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2017-02-25 13:49:10 UTC  

@BlackSalami Land claims are a highly dubious notion in Europe

2017-02-25 13:49:56 UTC  

if those land belong to Germany, all of the Baltic, Ukraine, half of Poland, an all the ex USSR states belong to Russia

2017-02-25 13:50:10 UTC  

Croatia belongs to Hungary, Serbia to Hungary and the Ottomans

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2017-02-25 15:21:28 UTC  

I have a feeling in the coming years, it might become lucrative to smuggle guns into Europe....

2017-02-25 15:21:38 UTC  

Just the inner capitalist in me just realized that...

2017-02-25 15:25:56 UTC  

Hmmm @HeimatFreiheitTradition kalashnikov, or m16?

2017-02-25 15:37:32 UTC  

@Bloodborn AK please 😃

2017-02-25 18:08:24 UTC coming soon. if you like good short fiction of any genre you'll want to check us out

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Cheers all!

2017-02-25 20:02:08 UTC  

Escoffier here

2017-02-25 20:03:29 UTC  

hi escoffier, get in the official hangout 😃

2017-02-25 20:03:54 UTC  

How do I do that?

2017-02-25 20:04:10 UTC  

just click the voice channel

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I'm on android how do I do that exactly?

2017-02-25 20:04:58 UTC  

idk, I'm on PC

2017-02-25 20:05:08 UTC  

there should be voice channels on your left

2017-02-25 23:41:19 UTC  

@Slav all for the memes

2017-02-27 15:22:15 UTC  

Randell the High Priest

2017-02-27 17:29:33 UTC  

Hang on, while I get my voodoo stick and pendants.

2017-02-28 08:17:06 UTC  

So, a couple days ago, when I was visiting family during my birthday, we went out to a nearby restaurant, and we got a party table... and all around us were other families... all of them brought their children with them... Now, I'll admit it was annoying to hear babies crying... but it did bring me a bit of hope to see couples with 5-6 kids in almost every group

2017-02-28 08:17:17 UTC  

Then again, Oklahoma is a conservative state...

2017-02-28 08:18:07 UTC  

Whereabouts in OK Austin? I'm in okc

2017-02-28 08:24:47 UTC  

In the Bethany area

2017-02-28 08:25:02 UTC  

Well, no, a bit in OKC...

2017-02-28 08:25:19 UTC  

God, I visited my Aunt in Bethany and I had to repeat myself the name over and over to make sure I visited it XD

2017-02-28 08:26:04 UTC  

Yeah Bethany is directly adjacent to. Do you live around here or just visiting?

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2017-02-28 16:20:12 UTC  

whats going on yall

2017-02-28 18:57:25 UTC  

Oh, not much. Trump's doing well, Leftists are triggered over Casey Affleck, and Brittany Pettibone and Tara McCarthy have a podcast.

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2017-02-28 21:34:51 UTC  

@randellgary what's good

2017-02-28 22:20:55 UTC  

@ShadowKhukuri I'm doing great. Just chilling with a few other people. Last college class is soon. How are you?

2017-02-28 22:57:20 UTC  

nice sounds like everyones busy

2017-03-02 14:15:03 UTC  

@randellgary Congrats on the end of college. You do well to be red-pilled before stepping into the working world full-time (unless you're doing grad school next).

Doing good, quit Gab a while back to focus on a project.

This platform is a lot easier for me and real-time.

2017-03-02 14:17:16 UTC  

@ShadowKhukuri Oh, thank you very much. I'm still on Gab, but just on a temporary hiatus for the moment. And I don't plan on doing graduate school any time soon. Although, I plan on doing more painting (traditional and digital) in the future.

2017-03-02 14:17:50 UTC  
2017-03-02 14:54:28 UTC  

shows us your arts

2017-03-02 14:55:38 UTC  

I do stuff similar to this. Again, I'm an amateur at Adobe programs. But I'm confident that I'll get better with more time.