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Guys, sorry Mumble took so long, also for being distant. Stuff on my mind. It's all good

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

You’re good man, is everything alright on your end?

We cna chat tmrw

@NQ - Paul TX Yeah I'm fine. Just life you know? You've gotta enjoy the struggle

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

@ND - James TX Understandable, if you want to talk about it after the meeting tonight I’ll be staying on to chat.

Mumble 11/29/21

ATTENDENCE: Billy, Doug, Jason, Paul, Nathan, George

I. & II. Announcements & Inventory:

a) finalize travel plans for National

b) Nate is coming to National

c) TX pool party event in McKinney at 7pm. Jared Taylor, Stonetoss, PF gonna nbe there. $45 fee. there will be lodging.

III. Vices

Billy: completed a 3 day fast b4 the Thanksgiving holidays. Will be doing another fast. Will do 3 days every 2 weeks.
Doug: Stay on top of vitamins. Got a cpold over the break.
Jason: Read the NW pamphlet hasn't retained much.
Nathan: Weed. It's beneficial to have a reminder. Drinks over 20 vups of coffee day. Needs to figure out how to workout without weed.
Paul: doing more reading and staying off social media. didn't take too much time to read during the holiday week. it's more of a chore than entrertainment. This coming week will also be busy.

Billy recommends I (Jason), record myself reading and listen to it later on in th eday.

IV. Comments, Questions, Cocnerns.

Non judgmental time to open any grievances.

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 29, 2021 9:36 PM
Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 29, 2021 9:37 PM

Nice, thanks for taking care of mumble. Good stuff guys. Tonight was important to spend with my family, brothers especially

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

All good man.

@ND - James TX I saw you updated our attendance to include Nate, but you still included an unaffiliate. Is that Ellis? Has he changed his situation to attend?

Where do you see this? I updated our list with @Tyler CT on both Nathan's attendance and Ellis not attending

@ND - James TX I along with Tyler were tasked to get head counts for National, so we both see headcounts to then give over to Vince.

Tyler reported 7/10 + 1 Unafill

So, to be sure, Ellis isn't attending, so it's only 6/10, correct? @ND - James TX

We have 7 from NW2 + Leo LA

Missing attachment: Clipboard - November 30, 2021 12:18 PM

I informed Vince

Yes, Ellis can't make it due to an exam.

@ND - James TX We will not have enough time to camp or catch ZZZs at the camp, correct?

as for any PF flags I had, they got left behind in PA.

@NS - Jason TX The trip is about 20 hours, without stopping. We leave at midnight the 2nd, and should get to the campgrounds before midnight the 3rd. This will give us some time to rest, but we will march the morning of Saturday the 4th. We also have to drill beforehand. Getting sleep en route will be important.

So, one guy will have to stay awake with the driver. When we switch out drivers, we should switch out navigators, but not as much. It'll be loud in the beginning, but we'll have to enforce quiet time so the rest of the guys can get sleep. I do not want what happened to me in Utah to happen to me again or any of you guys.

Same. It won't happen, don't worry

@NQ - Paul TX You, Doug and Leo are all set?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

We have a time and place we’re shooting to meet up at.

@ND - James TX Did Nate get back to you? He hasn't check his DMs w me yet. He needs to have a backup Navy jacket in case he can't get an extra.

Yes, we've been talking about his van. He is concerned about leaving it

I told him, we could leave it at your place. Maybe park it in the garage, or move your vehicles to cover his plate

He hasn't been on Rocket today

Also, I will be leaving my phone at home for this demo. @NS - Jason TX I'd advise you to do the same.

I would like to be present when talking about using my house for anything

Why can't he use storage

putting his van in my garage won't work because of how tall it is

Ok, sorry, I didn't mean to volunteer you without you agreeing.

He said he hasn't found an available spot for the van yet

When we were with him at Barton Springs he said he found one along the highway.

for 75 bucks

He's online

are you guys on mumble right now


do we need to go on mumble

I'm available if you want


Tom said we'd arrive early enough to warrant bringing a sleeping bag.

@ND - James TX check your dms

don't share this, i'm sharing it because I'm at wits end with how to talk to him.

I'm done

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

What happened?

he just dm'd this, this morning

since yesterday he was already talking to me about how he plans on flaking

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Ok, leave him alone then.

because of the fee, i told him we could help him and he still doesn't listen

is Nathan our only flaker

We can talk about it today. We did our best to get him to come with us

other than Ellis

Ellis didn't flake intentionally, he forgot he had an exam tomorrow

Can't get it rescheduled

He tried last week to take it another day

conveniently remembered a week out

but as for Nathan, I'm done

he deserves suspension for this

@NQ - Paul TX rendezvous for tonight

do you both agree

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

We’ll discuss further actions about Nathan once the event is done with. I was expecting him to do this.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Suspension may be the appropriate action though.

this behavior from him shouldn't go unpunished

He does, but I will say he just got back from his vacation, and this event was short notice for him. As you said Paul, it was expected he might flake. We can talk about it. I think he gets one final chance. He makes it to the next event, or he's out

did he not have a month notice

I suppose he did. He's not worried about his van, but getting doxxed?

Or not getting along with other members? I honestly thought he would say he can't come because of his van situation

they are all excuses

if you really want to do something, you'll do whatever to do it

oh it's my van (then that get's addressed)
oh it's money! (that gets addressed)
oh it's the members that hate me!

see how bullshit this all is

I, for one, am done. This is the same behavior he used to exhibit before he left and he never got punished for it.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

He is probably more trouble than he’s worth trying to work with.

he cries about not having respect and he pulls this shit

Yes, I don't want to give up on him but his behavior is making it difficult

On a less aggravating note...

@NQ - Paul TX did you happen to get those NJP fliers printed?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I haven’t yet, I can do that after my last class. How many should I print?

is there a limit? is 20 enough or too little?

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

You tell me how much you want.



scratch that, 50

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

Too late.

it's aight

which ones did you print out

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

“They are killing white people” or something.

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

I’ll get that to you later this afternoon @ND - James TX

NQ - Paul TX @PF-361071

PF fliers or the NJP ones?


the NJP ones got left in the NW1 poster bag, I believe

out of 30, 1 was used the whole trip. I put it on that board in the gas station in VA with the white rex sticker

Nathan, are getting kicked out of Patriot Front.
We had you on mumble, met up with you to discuss any of your issues or problems, and when you promised you'd come with us to national you used a literally last minute excuse. You have lied to me and other members, and threatened Jason TX when he called you out on it. You have not been to a demo in years, and you have become aggressive to other members for perceived slights against you. Until you get your emotions and paranoia under control, we can't have you in the Org. I'm sorry brother, don't take this personally, but realize you are at fault and need to improve yourself.
Take care.

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