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2017-03-22 03:01:34 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Shadilay, my dudes!

2017-03-22 03:08:14 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-03-22 03:13:23 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ‘Œ

2017-03-22 03:20:49 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ฒ ๐Ÿ˜ƒ ๐Ÿ—ก

2017-03-22 03:32:06 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Discord can't handle the size of your load, @uhhhhhh

2017-03-22 03:33:13 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Might have been a false flag gone wrong.

2017-03-22 03:34:19 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

(((They))) like to plant shit on crazies to alter the current narrative.

2017-03-22 03:36:49 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-03-22 04:15:15 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

>Searches Tacticool

2017-03-22 04:15:36 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

>Finds included image

2017-04-05 04:31:39 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-05 04:57:08 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

My dad was train by the NSA during Vietnam.

2017-04-05 04:57:23 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-05 05:00:43 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

MSNBC ecouraged me to drink vodka again. Just to spite them.

2017-04-05 05:00:49 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-05 05:16:20 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-05 05:20:15 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

That old fuck needs to hurry up and die. I can smell his rotting corpse from here.

2017-04-05 05:22:00 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Just us whites and the japs. No one else.

2017-04-05 05:22:53 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

By whites, I'm including the Russians BTW.

2017-04-05 05:24:36 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

lol "bernarnars"

2017-04-05 05:28:28 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-05 05:31:30 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Another rule? What is this?! CHINA?!

2017-04-05 05:33:36 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

>Linux User

2017-04-05 05:34:21 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I only use Linux over here (Zorin 12).

2017-04-05 05:37:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I have a Pentium in my rig ATM. Am I in the clear?

2017-04-07 02:07:14 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Shadilay, brothers and sisters! How do?

2017-04-07 02:21:13 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

CHILL! Trump's gonna speak in 10 minutes.

2017-04-07 02:36:04 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

^ I concur.

2017-04-07 03:11:08 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Regardless, this shit's going to give MSM something to talk about for the next 3 months.

2017-04-07 03:11:13 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Maybe 6.

2017-04-07 03:11:52 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

The Chinese President was in town.

2017-04-07 03:12:17 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Any new Pedo round-ups?

2017-04-07 03:20:21 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Where will that link take me?

2017-04-07 03:35:35 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I'm disappointed that it went down, but I'm not pissed off enough to turn on the God Emperor.

2017-04-07 03:36:51 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Too early to tell. Give it a day or two.

2017-04-07 03:38:26 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Neither Trump or Putin want WWIII. It's the (((Globalists))) who are trying to rek mankind.

2017-04-07 03:47:07 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Definitely for Twitter. Their co-founder (not Jack) is dumping 30% of his stake in the company.

2017-04-07 04:37:04 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

It's more like one apple and a whole apple tree.

2017-04-07 04:38:59 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Obama signed off on a drone strike here and there, while Trump just dumped a few cases of Tomahawks onto one air base.

2017-04-07 04:40:15 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I know. I'm just using that as an example.

2017-04-07 04:41:10 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Same here.

2017-04-07 04:43:01 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Given that he gave the Russians a heads up, I'm guessing they might have some form a greement we don't know about ATM.

2017-04-07 04:43:16 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 04:45:53 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Isn't part of the CIA refusing to give him intel or was that another bag of fake news?

2017-04-07 04:53:13 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I think it's a good time for a movie.

2017-04-07 04:53:38 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Let's see what's on TPB

2017-04-07 04:56:25 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Negative. I am a Meat Popsicle.

2017-04-07 05:17:14 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

>eating popcorn

2017-04-07 05:18:31 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Awww.... I was just about to insult the fag ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

2017-04-07 05:19:26 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 05:20:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 05:20:29 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

That pin!

2017-04-07 05:25:08 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Had to transplant my PC into a new case today. Still getting use to the lack of noise coming from the fans.

2017-04-07 05:28:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 05:28:30 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 05:29:35 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  
2017-04-07 05:30:25 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

@Renaar Does the roll work in General?

2017-04-07 05:31:17 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 05:32:40 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

t!dice 1d99 McDonald's uses fags as meat for their burgers

2017-04-07 05:33:58 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

t!dice 1d99 Am I a normie?

2017-04-07 05:34:55 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I think we need a roll channel.

2017-04-07 05:36:09 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Start tokin', lightweight lol!

2017-04-07 06:10:11 UTC [4th Reich #anime]  


2017-04-07 06:22:32 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I'd rather have sub so I can pop out of the ocean and yell "SUPRISE, COCKFAGS!"

2017-04-07 06:23:14 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

National Capitalism

2017-04-07 06:25:04 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

We have a channel for that.

2017-04-07 06:25:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 06:26:50 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

@white supremacist & a neo-nazi "I'm an Alabama Nigger and I wanna be free"

2017-04-07 06:32:35 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 06:35:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 06:39:35 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

No. I was more of an H.R. Puffinstuff guy.

2017-04-07 06:44:07 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-07 06:48:09 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-08 21:25:10 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Shadilay, comrads!

2017-04-08 21:27:16 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Aren't most of the farms down there owned and maintained by whites?

2017-04-08 21:27:30 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-08 21:29:16 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

They're gonna wind up starving to death like the Ethiopians if they keep it up.

2017-04-08 21:30:11 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

That or paying high prices for imported meat and produce.

2017-04-08 21:32:01 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-08 21:34:18 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Oh we're already in Gitmo. We just have to send more troops and supplies.

2017-04-08 21:54:59 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I don't even think about him.

2017-04-08 21:56:48 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

RIP Russian Puppet Narrative

2017-04-08 22:01:51 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Regarding Syria, not much. It seems Trump just wanted to take out Assad's stockpile.

2017-04-08 22:05:49 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

One thing I noticed: After the airstrike, Trump's SCOTUS pick was confirmed by the Senate.

2017-04-08 22:07:27 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I'd rather be a trap than a jew tbh

2017-04-08 22:14:28 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I'm now wondering about North Korea.

2017-04-08 22:15:12 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Specifically how we're going to keep Kim from nuking Nippon.

2017-04-08 22:21:02 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

My hope is that we just shoot down the missles and tell Kim to knock it off or we'll launch more tomahawks at his launchpads.

2017-04-08 22:22:28 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I was a war correspondent back then.

2017-04-08 22:27:06 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-08 22:27:47 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

@Sigurd88 Gab is pretty cool.

2017-04-08 22:43:10 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

It will expand as more become disinterested in modern society.

2017-04-08 22:48:24 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I was led here by Sargon of Akkad

2017-04-08 22:48:48 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Not to this server, but Kekistan in general.

2017-04-08 22:56:09 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

I don't even think the mods care anymore.

2017-04-08 22:56:59 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Otherwise, the non-political shit on /pol/ would be on /b/

2017-04-08 22:57:24 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  


2017-04-08 22:58:10 UTC [4th Reich #trumps_wall]  

Voat seems to be only other place to go ATM.

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