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2018-09-29 15:45:53 UTC  

The senate is a joke

2018-09-29 15:46:32 UTC  

flake is a joke

2018-09-29 15:46:36 UTC  

Aside from Bernie and Rand Paul I'm not sure who would be spared the guillotine

2018-09-29 15:53:46 UTC  

I'd spare Rand Paul and Tom Cotton for sure. Ted Cruz and Lindsay Graham I'd give more time to redeem themselves. The rest I don't know much about.

2018-09-29 15:54:09 UTC  

I'd love to guillotine Collins and Murkowski, though.

2018-09-29 15:54:20 UTC  

Murkowski is as corrupt as Feinstein.

2018-09-29 16:04:04 UTC  

Lmao polygraphs

2018-09-29 16:04:28 UTC  

Doesn't prove anything even if they did ask directly about Kavanaugh

2018-09-29 16:04:39 UTC  

Might as well use a palm reader

2018-09-29 16:04:53 UTC  

rate eye

2018-09-29 16:09:00 UTC  

guys have you heard the news ?
incels are now white supremacy lol

2018-09-29 16:11:21 UTC  

I already heard that free speech is white supremacy. What tops that?

2018-09-29 16:14:28 UTC  

Maybe one day the left will stop pushing white supremacy.

2018-09-29 16:18:38 UTC  

What do you think that requires?

2018-09-29 16:27:46 UTC  

Please join me in always pronouncing "white" as "hwite" as a subtle jab at our oppressors

2018-09-29 16:28:24 UTC  


2018-09-29 16:28:32 UTC  

if you hwite

2018-09-29 16:28:34 UTC  

u ain't right

2018-09-29 16:28:55 UTC  


2018-09-29 16:29:08 UTC  

imma work on my new rpg podcast today

2018-09-29 16:30:37 UTC  

It's 'huwhite'.

2018-09-29 16:37:52 UTC  

Maybe the left should stop posting like animals if they don't want to be dehumanized

2018-09-29 16:41:00 UTC  

I dont see why the fbi cant be involved in the kavanaugh thing... they were involved early on when a sitting president was accused of sexual assault and then later DNA evidence was found...

2018-09-29 16:42:47 UTC  

If there's a credible accusation of rape then yes its a matter for law enforcement

2018-09-29 16:42:53 UTC  

its a protocol thing

2018-09-29 16:43:02 UTC  

MD police are first

2018-09-29 16:43:19 UTC  

A senate hearing for a SCOTUS judge should be about partisan bias and possible avenues of corruption

2018-09-29 16:43:38 UTC  

well.. in clintons case - the first thing that happened was monika lewinski signed an affidavit saying she never had a sexual relationship with clinton

2018-09-29 16:44:06 UTC  

this is well before office

2018-09-29 16:44:10 UTC  

but the fbi wiretapped her friend and she was caught talking about it

2018-09-29 16:44:29 UTC  

The FBI has no jurisdiction in a juvenile sexual assault case.

2018-09-29 16:44:32 UTC  

he was in office

2018-09-29 16:44:53 UTC  

he was the first president to give testimony in a civil case in which hes the defendant

2018-09-29 16:45:00 UTC  

this kavanaugh thing is well before office

2018-09-29 16:45:05 UTC  

thats what i ment

2018-09-29 16:45:12 UTC  

when the crime happened matters

2018-09-29 16:46:27 UTC  

I love these

2018-09-29 16:46:43 UTC  

"First Lady Hillary Clinton dismissed the allegations as a “vast right-wing conspiracy that has been conspiring against my husband since the day he announced [his run] for president.”"