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2020-02-19 00:36:42 UTC  

i spent most of the time reviving people, but i ran out of bandages so quick

2020-02-19 00:36:55 UTC  

i was yelling at riflemen to drop their ammo bags left and right

2020-02-19 01:28:28 UTC  

So King’s I found the house I’m going to rent, I get the entire upstairs of a three bedroom 1 1/2 bath on 6 acres and I get two bays of a four bay garage

2020-02-19 01:29:00 UTC  

Is it defensible?

2020-02-19 01:29:06 UTC  

The guy I’m going to be renting from is super cool and isn’t as into the life as we are but his former infantry and has definitely seen some shit so he is definitely a good person to have as a roommate if SHTF

2020-02-19 01:29:33 UTC  

Yes it is defensible, it even has a secret false wall Heidi hole in the room I’m going to make the master

2020-02-19 01:29:48 UTC  

Like you could hide Jews from Nazis comfortably in this whole

2020-02-19 01:30:09 UTC  

So that means I’ll have an office/guestroom upstairs as well with plenty of storage

2020-02-19 01:38:37 UTC  

> *Heidi hole*


2020-02-19 01:41:43 UTC  

Most exquisite, king.

2020-02-19 01:44:07 UTC  

I didn't know admitting I'm racist was against fb community standards

2020-02-19 01:44:35 UTC  


2020-02-19 01:49:46 UTC  

Anyone trying to get inna around 22?

2020-02-19 02:04:19 UTC  

ay bois my fucking artwork was used for another band c:

2020-02-19 02:04:22 UTC

2020-02-19 02:04:56 UTC  

Nice man!

2020-02-19 02:06:38 UTC  

I like the aesthetic, man

2020-02-19 02:07:51 UTC  

fuck. me. I love that blue.

2020-02-19 02:08:07 UTC  

@FloridaManBoohajideen 22? I'll try n make it

2020-02-19 02:10:03 UTC  

yee bois im gettin a free cd too c:

2020-02-19 02:12:25 UTC  


2020-02-19 02:16:06 UTC  

how u bois doin

2020-02-19 02:16:14 UTC  

im in a relatively decent mood

2020-02-19 02:17:11 UTC  

pretty "" bleh "" - not gonna lie

2020-02-19 02:24:07 UTC  

awh king whats got u feelin like shid bb boi

2020-02-19 02:24:20 UTC  

I finally got around to painting and I tell you what thats what I fuckin needed

2020-02-19 02:24:32 UTC  

I dont feel like shit, I feel that much closer to gettin out of this commission hole

2020-02-19 02:24:43 UTC  

I still owe a good bit of art but I figured im getting like a paycheck of 1k +

2020-02-19 02:24:52 UTC  

so its gonna be mail day for some other mfers i tell ya

2020-02-19 02:30:33 UTC  

Pwave inna nutshell lol

2020-02-19 02:32:23 UTC  

My name should’ve been Nate Higgers

2020-02-19 02:33:15 UTC  

@Thomatorr, King of Ohio I *SHOULD* paint tonight, you're right

2020-02-19 02:36:44 UTC  


2020-02-19 02:36:46 UTC  


2020-02-19 02:51:35 UTC  


2020-02-19 03:00:30 UTC  

How facebook looks at you for ANYTHING slightly "offensive" or truthful.

2020-02-19 03:02:43 UTC  


2020-02-19 03:02:59 UTC  

they snatched down so many corona virus posts as soon as that shit blew up

2020-02-19 03:03:10 UTC  

which i think one or two of them later turned out to be true

2020-02-19 03:04:07 UTC  

@FloridaManBoohajideen I'm gonna be closer to 2300 - 0000 - are you gonna be up late or naw? I wanna talk more about specifics on art

2020-02-19 03:04:37 UTC