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2018-10-30 17:09:32 UTC  


2018-10-30 17:09:33 UTC  

I return to the tweet I posted earlier

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2018-10-30 17:09:34 UTC  

spoopy scary Poolingtons send news down your spine

2018-10-30 17:09:39 UTC  

Still it takes a crazy person to pull that off

2018-10-30 17:09:40 UTC  

It's free speech but just because something is free doesn't mean it's good

2018-10-30 17:09:43 UTC  

gabbai is laughing at its users

2018-10-30 17:09:50 UTC  

Cause sane people will think its a waste of time

2018-10-30 17:09:55 UTC  

@l0de i agree it also doesnt make it bad

2018-10-30 17:09:56 UTC  

I tried streaming on gab a few times, their CDN sucks

2018-10-30 17:10:07 UTC  

Gab's backend is retarded

2018-10-30 17:10:08 UTC  

Right, but my contention is gab was always pretty shitty

2018-10-30 17:10:08 UTC  

Gee i wonder why

2018-10-30 17:10:15 UTC  

I agree.

2018-10-30 17:10:17 UTC  

way too nazified for anyone even close to moderate

2018-10-30 17:10:18 UTC  

Yeah there is a real lack of personal responsibility on the left. Demanding everyone else around them do everything else. "It's everyone elses job to care. It's everyone elses job to propagandize themselves into believing *my* philosophy."

2018-10-30 17:10:18 UTC  

The Gab ceo was acually a pretty horrible person

2018-10-30 17:10:25 UTC  

well no shit they're still small and can't get much going because they're being stomped on at every turn

2018-10-30 17:10:27 UTC  

I agree abel

2018-10-30 17:10:28 UTC  

I'm annoyed that Gab was censored, but the Gab guy was a COCK.

2018-10-30 17:10:32 UTC  

are there any hosting platforms that have a dedicated protection of free speech/free expression? Which will host anything as long as its legal?

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2018-10-30 17:10:39 UTC  

I've had three or four people who know him tell me he's bad news

2018-10-30 17:10:39 UTC  

His lolicon stance was **shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit**

2018-10-30 17:10:39 UTC  

He was flagging people on twitter, so they could get banned and move to his shitty site

2018-10-30 17:10:41 UTC  

buying into a poll

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2018-10-30 17:10:45 UTC  

and advise me not to use his platform

2018-10-30 17:10:48 UTC  

and then LITERALLY got yeeted by every service that still gave them a chance

2018-10-30 17:10:49 UTC  

and I'm glad I didn't

2018-10-30 17:10:52 UTC  

is this a betting pool for the elections?

2018-10-30 17:10:55 UTC  

even if we'll eventually get banned from youtube

2018-10-30 17:10:55 UTC  

Still it takes a special kind of crazy to go out there to make a product to rival Twitter

2018-10-30 17:10:57 UTC  

implying other CEOs are good guys

2018-10-30 17:11:02 UTC  

Minds is a better social media

2018-10-30 17:11:05 UTC  

move there

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they know