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2018-09-30 23:35:39 UTC [Subverse #new-member-alert]  

2018-09-30 23:37:40 UTC [Subverse #bot-commands]  


2018-09-30 23:39:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

some of them are full time

2018-10-01 03:26:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  

does someone have the kanye west speech in full?

2018-10-01 03:29:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-01 03:30:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

we happy few?

2018-10-01 03:33:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

bowsette is like earth-chan

2018-10-01 03:33:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

its a temp meme

2018-10-01 13:55:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

In my view, he's still going to get the job.

2018-10-01 14:31:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

they won't. people that vote dem will still vote dem. In their eyes, they're still the party that reps them till a point; the point being it goes against their personal values and financially hit them.

2018-10-01 17:03:28 UTC [Subverse #general]  

there are still sane lefty men

2018-10-01 19:51:28 UTC [Subverse #general]  

8chan is the new 4chan

2018-10-01 19:51:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Though both are basically the same owner

2018-10-01 19:52:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-01 19:52:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Reddit wasn't bad to a point

2018-10-01 19:58:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-01 19:58:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That's basically the only one I follow that will shit on all sides

2018-10-01 22:14:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

No that's communism

2018-10-02 16:42:02 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Those tits are damn fake

2018-10-02 16:42:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I can see why it was controversial

2018-10-02 17:11:15 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Was anyone here for battle on and adventure quest?

2018-10-02 17:55:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-02 17:56:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That redo is terrible

2018-10-02 17:56:20 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Ended with the Japanese live action

2018-10-04 22:00:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Code geass s3 confirmed

2018-10-04 22:04:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Dr.Wol that's a hamster

2018-10-04 22:04:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-04 22:04:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

What if he's a lizard controlled by a beanie <:TimThink:482277772497125378>

2018-10-04 22:06:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It's possible he has 7 of the same beanie and rotates

2018-10-04 22:07:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I can wear jeans and not wash them for a week

2018-10-04 22:07:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Sadly can't do that with dress pants

2018-10-04 22:08:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

So every 3 months?

2018-10-04 22:08:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hi comrade

2018-10-04 22:08:51 UTC [Subverse #general]  

No Russian

2018-10-04 22:08:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Only American

2018-10-04 23:03:15 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Canada is a multi party system, liberals, conservatives, NDP, and green

2018-10-04 23:39:55 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Conservates might win after Trudeau

2018-10-04 23:40:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Usually it's goes back and forth

2018-10-04 23:41:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Left still has a following and has a diversity focus. So you never knew

2018-10-04 23:42:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Ndp is already out of the picture with a rather controversial leadership rip jack Layton

2018-10-04 23:58:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Cause this looks better?

2018-10-05 00:03:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

So what created furries?

2018-10-05 00:04:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Multiple nuclear reactor meltdowns?

2018-10-05 00:05:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

There's a point where the word "Degenerate" and autistic is something of pride

2018-10-05 04:10:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Season 3 of the man in the high castle is out

2018-10-05 04:31:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

What ever happened to innocent until proven guilty

2018-10-06 15:30:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-06 15:52:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

IF confirmed

2018-10-06 15:52:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-06 15:54:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm sharing a similar mindset to jbp, IF it is true, set down. Else innocent until guilty

2018-10-06 15:56:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

There will be drama over this term as a whole, cause trump

2018-10-06 15:58:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  

What is a radical centrist?

2018-10-08 04:15:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm wondering if they actually seen the source material for the anime, the manga goes a lot deeper. Same goes for GATE

2018-10-10 20:45:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

wait a second

2018-10-10 20:45:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

so that was a female turned male that gave birth?

2018-10-10 20:45:42 UTC [Subverse #general]  

or otherway awround?

2018-10-10 20:45:45 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-10 20:46:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

astolfo IRL when

2018-10-10 20:46:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

who needs bowsette when you've got astolfo

2018-10-12 17:32:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Timcast what are you thoughts on pence's speech on china?

2018-10-12 17:33:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

There are actual holocaust deniers that are not favourable to israel

2018-10-12 17:34:20 UTC [Subverse #general]  

that and some Egyptian dont have favourable views on nations supporting israel

2018-10-12 17:36:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

arabs don't like israel vOv as a whole

2018-10-17 02:12:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hey this might be weird request can someone see if YouTube is working rn

2018-10-17 02:13:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Like opening a video

2018-10-17 02:13:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Oh shit

2018-10-17 02:13:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Abel you serious?

2018-10-17 02:13:59 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Oh shig

2018-10-17 02:14:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Well fuck

2018-10-17 02:21:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Nope still down can't watch tim

2018-10-17 02:21:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Try any video on the feed

2018-10-19 02:40:00 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  

being legally allowed to grow your own weed is going to cause problems

2018-10-20 23:57:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

has the democrats selected who's representing them yet?

2018-10-20 23:57:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

or in terms pre-selected who is their candidate?

2018-10-21 00:01:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Atkins yes, more or less wondering if there's any narrative setting yet

2018-10-21 00:01:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Apart from the usual trump bad

2018-10-21 00:01:59 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I would say I doubt that

2018-10-21 00:02:04 UTC [Subverse #general]  

but hey you never know

2018-10-21 00:03:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

playing on the hype?

2018-10-21 00:04:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I see demos going for another candidate

2018-10-21 00:04:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

and having her support that candidate

2018-10-21 00:04:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

same deal women

2018-10-21 00:05:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I see them having a new female candidate and having hilary support her

2018-10-21 00:06:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They won't cause he's on the left

2018-10-21 00:06:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

as long as its kept quiet, I doubt there will be a need

2018-10-21 00:07:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

he's not running for any office or role

2018-10-21 00:07:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Her own husband?

2018-10-21 00:08:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Narrative setting with "Her Turn"

2018-10-21 00:08:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I just don't see her or dnc being this cold and going after joe

2018-10-21 00:08:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-21 00:09:01 UTC [Subverse #general]  

joe biden

2018-10-21 00:09:02 UTC [Subverse #general]  

damn it

2018-10-21 00:09:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  

im thinking bill

2018-10-21 00:09:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

is biden even running?

2018-10-21 00:10:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  

as for bill, they can point to the case being closed.

2018-10-21 00:10:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

as for joe if he's not running no point in going for #metoo

2018-10-21 00:10:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm still deadset on DNC going for a female candidate

2018-10-21 00:11:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

its possible spin vs trump

2018-10-21 00:11:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

scandal play?

2018-10-21 00:11:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  

or just narrative play?

2018-10-21 00:13:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I don't there's a need for it. he can play the vice president role.

2018-10-21 00:13:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  

for a second time

2018-10-21 00:13:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

the older supporting root

2018-10-21 00:15:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

if biden runs, I see them doing a fair or "fair play". Support will still be heavily in hilary or another female candidates camp.

2018-10-21 00:16:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

is that a channel?

2018-10-22 07:35:03 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Rule 2. No race-baiting

2018-10-22 07:35:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

by that logic, hatred to Muslims is entirely justified

2018-10-22 07:36:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hatred to whites is entirely justified

2018-10-22 07:37:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I'm going for communists

2018-10-22 07:37:51 UTC [Subverse #general]  

But hey if you want to go for Jews cause everything you're really no different from Trump is bad

2018-10-22 07:40:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Yup pretty sure he's going for Jews cause everything bad

2018-10-22 07:40:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

So who's the good guys in your mind?

2018-10-22 07:43:08 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User so got answer?

2018-10-22 07:44:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Now you're putting words into his mouth

2018-10-22 07:45:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  

No I'm partially thinking he's serious, there are holocaust deniers that follow the same argument points

2018-10-22 07:46:28 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Genetic diversity is needed

2018-10-22 07:46:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Deleted User going for personal attacks isn't going to further the argument

2018-10-22 07:47:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Racially I would say there are some pure Asians

2018-10-22 07:48:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

With America or west, I can probably see a higher mix race kids

2018-10-22 07:49:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I like watching a good shitshow

2018-10-22 07:56:14 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Pretty sure it was him going on a tirade on hows Jews cause everything bad.

2018-10-22 07:56:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Or how they basically run the world

2018-10-22 07:57:16 UTC [Subverse #general]  

This is coming from a Chinese guy. China is starting to run the world of the shadows

2018-10-22 07:57:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Jews can't do shit for the amount of influence they're putting out

2018-10-22 07:58:40 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It's hard media controls

2018-10-22 07:59:51 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Hollywood is starting to cater to Chinese market with Chinese actors and actresses, banking is starting to be flooded with Chinese money. Diamonds seem to be a dying industry

2018-10-22 08:00:55 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I still see meritocracy favoured for them

2018-10-22 08:01:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

China has a higher nepotism rate than anything

2018-10-22 08:01:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

But seems it's who you know anyways for jobs

2018-10-22 08:03:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

That would mean higher security standards and not taking the product into Chinese market

2018-10-22 08:03:43 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Offline isn't going to do anything if you are looking to sell your products in china

2018-10-22 08:04:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

They require you to have a 50% ownership with a Chinese national company in order to sell

2018-10-22 08:04:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The information will be scrapped anyhow

2018-10-22 08:06:02 UTC [Subverse #general]  

There were stories of most of the chipsets having Chinese spyware

2018-10-22 08:06:24 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I see it as a hard task to cut it out

2018-10-22 08:06:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

With us military's focus on contracts, it's usually whats cheaper

2018-10-22 08:08:27 UTC [Subverse #general]  

The chipsets or some parts themselves will likely be shipped from China anyhow

2018-10-22 08:08:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It's a bottom line problem

2018-10-22 08:09:11 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I doubt they would do it if it meant cheaper

2018-10-22 08:10:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Knowingly allow probably not,

2018-10-22 08:10:12 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Greed is common

2018-10-22 08:10:24 UTC [Subverse #general]  

It's apart of being human

2018-10-22 08:11:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Dusty Morgan I doubt they will in the current climate

2018-10-22 23:18:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 23:18:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 23:18:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-22 23:19:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Well tyt isn't exactly know for calm

2018-10-22 23:19:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

At least not anymore

2018-10-23 00:05:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

well people are going out to vote

2018-10-23 00:05:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

at least that's something

2018-10-23 00:06:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@zutt is there a tldr for the 2 and half hour vid?

2018-10-23 00:13:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

only time zone that matters is EST

2018-10-23 00:13:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

best tz

2018-10-23 00:13:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

wait correction

2018-10-23 00:13:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-23 00:13:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-23 00:13:53 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Scribblehatch what was the tldr for vee

2018-10-23 21:27:18 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Depends on the ethnicity, most cultures do melt into the land they immigrate to

2018-10-23 21:28:36 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Islam is probably a special case

2018-10-23 21:30:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

From what I've seen, their children if educated, and their parents willing to adapt, can be melted into proper westernized society

2018-10-23 21:31:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@AdorableStormtrooper can you repeat your question?

2018-10-24 00:19:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Dusty Morgan all of them are female at a glance

2018-10-24 00:19:59 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Traps make best girls

2018-10-24 03:24:41 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Timcast will you be covering the canadian elections next year?

2018-10-24 04:00:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

3 nukes means better anime

2018-10-25 03:34:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Zuihou no lolis

2018-10-25 03:35:21 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Discord ruling

2018-10-25 03:35:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

More like 12

2018-10-25 03:38:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Dusty Morgan what is this from?

2018-10-25 03:38:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

No no the character sheets

2018-10-25 03:39:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Are they just deviant art stuff?

2018-10-25 03:41:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Boats are already girls

2018-10-25 03:41:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-25 03:42:37 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Anything can be a loli if you draw it

2018-10-25 03:42:45 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Even the police

2018-10-25 04:37:47 UTC [Subverse #general]  

hmm seems I cant upload photos

2018-10-25 04:37:54 UTC [Subverse #general]  

nor does imgur work

2018-10-25 04:39:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

anyways best girl linked

2018-10-25 04:40:09 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  

^best girl right there

2018-10-25 05:03:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Pineapple pizza is best

2018-10-25 05:03:29 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Termer accept it

2018-10-25 05:03:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-25 05:03:43 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-25 05:04:19 UTC [Subverse #general]  

strawpoll it

2018-10-25 05:54:04 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  

That looks inspect elemented

2018-10-30 22:58:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

hey what country or nationalities use 1kkk instead of 1b?

2018-10-30 22:58:30 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Rabbi Shekels why kotaku?

2018-10-30 22:59:24 UTC [Subverse #general]  

why read clickbait?

2018-10-31 01:21:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-31 01:21:28 UTC [Subverse #general]  

If you think this is an extreme position or an opinion, you haven't read enough about the white nationalist movement, Stephen Miller, Bannon, Sessions, etc.

Eliminating birthright citizenship is a central plank in a well-articulated, coherent movement to make America whiter.

2018-10-31 01:21:33 UTC [Subverse #general]  

here's the follow up

2018-10-31 01:21:44 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Blaming Soros is a central tool. It is part of a (crazy, wrong, but internally coherent) theory of the case:
- By nature, people can only form society with their closer kin.
- Yadda Yadda (the arguments are terrible) White people have certain values that non-whites don't.


2018-10-31 01:23:43 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-10-31 01:23:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

its not better

2018-10-31 01:24:39 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Malt_Hitman no one is going to be pushing that button

2018-11-01 13:49:23 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Republicans can probably still pull #believewomen out of this

2018-11-03 04:43:27 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  

findom iirc is the term

2018-11-04 10:09:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

check the comments of the thread^

2018-11-04 10:09:57 UTC [Subverse #general]  

its golden

2018-11-06 13:05:34 UTC [Subverse #general]  

/r/politics is now in full shill mode

2018-11-06 17:26:48 UTC [Subverse #dank-memes-only]  

They apparently had something in the works but didn't debut the video for Diablo

2018-11-18 16:11:35 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Drugs don't make people do anything it simply allows them to put thoughts into actions

2018-11-18 16:15:38 UTC [Subverse #general]  


2018-11-18 20:04:32 UTC [Subverse #general]  

its pretty common for recently launched games

2018-11-18 20:05:13 UTC [Subverse #general]  

how did they grind enough cancer in that game to get 15 nuke letters

2018-12-11 14:00:10 UTC [Subverse #general]  

who do I have to talk to about people actually trying to normalize pedophilia on twitter

2018-12-11 14:00:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

click link to drink bleach

2018-12-11 14:01:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

tldr we've hit that point

2018-12-11 14:01:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

i'm not surprised tumblr was trying to ban porn if they had users like this

2018-12-11 14:02:26 UTC [Subverse #general]  

germans dutch belgians

2018-12-11 14:02:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

whats the difference

2018-12-11 14:02:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

like seriously though

2018-12-11 14:02:52 UTC [Subverse #general]  

whats the difference

2018-12-11 14:05:56 UTC [Subverse #general]  

if you want to go deeper

2018-12-11 14:06:06 UTC [Subverse #general]  

I literally can't believe this is a thing

2018-12-11 14:06:25 UTC [Subverse #general]  

this is fucking nuts

2018-12-11 14:07:50 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Braydon however big the double standard, there's no way you can dig out of this. MSM already has this by the balls

2018-12-11 14:10:43 UTC [Subverse #general]  

because china has normalized a lot of more conservative ideas

2018-12-11 14:11:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

that and being racist towards foreigners isnt considered taboo

2018-12-11 14:12:07 UTC [Subverse #general]  

there's a reason why a lot of chinese outside of mainland really hate mainlanders

2018-12-11 14:15:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Every damn human is racist at some point

2018-12-11 16:07:38 UTC [Subverse #politics-free-for-all]  

Razorfist and current patreon debacle

2018-12-22 02:21:46 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Is there any furries here, I need to ask a question about the cost of a fursuit

2018-12-22 02:22:09 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@Glaice how much does it usually cost?

2018-12-22 02:22:28 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Is it more than the cost of a month of a server

2018-12-22 02:22:48 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Well shit

2018-12-22 02:23:05 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Thanks for the info

2018-12-28 00:37:58 UTC [Subverse #general]  

Pineapple belongs on pizza

2018-12-28 00:38:49 UTC [Subverse #general]  

China is already doing it

2018-12-31 15:52:22 UTC [Subverse #general]  

the orville season 2 is out

2019-01-02 01:31:55 UTC [Subverse #general]  

most asian women are similiar to their mothers

2019-01-02 01:32:31 UTC [Subverse #general]  

@EndangeredProdigy have you hear about futa?

2019-01-02 01:33:17 UTC [Subverse #general]  

mate, i've had a good time introducing that term to someone 20-40

2019-01-02 01:34:00 UTC [Subverse #general]  

no, it's not self-improvement. its masturbation

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