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2018-10-31 01:22:44 UTC  

that new yorker man has TDS

2018-10-31 01:22:45 UTC  

"there are people" - timcast, 2018

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I watched probably around 5 of these Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro talks and every single one had some chick talking about oppression and saying like

2018-10-31 01:22:52 UTC  

would it surprise him to know that white people from different countries may not share the same values? ie: US and Russia?

2018-10-31 01:22:52 UTC  

My guess is they've been taught a lot of self-hate.

2018-10-31 01:22:54 UTC  

Karx Marl

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I'm on my phone now

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It's kinda clunky

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@Matt-Kill723 gonna need a fact check on that

2018-10-31 01:23:32 UTC  

so let's say trump has ties to russia, isnt that better then being hostile with russia and risking total nuclear war?

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2018-10-31 01:23:50 UTC  

its not better

2018-10-31 01:23:55 UTC  

@Dan V you dare disapprove what he says???

2018-10-31 01:24:06 UTC  

Yes, it is better Mana.

2018-10-31 01:24:11 UTC  

i just need a source that proves that there are people

2018-10-31 01:24:13 UTC  

Nuclear war is bad, mmmmkay?

2018-10-31 01:24:23 UTC  

No it's good

2018-10-31 01:24:27 UTC  

Can the Cold War just be *over*?

2018-10-31 01:24:33 UTC  

I'm tired.

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@Malt_Hitman no one is going to be pushing that button

2018-10-31 01:24:44 UTC  

<:commie:463087263153258506> <:NPC:500042527231967262>

2018-10-31 01:24:56 UTC  

if we all perished in a nuclear war, our problems will be over

2018-10-31 01:25:13 UTC  

it will also destroy the #resistance

2018-10-31 01:25:13 UTC  

*spoiler the coldwar will never be over as nobody is going to get rid of their nuclear missile's as that is the same as suicide

2018-10-31 01:25:17 UTC  

No we will not 'all perish'

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2018-10-31 01:25:32 UTC  

If the ruler of a nation is unwilling to press the nuclear button, they've already lost the nuclear war.

2018-10-31 01:25:34 UTC  

If you were Russia though, would you really think you would benefit more from a Cheeto with his finger on the button, or some crazy woman who accepted all your donations?

2018-10-31 01:25:54 UTC  

There are people
We live in a society

2018-10-31 01:26:02 UTC  

The goal of the Nuke is not to send them

2018-10-31 01:26:10 UTC  

I think there's a middle ground here

2018-10-31 01:26:13 UTC  

@Matt-Kill723 yeah but where is tim's source? <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-31 01:26:15 UTC  

True. But a nuke they know you won't fire is worthless.

2018-10-31 01:26:26 UTC  

It's here to scare

2018-10-31 01:26:32 UTC  

wasn't hillary planning on getting a no fly zone above syria which is garantueed to spark war with russia

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Nothing else

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