Message from vSilver in 4th Reich #trumps_wall

2017-04-08 22:43:10 UTC  

It will expand as more become disinterested in modern society.

2017-04-08 22:43:39 UTC  

@vSilver It cant stay forever like this

2017-04-08 22:43:52 UTC  

well we should accept that this is in some way, our culture

2017-04-08 22:44:03 UTC  

Like at some point there could be some world leader following Kek's path

2017-04-08 22:44:35 UTC  

If you want it t satay hidden you're gonna need some way to keep it the way it is today

2017-04-08 22:44:39 UTC  

yeah i might be in a nursing home laughing my ass off at that tim

2017-04-08 22:44:53 UTC  

I think the strongest thing that we have here with Kekistan is a way to refer to/identify our internet culture.

2017-04-08 22:45:07 UTC  


2017-04-08 22:45:10 UTC  

dont worry man, just keep the oc up

2017-04-08 22:45:21 UTC  

we dindo nothing wrong really xD

2017-04-08 22:45:27 UTC  

I'm thinking too much into the future

2017-04-08 22:45:47 UTC  

gotta go back to the present.

2017-04-08 22:45:50 UTC  

kekistan is going to become the last hope for the internet

2017-04-08 22:46:01 UTC  

in a world full of political correctness

2017-04-08 22:46:12 UTC  

and sjws

2017-04-08 22:46:19 UTC  

With places like 4chan and 8chan going to shit, it's good that likeminded people can still identify eachother like this.

2017-04-08 22:46:59 UTC  

yes indeed, i didnt really look for a discord with anons

2017-04-08 22:47:10 UTC  

4chan and 8chan have gone to shit and what made them great has faded

2017-04-08 22:47:12 UTC  

my lurking powers took me here

2017-04-08 22:47:14 UTC  

Idk how I even ended up here

2017-04-08 22:47:22 UTC  

but in a way, kekism led me here xD

2017-04-08 22:47:32 UTC  

kek brings us all here

2017-04-08 22:47:36 UTC  

I'm fairly new to the whole /pol/ thing.

2017-04-08 22:47:42 UTC  

I got here through the Kekosphere on Twitter.

2017-04-08 22:47:50 UTC  

though I had been getting redpilled for a good while

2017-04-08 22:47:55 UTC  

im trying to come up with a better and effective way to vet people

2017-04-08 22:48:05 UTC  

/pol/ is a bunch of r/thedonald fags

2017-04-08 22:48:09 UTC  

if i come up with something good ill say

2017-04-08 22:48:11 UTC  

it's gone to shit

2017-04-08 22:48:12 UTC  

To think that I used to be a far left ideologue. How things can change over time.

2017-04-08 22:48:15 UTC  

especially lately

2017-04-08 22:48:24 UTC  

I was led here by Sargon of Akkad

2017-04-08 22:48:33 UTC  

I really liked the whole Fascist side of /pol/

2017-04-08 22:48:45 UTC  

pol has been slowly becoming left

2017-04-08 22:48:46 UTC  

but now it's mostly edgytown

2017-04-08 22:48:48 UTC  

Not to this server, but Kekistan in general.

2017-04-08 22:49:03 UTC  

the first time i saw leftypol on 8chan i was shocked

2017-04-08 22:49:15 UTC  

never been there

2017-04-08 22:49:31 UTC  

@Mr. Red Same. He showed me that path to get here. Now he has been retweeting me and it's glorious.

2017-04-08 22:49:35 UTC  

me neither i mean, i can just read the mainstream news to know whatever the fuck they think

2017-04-08 22:49:36 UTC  

🆙 | **vsilver leveled up!**