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Great job on the media idea. That was awesome!

Interviewee: 422754
Age:32/State:WA/City:Seattle (perm res)
Date: 7/29/21
Conductor: JasonNY
Notes: JasonTX

Result: ACCEPTED - use caution from Seattle

Test: Vote? No.
Pol. Ideo.: White Nationalist with Ecofascist leanings
Transport: yes
Drugs: no
Rel: agnostic
Why join: has been reading a lot on telegram, views on politics changed, concerened with the nation and the "diversity discourse". values the white race. disapointed that the media has made people feel guilt. [regarding proud boys] "not interested in a drinking club" and is a "serious person". reads a lot of "AI" and "Rationality", stuff that approached "race science". diversity is a contributor to why we need to worry about white guilt. other races in America can be parasitic. just heard the term "slave morality" in phil 101. "history is written by the victors." judaism employs slave morality.
Skills: martial arts skills (kickboxing, dutch muay thai), photography, punctual
Manifesto: yes, immidiately after seeing PF stickers IRL. points out certain flaws in America but an optimistic view forward. there are declines. melting pot ideology pushed forward in the media. sense of oppurtunity for more brotherhood. saw Phili demo in the news, saw the Western Chauv reaction to it. Spends lots of time on telegram, was on 4chan. hasn't been hugely involved in this space.

Q1: never applied before

Q2: no crimes. no govt employment.

Q3: no restricting ailments.

Q4: used to follow andy ngo. grew up in a rural area outside milwuakee. saw the differences between white suburbia and the inner city. his dad used to wear "nazi rings" in school. used to consider himself "conservative". his dad voted for obama, then trump. saw people denying mental, environmental and financial issues. from conservative to unsure. in college spent time around white conservatives. figured out there are differences in IQ between races. being on twitter and telegram gave people the oppurtinity to talk about things society deems unfavorable. father had similar views. stickering and manifestos are a useful tool to getting the message out.

Q5: first heard about us 1 - 2 years ago. got interested in PF again after seeing us in the news. doesn't think antifa is super relavant. walked through CHAZ once. antifa has lots of skinny, fat trans people that aren't much of a threat. never had an interaction with antifa in person.

Q6: never heard of civic nationalism. thinks of the term "migrant" as somone fleeing their country to come here rather than fix their own country. Would be ok with a migratory foreigner of European descent. America is a White nation, founded by White people, White culture is strong. Diversity can be harmful.

Q7: family is primarily German with some English and French. Father's side's Grandmother came from Russia, was a "Volle-Deutsche". Mother's side is European as well. Describes self as German.

Q8: No political groups in the past. No activism other than 4chan IIRA thing. Mostly has friends online. Has chatted on Telegram, but now usually lurks. Used to be in chat groups such as "Privacy and Security Goys", "Cascadia (fascist/nazi) meme groups". Wants to get involved to learn and teach people to fight. Looked at PB and RAM. Would like to join a community of a openly fascist leaning group. doesn't sub to channels because it's less trackable. as an activist can be boots on the ground and navigate the streets, can be articulate, handing out fliers, provide mma experience, can do graphic designg and photography.
• sent a screenshot of screen to Patrick. deleted chat was a chat with his GF. signal logo at the top. talks to coworkers on signal. discusses race with GF, wants to talks fascism with her. prefers to use encrypted messanging, period.

uses "Fritter" to use Twitter without needing a Twitter account. Monitors channels.

Q9: would protect self, friends and family. understands and agrees to violence statement. last physical confrontation was in high school.

Q10: is flexible, could offer a couple nights on the weekends. schedule allows for a weekly meeting. can put up stickers a few times a week.

Q11: biggest threat(s): global warming and mass migration. we have a fake two party system. we put more work into israel and middle easterm conflicts than the US itself. slow creep of cultural marxism.

Q12: catches up on twitter, local blogs, environmental vlogs, follows western chauvinist, work channels.

Q13: white nationalist with eco fascist tendencies. entry into ecofascism is from the cascadia channel he follows. took ecology/environmental classes in college. migration problem is part of the environmental changes. we can be self sustaining, we don't need to rely on other countries. reads mostly articles on ecology. can think of any books or influential people. was intriduced to the idea that we are the caretakers of the land.

Q14: was more religious growing up than he is now. met people with different religious beliefs in college. no conflicts.

Q15: The Bellcurve,

Jason NY @PF-3527

Thanks very much

Jason NY @PF-3527

Hello again. As part of our security audit I need to review the interviewee records for: Interviewee-785872, Interviewee-7934, Interviewee-219169, Interviewee-889563.

Please get those to me whenever you are able, thank you.

Interviewee: 785872
Age:18/State:MI/City:Grand Rapids/Big Rapids (wants to move to Sweden in a couple years)
Date: 8/8/21
Conductor: JesseAR
Notes: JasonTX


Test: vote? no, couldn't. underage at the time.
Pol. Ideo.: National Socialism
Transport: vehicle is not operational
Drugs: no drugs/alcohol only drunk one time
Rel: getting into catholicism
Why join: we need something new that can bring change
Skills: drawing, graphic design and editing, fitness, people skills, first aid
Manifesto: Yes, it's solid. Could be more descriptive. likes the antidemcracy in it.

Q1: hasn't interviewed with us before

Q2: no crime. was barred from service to the marines because of an fbi visit. there's was a mole in a telegram group that reported him for usng "racist" rhetoric.

Q3: no ailments.

Q4: started off as neocon in 2016, then looked into libertarianism saw and found out that was controlled, then talked to a friends who's NS then looked into NS.

Q5: found out about us on YT, compilation videos. We aren't pussies. We actually do stuff. saw a video of us in DC on YT.

Q6: civic nationalism is too idealistic, like communism. it's utopian. it's a lost cause. America was founded on European blood. European heritage and an understanding of American history.

Q7: family goes back to the mayflower, also from Switzerland in the 1800s. English origin. Describes self at European.

Q8: no groups, has passed out self-made flyers about fascism. grandfather is "antisemetic", has a friend with similar ideas. never doxxed. sees himself doing sticker runs in the night, but would do a "boysterous" demo as well.

Q9: violence is a last resort. understandsand agrees to violence statement.

Q10: last confrontation was in High School, friend was getting beaten up, tried to help the friend, got rocked.

Q11: has a good amount free time, can do weekly meetings.

Q12: biggest threat is foreign influence from China and Israel. Money sent to Israel. Jews control the federal reserve, hollywood, sexual degeneracy being pushed.

Q13: uses Telegram follows Autism Center, Tom Sewell, Gator Nationalism, Fat People Hate. watches Tucker Carlson clips, likes his takes on antifa/blm.

Q14: Ethnic Nationalism. Everyone, except Israel, has a right to their homeland. An experience was seeing how blacks in his high school always tried to instigate fights with Whites.

Q15: Books: Mein Kampf, 100 Qs about Fascism answered, Economics of Fascism, Prussianism/Socialism. Mosley's book was influencial because of the interviewee's English origin. Resinates with how Mosley got vilified and shunned by the govt.

Q16: 5'8" 150lbs, no fitness routine, used to take karate

Q17: ideal family is one man, one woman, kids, dog and cat. today there's single moms, or two dads/moms. system makes it hard to raise a family these days. have to always be worried about the affordability of having children. was poor growing up, hard to get a good meal, didn't spend much time with dad and mom, half brother and his wife would beat him.

Q18: admires Andrew Jackson, got rid of the federal reserve, was badass, beat an assassin close to death, he was strong and not a bitch. the ideal American leader.

Q19: despises FDR, bringing America into WW2

Q20: Nationalist movement constantly "bitches' about censorship. Stop complaining online. Do stuff outside. PF gets censored more than someone like Steven Crowder, we get our message forward in drastic ways rather than "optics" like the proud boys.

Q21: have a family in a world that isn't "fucked."

Interviewee- 219169
Conductor: Sam_MN
Notetaker: Randolph IL


Test Q: How long ago did you send in your application?: The other day

-- Applicant Information --

Personal Transportation: No. Uses bike or travels with friends.

Permanent Resident: Plans on moving back to California when he is done with school in Indiana.

Political Ideology: Broadly right wing. Most Ideologies are very reactionary. Very right wing. Devote Catholic. Against abortion. Authoritarian. Against gay marriage and any law that allows for degeneracy. Against central banking and the way governments interact with corporations.

Drug Abuse: No

Religion: Devout Catholic. Can work with other religions that aren't too drastically different with him. Would prefer not to but if their goals alight he sees merit in aligning with people of his race. Would not evangelize.

Why Join: Assumed that most groups where government honeypots but doesn't care at this point. If nothing is done then we are screwed.

Skills: No skills in medical or the outdoors

Read Manifesto: Yes. Thought it fit with a lot of his ideals. Confused a little about what the end goals. Slow paced. Thinks we should go beyond street activism. Buy land and have a completely self sustaining network that is separate form society and the government. A refuge

-- In-depth Questions --

Q1: Never interviewed

Q2: No crimes or government employment.

Q3: has minor scoliosis. Not debilitating.

Q4: Became invested in his beliefs as a freshman in high school. Looked up to his brother. Started learning a lot more over the last 2 years about how the world works. All the governments are connected. Following the same guidelines for Covid. Family was always republican. Brother became a libertarian and an anarcho-capitalist. Interviewee found ac unrealistic and became more authoritarian. Sexual perversion and degeneracy need to be changed. More moral and traditional society. It's clear that the races are not supposed to live together but not sure how to solve the problem. Africans should probably go back.

Q5: First heard about the org on a 4chan (POL). People where saying we where great while others said it was a fed op. Thought we where a fed op up until he saw the Philly march a week ago.

Q6: Blacks have been in America for 100s of years but still cannot adapt. There is an ethnic component to being an American.

Q7: Goes back 7 generations on moms side. His dads dad is a first gen American. Northwestern Europe. British Isles. Germany. Scandinavia. 100% European.

Q8: Not part of any other groups. Interested in doing whatever is required such as demonstrations, banner drops and stickering.

Q9: violence is justified when safety and well being is threatened. Would not be violent at a march unless directly attacked. Agrees and understands violence statement.

Q10: Got in a fight in high school playing soccer.

Q11: Can make weekly meetings.

Q12: Biggest threat to America is globalism. Globalism is caused by Jews and Free Masons and specific families within those groups. Theory is that their goal is to rule over humanity and bring about the end times. Bring Jesus back and try to kill him.

Q13: Lou Rockwell.com. Robert Seper/Sepher. Browsed 4chan. Gab.

Q14: Label: Catholic. It is the basis for his worldview.

Q15: Religious beliefs define his political beliefs.

Q16: No books or essays

Q17: Fallen off weight lifting do to school. Could run a mile in under 10 min. 6ft 165 ibs.

Q18: Man is the leader. Today, women are given too much authority and work too much. Was raised in traditional household.

Q19: Admires George Lincoln Rockwell. His ideas where ahead of their time.

Q20: Despises FDR. Increased government and economic control. Very Jewish cabinet. Policies in WWII where wrong.

Q21: Nationalist movement is tiny. Nationalism that most Americans support is cultural and not attached to a racial identity. It is non-threatening. All talk and no action. PF adds ethnic nationalism and is active

Q22: Goals: Uncertain about future. working towards getting his degree then moving back to CA.

:pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield:

Interviewee: 889563
Age:27/State:WA/City:Seattle (perm res)
Date: 8/7/21
Conductor: JesseAR
Notes: JasonTX


Test: current event: biden giving away citizenship to 500,000 thousand indians, covid lockdowns
Pol. Ideo.: doesn't know
Transport: yes
Drugs: smoked a lot a weed for a while, uses occasionally, every week or two. smokes cigarettes with parents when they visit.
Rel: vaguely christian, raised catholic
Why join: just wanna meet up with more people, secure a future for us, further "our cause", multiracialism isn't desirable, shouldn't be ashamed of what we are.
Skills: people skills, some camping, used to do some hiking
Manifesto: yes, liked it. doesn't see a gameplan/end goal. can't remember any quotes. likes how it says we're part of the greater diaspora. descendents of Europeans but we aren't European. Needs to be more consice. More specifics.

Q1: hasn't interviewed with us before.

Q2: has been arrested for attempted burglary. broke and stole a gas can out of someone's yard. not charged. no govt employment.

Q3: minor vision problems.

Q4: dad was a democrat. went hunting with a friend. thought republicans were coolbecause they also hunt. became a "shitlib." voted for obama. went into a union. voted for jill stein during 2016. liked what trump was saying. redpill moment was a ben shapiro video on transgenders. started listening to steven crowder, owen benjamin (woke him up on the jq). OB taught him about not mastubating and starting families. found nick fuentes after OB. then started hearing more racial politics from fuentes. went on telegram to follow fuentes and benjamin. came across a thomas sewell video. sewell said to join your local white gang. nsc said to join pf. fuentes said pf is a honeypot, other people were saying we are legit. said "f it, i'll look into these guys."

Q5: first time seeing us was our second DC march, lost interest, then found us again in telegram. we are professional, not doing anything too crazy. with us he could make a difference without doing something stupid.

Q6: civic nationalism is a nice idea but it's not possible for all these different cultures to become one. multiracialism exists to destroy us. jews are behind mass migration, tranny story hours, gay marriage but this wouldn't happen if whites weren't complicit. not sure about white genocide. can foreigners become American? maybe. a German that comes to America and has kids with an American woman, those kids are American. Mexicans don't assimilate. people out of Europe can assimilate. other people can fit in and adapt but aren't American. you have to be of European descent, live in America for generations, speak English. non-Whites can "kind of" be American.

Q7: family has been in America at least 6 generations. isn't sure if his family goes back to the founding. some english, scottish, polish, irish, western russian. is White American/Euro-American.

Q8: no past groups or activism. wife is likeminded. mom is slightly likeminded. has a buddy that'll say certain racial joke but hates politics. seems like a good time to get into organizing. meet new people. secure a future. make a difference. sees himself doing pics and hikes. sees himself at a demo.

Q9: violence is justified if there's a direct risk/threat against you/family/friends. understands and agrees to violence statement.
• Q10: last confrontation was when he was 13

Q11: free time depends, can be off for a few weeks or working 50+ a week. is "game" on weekends. can attend voice meetings. can do stickering weekly.

Q12: biggest threat to America is ourselves, not paying attention. low morality. afraid to speak out. doesn't rule out electoral politics. it's still worth pursuing.

Q13: on telegram follows owen benjamin, thomas sewell, rob rundo, steve franssen, nrm, PF, western chauv.

Q14: labels self "nationalist." just thinks people should be with their own. works in a trade, is around mexicans, they seem to not have a desire to be American. they hang with their own, they speak spanish.

Q15: has not strong religious beliefs. church in the mainstream has been subverted. pope is a weirdo.

Q16: hasn't read much. read "death of the west" recently. stuff is worse than predicted in that book. the book spells out the demographic change/shift.

Q17: can run a mile under 10min. 6'4" 195lbs

Q18: stay at home wife, kids. today people are turned off having kids. people worry more about finances than having kids. family went to church, parents divorced when he was young, mom remarried, was one of two kids. homosexuality is distructive to the persons involved and around it, it shouldn't be promoted, russia and hungary are role models for how to deal with the issue, keep it to yourself. gays and trans shouldn't be allowed to adopt chldren.

Q19: admires Andrew Jackson, was against the banks

Q20: despises LBJ, 1965 immigration act

Q21: nationalist movement is small and disjointed, not much unity. talking heads such as fuentes like to divide. wan

:pfshield: :pfshield: :pfshield:

That should be all 3

Jason NY @PF-3527

Thanks very much!

Billy Merse TX @PF-2658

Please let me know how the investigation goes. If these guys prove to be infiltrators, then they also might be in other groups like PP or AKF.

Jason NY @PF-3527

Will do if Thomas permits me to talk about it

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