norm from now on- last time antifa tried a major event and publicly advertised it, it ended very poorly for them

And that was in Portland.

Yet to see if that shift in event promotion has come to denver yet but I wouldn't be surprised.


Oh boy.

Did we speak too soon?




Breaking for the day.

Guess it will be tomorrow.

Good for me I suppose.

This SUCKS lol

I thought they would give a verdict the day of, I won't lie.

Seems like there's actual debate, which is bad for Rittenhouse since they might come to a compromise on some of the reckless endangerment charges

Same. This blows

oh well



Don't go do anything stupid now John :P


:fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire: :fire:


That's fire as fuck man

hahaha, people DID love the last one!

Thinking they might try and make the decision late Friday so they can delay the impact in the news cycle or the like. Ugh.

Depending on the day and time I might be able to swing it. I have family over for a lot of this upcoming week.

Likewise haha. I had a good time with the family, some are staying the weekend and it's been nice to catch up with everyone.

How was your Thanksgiving?

Nah, not a ton. Family that was over is decent, no super lefty people and I didn't feel like ruining it by autistically segwaying into "its the KIKES!" in one of the more political discussions

How about you?

Oh yeah, Thanksgivings can suck when the family you have over is just real weird about anti-White stuff

If we had my grandmother on my mother's side over I'm sure we would've gotten an earful, but she lives too far away and is too old to come.


One of them is based and the other is a real weirdo with that stuff. Love her to bits though

Only reason we have a relationship is because I don't talk politics with her

She thinks that Republicans are Nazis effectively lol it's funny stuff

Oh yeah my grandmother isn't an antifa type lol she's just a real liberal type

Your Aunt?

Ahhhh, I remember reading something about that

Hahaha yeah getting the uncensored version is great ngl

Oh yeah. That shit made me PISSED.

You see what FR-AC did?

Front Range Active Club, it's adjacent to PF.

Theyre good for sure. Haven't been able to get out for WEEKS now. Killing me ngl.

Not like I can unfortunately, car is still out and since family is over this weekend and the event is the next there's not I can swing

I bet

I need to make the next one if I can. Shouldn't be too long here tbh. Anarchists will probably try and pull something on Christmas Eve or Christmas Night.

I do remember

You told me something about his cover being blown and you had to get him out or something? Could be wrong lol

Lol what a joke

of course they still use discord for organizing

like wtf

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