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2017-01-18 14:55:05 UTC  

lake fish and river fish only if i must

2017-01-18 14:55:25 UTC  

i don't like river fish or lake fish too much either

2017-01-18 14:55:38 UTC  

i hate if it tastes muddy i guess

2017-01-18 14:55:42 UTC  

yeah they smell bad and have too many bones you will eventually choke on

2017-01-18 14:55:46 UTC  


2017-01-18 14:55:49 UTC  

cant stand the bones

2017-01-18 14:55:54 UTC  

it's like a project to eat them

2017-01-18 14:56:01 UTC  

you just use your fingers

2017-01-18 14:56:07 UTC  

and basically strip every little bone away

2017-01-18 14:56:12 UTC  

until the fish just looks like minced meat

2017-01-18 14:56:22 UTC  

yeah i grind them until i have only pinches of meat in my hands and somehow a bone STILL gets by

2017-01-18 14:56:32 UTC  


2017-01-18 14:56:59 UTC  

Take potatoes for example

2017-01-18 14:57:08 UTC  

Folks, I had a small garden in my mother's village

2017-01-18 14:57:08 UTC  

i just get fillet sea fish

2017-01-18 14:57:20 UTC  

where we planted potatoes and onion, all using hand tools only

2017-01-18 14:57:29 UTC  

fertilized them with natural fertilized only

2017-01-18 14:57:36 UTC  

cow shit?

2017-01-18 14:57:37 UTC  

no chemicals whatsoever

2017-01-18 14:57:37 UTC  


2017-01-18 14:57:39 UTC  

yeah, cow turd

2017-01-18 14:57:58 UTC  

it's a completely whole different thing from potato you buy in the supermarket

2017-01-18 14:58:02 UTC  

it actually has TASTE

2017-01-18 14:58:15 UTC  

and i mean proper taste, like almsot fruity

2017-01-18 14:58:29 UTC  

i should plant some stuff in my garden

2017-01-18 14:58:33 UTC  

i had cherry tomatoes

2017-01-18 14:58:36 UTC  

tons of them

2017-01-18 14:58:39 UTC  

same goes for chicken

2017-01-18 14:59:03 UTC  

i bought one once from a peasant dude who has chickens running around his yard

2017-01-18 14:59:16 UTC  

it's nothing like that 3 euro thing you buy in the supermarket at all

2017-01-18 14:59:40 UTC  

i used to buy chicken meat from this one dude i know

2017-01-18 14:59:46 UTC  

then he moved to australia

2017-01-18 14:59:56 UTC  

dude's an astrophysicist

2017-01-18 15:00:01 UTC  

went to work there

2017-01-18 15:00:25 UTC  

but yeah i don't usually get vegetables and fruit from the supermarket

2017-01-18 15:00:43 UTC  

there is a small store close to my house that gets food directly from villagers

2017-01-18 15:00:52 UTC  

well i do go to the market as well, but believe me, apart from couple of isolated vendors, they sell same shit

2017-01-18 15:01:05 UTC  

they get some obviously gmo stuff too though

2017-01-18 15:01:16 UTC  

like when an apple is half the size of your head

2017-01-18 15:01:18 UTC  

I can get good beef and pork here in one supermarket that gets more quality stuff, but they also charge them more expensive

2017-01-18 15:01:19 UTC  

and perfectly round