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Can't click that on mobile sorry at work

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Can guess the gist of my

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Will look later

2017-02-15 11:40:18 UTC  

I"ve been up all night watching this youtube channel on military history. it is awesome, check it out goys

2017-02-15 14:51:18 UTC  

@EuroPeon you can try using Dolphin Browser on mobile to watch videos.

2017-02-15 17:46:37 UTC  

@Jossi good to hear about Britt - glad to see she's doing well. her show is excellent so far

2017-02-15 17:46:51 UTC  

and yes @Bloodborn - a storm is coming

2017-02-15 17:47:13 UTC  

I believe we will face war during our lifetimes

2017-02-15 17:47:25 UTC  

And not in some Middle-Eastern wasteland, but in person

2017-02-15 19:14:38 UTC  

@Slav Yeah... I'm sorta-kinda glad my family has a contingency plan in case things go to shit. We all converge on my grandfather, and he passes out weapons and ammo from his insane armory, and we hunker down with all the supplies we have until we figure out what action is to be taken next.

2017-02-15 19:15:08 UTC  

This sort of plan was made during the Cold-War and it's still a thing my family practices once a year.

2017-02-15 19:15:25 UTC  

Except when we get there we eat BBQ and share drinks and be a normal American family.

2017-02-15 19:34:25 UTC  

I look forward to doing it this year. Hopefully with BBQ and not having to gather every firearm and piece of food in the family and gathering everyone in all one place.

2017-02-15 19:38:26 UTC  

You Europeans are lucky. If shit goes down here in the States, imagine an ANTIFA riot every hour.

2017-02-15 20:11:50 UTC  

ahhh feminism. not. even. once.

2017-02-15 20:12:03 UTC  

yes i dont like tattooed girls either

2017-02-15 20:12:45 UTC  

#GabFam - Not even once !

2017-02-15 20:16:57 UTC  

So long as they don't end up with one of those tattooed all over bodies, it could work. Depends if it's hidden.

2017-02-15 20:27:03 UTC  

But SHep join us on Gab. it's fun. (not really it's a bunch of retards posting MAGA and GabFam bullshit)

2017-02-15 20:29:49 UTC  

I know. I'm guilty of joining the bandwagon. I usually make Anti-Islam posts and that gets old.

2017-02-15 20:54:57 UTC  

@TheSlavPill RE Brexit daily stormer: she must be the UK's Maxine Waters 😜

2017-02-15 21:02:51 UTC  

Was Columbus looking for a haven for Jews fleeing Spain? | Faith Matters |

2017-02-15 21:15:40 UTC  

Being anti-Islam was interesting two years ago. Now it's normie level.

2017-02-15 21:16:11 UTC  

Just like being an atheist was interesting five years ago. Now it's pathetic.

2017-02-15 21:17:44 UTC  

So where do I go from here? Because I don't intend to close up shop anytime soon.

2017-02-15 21:59:17 UTC  

go further right gary, go further right. start a black identitarian movement

2017-02-15 22:37:46 UTC  

So more alike on economics, culture, politics, and other things worth discussing?

2017-02-15 22:51:59 UTC  

go with culture imo politics comes from culture (so sayeth Plato (and also Breitbart)) economics is settled except for idiot millennials who are still spurging about Sanders and free college

2017-02-15 22:57:02 UTC  

Economics, I only understand from a basic viewpoint. Culture and politics, now that's right up my alley. Anything besides the constant "Islam is evil" shtick I've been doing. Burn it down and start again, they say.

2017-02-15 23:10:54 UTC  

i prefer the coulter solution: invade their countries kill their leaders and convert them to christianity

2017-02-15 23:11:07 UTC  

but yea culture trumps politics and economics

2017-02-15 23:11:20 UTC  

give me 10 years and 10 artists and your city is mine - the republic

2017-02-15 23:11:51 UTC  

also to learn more about economics check out "basic economics" by Thomas Sowell

2017-02-15 23:12:06 UTC  

it's about 800 pages and dry as fuck but you'll learn a lot

2017-02-15 23:20:53 UTC  

Thanks for the suggestion. And now to Amazon, I go in search of Sowell!

2017-02-15 23:28:26 UTC  

Hello hello

2017-02-15 23:52:14 UTC  

ugh...Trump is playing warhawk after all it seems