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2020-03-02 04:53:21 UTC  

Jesus fuck

2020-03-02 04:53:48 UTC  

So much for property rights

2020-03-02 04:54:49 UTC  

Serious but I lol’d that you can just refer to them as the burglar association

2020-03-02 04:55:26 UTC  

So let take bets were the shit show begins

2020-03-02 04:55:43 UTC  

Sounds like a reasonable name for a criminal organization.

2020-03-02 04:55:56 UTC  

The BIG shit show or the burglar association shitshow?

2020-03-02 04:59:54 UTC  

Or just BGSA

2020-03-02 05:03:12 UTC  

Hmm I can see Virginia, or maybe a more blue state to start out in the form of a race riot in urban centers at first, especially if a Bloomberg-type decides to go with more draconian policies as the people get more woke

2020-03-02 05:05:29 UTC  

I originally thought the Virginia rally was going to be the modern Boston Massacre, I'm glad I was wrong. Right now I'm surprised NY hasn't jumped on the ball due to the bail reform allowing dangerous individuals to walk free causing large amount of violent crime and some deaths. Truthfully I'm hoping groups of vigilantes will step up to the plate as NY police and courts are completely fucking useless. Then again most NY residents are fucking lame and will take it in the butt with only mild complaints.

2020-03-02 05:06:30 UTC  

Not shaming butt-stuff, but this is level IV bootlicking butt-stuff. Total shame.

2020-03-02 06:14:13 UTC  

If anyone on here lives in a mag restricted state who would be interested in 30rd mags

2020-03-02 06:16:55 UTC  

Functionally a 30rd mag and 10rd 50beowulf are the same thing from what I've read.
I'm curious of 2 things will a 50 wulf mag feed 556

2020-03-02 06:17:24 UTC  

And do the 50wulf mags look the same

2020-03-02 06:20:17 UTC  

I wouldn't dream of mailing magazines, but I can mail the components.

2020-03-02 06:20:41 UTC  

It's like disecting for study

2020-03-02 06:21:51 UTC  

I'm tempted to full send "10rd beowulf" mags

2020-03-02 06:23:19 UTC  

Wtf they gonna do say that the 556 mags that are advertised as compatible with 50 aren't compatible with 50

2020-03-02 06:25:04 UTC

2020-03-02 06:25:39 UTC  

556 mag = 50beowulf mag as long as it's not stamped 556

2020-03-02 06:33:31 UTC  

@Schadraquetor I feel you on the bail reform stuff. Crime spiked 30% across the state simce it went live. There is push back and resistance, even from LEOs. Like my sheriff when he has to release those people, blasts their personal info on social media. There is discontent, and we just might see a deathwish type scenario

2020-03-02 06:38:25 UTC  

If I was still in that Christian Minecraft Server I would be exploring extrajudicial rope+tree options for the absolute seriously worst of the worst.

2020-03-02 06:38:58 UTC  

Arson and child molestation is fucking a-okay for fucks sakes. Domestic abuse? See ya later make sure you appear for court.

2020-03-02 06:40:00 UTC  

Even if it's completely repealed there is all sorts of blood on the hands of the politicians who endorsed and signed and doubled down on it.

2020-03-02 06:42:24 UTC  

Cuomo, deblasio, schumer, gilibrand, and AOC

2020-03-02 06:42:29 UTC  

At the least

2020-03-02 06:42:50 UTC  

A lot of them.

2020-03-02 06:43:13 UTC  

Shit and if the TiN bWuE wHiNe is bitching about it you know it's really bad.

2020-03-02 07:56:46 UTC  

Anyone living in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, DC, and Vermont i can ship mags to

2020-03-02 07:58:06 UTC  

Online retailers are charging 25$+shipping for 10rnd 50beowulf mags and that's highway robbery

2020-03-02 15:16:58 UTC  

Again the Supreme Court refuses any 2A related case

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2020-03-03 07:48:29 UTC  

@Ramrod1992 god damn man. Seems like the faustian bargain of gains and losses.

2020-03-03 11:11:45 UTC  

@Deadbeat Radio it's something we should address on the podcast when you let me on

2020-03-04 05:53:14 UTC  

Nice embed

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2020-03-04 12:47:54 UTC  

Yo GT be wildin, he a true Gøøn

2020-03-04 12:48:57 UTC  

The Original Gamer is a fed

2020-03-04 16:17:14 UTC  

That’s a real fed thing to say