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Evening, my dudes


Now that's what I call a REEEEEEEEEEEEE


Like this?

Normies? Where?

Well shit.


Couldn't agree with you more

Of course I would. Where do I sign?

Thank you, my dude. I'll go there right away.



I'll get onto it.

But first I gotta get some sleep though. Expect to be back in ~17 hours.

Shadilay, my brothers.

Not really. I'm just unable to give you the answer.

Evening, commander.

Unrelated stupid question: is it possible to raid a single person on Discord? I've found out about a couple of SJW furries on here, but you can only be added by the owner who is the worst of the bunch.

Michiganistan is a lost cause

I will. Shadilay, my brother.

Aww yiss.

Our national anthem is disco, so I think everybody here will enjoy that a lot.

Shadilay, brother.

Where do we spam?

I'm still in. What should I target?

Hi Kermit.

Oh nice.

That's gold.

@cyborg2d Hi man. Wanna join the 5th Cohort?

@Marcus Tullius Cicero Can you promote him or do we need somebody else?

These mods are retarded. They can't ban for shit.

5th cohort best cohort.

We're a Kekistani raiding group modeled after the Roman Empire

AssclownsUnited is a fucking legend.

Fly and Djammi?

They're getting spammed again.

They're onto us now. Well memed, my brothers.

Can somebody give me some spam ammo?

Raiding weebs, you say?

Sounds appealing.


Shadilay, my brother.

U wot m8?


I see that the 8th cohort is comming in.

@Sir Keks-Alot Good. If that flag appears in my country I want to be the one to capture it.

Yepp, he has lowkey confirmed season 5.


Shadilay, commander.

We'll capture them all.

<@!172323931498217476> That'll be worth it.

I am a pirate (not the profession, but the political movement). You don't have to be right wing to support the movement.

Kekistan/right wing uprising that is.

Well, this is confusing.

I play a shooty gun game called Moonman.

I'm a proud follower of Kek.


Protip: stop taunting him.

If he smells normies, he'll lash out. It's only natural.

Need mods?

Can you actually apply for mod?

I mean, I'm interested. I'm a Kek-theologist, so maybe that helps?

I gotta get some sleep again, may dudes. Shadilay.


I'm proud of you, my brother.

It's Lenny, yeah.

I'm looking up his full name just in case.

Second in command is Inquisition.

Wait, where?!

Ah shit. If the next flag is in Alaska it's going to be a hard one.

Internet historian? That guy is pretty cool.


If he was in Alaska first he could've set up something over there.

My apologies, Kekicorn. I was preoccupied for most of the day.

Same. Will look good under my flag.

Bought one when the Karl Toona guy was still selling them. Should arrive any day now.

That's fucking great. Praise Kek!

In the name of Kek we will slay the normies.

Righto. I'll keep an eye out for news on the matter.

Oh great Kek, give us the power to spam these normies to shit

Idk. He doesn't seem like a SJW or anything. In fact, he has video's trolling them.

Maybe he's was hit by one of our previous raids.

Don't think he would. Gore on YouTube is not a good idea.

This is more of a grudge thing than a fun thing I think.

If you blur it it's not as much fun. At least in my opinion.

Wait, this guy is a furry, right? What country is he from?

For real though. The raid on Furry Portugese was pretty succesful, so maybe he's from there.

Hmm... Have we raided bronies before?

I'd like to see him try.

He doesn't stand a chance against meme magic.

It's both necessary and fitting. We're an empire after all.


@Sir Keks-Alot Congrats, my dude.

Isn't Mudkip that guy that spammed our server?

I'm not very keen on working with a guy who has attacked our server before. Just saying.

Sadly they have anti-spam stuff. We gotta go about this in a different way.

Wait, why has he been kicked..? He's one of us.

The people in muslim chat are serious cucks? He's defending us raiding the server from a guy who called us racist for doing it. You're misreading, my friend.

Bring him back.

@Reich can you give @Marcus Tullius Cicero his Admin rank back?

He asks if you can infiltrate them.

Alright, there are some developments over at Ethans.

Did they ban you?

Well, Mudkip found a juicy example of those muslims being total morrons and Lenny is explaining to the Animosity guy that we're not just racist and raided them because of that stupid shit.

Let's not fuck this up. This'll be easier if he calms down.

Good developments. They're infighting.

Let's watch the fireworks for a bit.


For real. The EU I live in is falling apart. Right now we're being fucked by the elites upstairs and in a couple of years we'll be fucked by the Chinese or something. A real Kekistan seems like a nice way out.

I'm more than willing to help you out with it judging from a

*my first impression.

Now that looks fucking great.

If we outnumber them we can take over the state and do as we please. Is that the general idea I'm seeing here?

This seems pretty legit actually.

I'm just trying to piss them off at this point. The Animosity guy seems to be the only retard so far.

They'll first have to find out who you are though.

@everyone @Tucker Keklson is a known guy from the KBI, hence the lack of a vetting procedure.

What the hell was that?

@everyone All hail our new emperor!

Tomorrow 7PM? Sounds good to me.

We have loads, my friend.

Hell yeah, my dude.

Ready, sir. <@298340696581079040>_Benjamin is ready to roll.


5 minutes, my dudes. Ready your memes!

@Phillip Sledgdon I'm waiting for the hashtag first.

@V_of_Europe will tweet it out.


Let's go, my boys!!!


This is going great.

Welcome to the gasser unit, @Shekelsteinberg

Oh yeah!

Originaly we were an infiltration unit, but I'm not sure what the new F├╝hrer has in store for us. Just gassing people seems like a good deal to me though.

Agreed. Lice is a real problem with these shitskins at the border.

What's there?

Oh, I see.

I'm an idiot. I should get some sleep.

You didn't get French in school? Shame dude.

A lot. We're under new management.

@NiggerLyncher is the F├╝hrer now.

Used to be a gasser. Makes good songs.

A gasser used to be an infiltration unit. Now I'm not entirely sure what our role is.

PsyOps fucked off the the official KBI server.

A lot of good work is being done now.

I've never seen so many memes being produced in my life.

Idk. Ask the F├╝hrer.

I don't really know what his vision of the server is. He got ownership about two or three days ago.

The server was 'dying' in their eyes. I'm not entirely surprised since everybody with meme-making skills went on to join the KBI server.

You can call me Cactus. I'm a fanatic kekist and gasser.

About a week ago. Might be a little more.

By name.

We went on to do many raids. Now I 'work' for the KBI since the cohorts got disbanded.

Everything here is still in the works right now. Lots of cleanups/organising.

At the KBI, yes.

A crapload of work is being done there.

Ah, there's the F├╝hrer.

Kekistan Bureau of Investigation.

Aka the Kekistani FBI.

Congrats, my dude.

We're under new management.

How are we going to organise from now on?

Sounds good to me.

I'm actually planning on becomming a legit Kek priest when the EU falls appart. People will be more receptive to stuff like that.

I have ADD. My brain is as uncontrolable as the chaos of Kek. Makes me appreciate his concept quite a bit.

There might be. My brain can work like shit sometimes, but I also can see through people's bullshit fairly easily.

Once you realise you're a Kekistani there's no way back.

I used to be an atheist and I always told myself that I'd need to see an actual miracle in order to believe in a cosmic entity. This shit is getting me over the fence though.

I'm almost won over at this point, so it might.

16:30 here.

The Netherlands, my friend.

They mostly try to go to the UK, either though Callais or Hollands' Corner (don't know what it's called in English, that's a literal translation). We've had like 50000 to 75000 refugees over here I believe.

Yeah. Our state is pretty good when it comes to helping people out of the shitter and getting them back on their own legs again, but you can't really fund that when these people take so much money out of the system.

I've seen the jungle with my own eyes. Looks like shit.

The shittiest thing is that the ones that actually try get a harder time because of the morrons. When the morrons are called out, hardline leftists will call you a racist or something.

It just pisses me off how everybody's losing in this situation exept for the people exploiting the system.

This whole racism accusation thing is fucking awful. I don't see how it's even relevant.

I have theories about it, but I don't know for sure really.

What text?

I think that Kekistan and Kekism might be a good way to unite people again. It has worked for me.

I don't think that that's a problem though. Not taking memes seriously is why our enemies have failed up to this point.

We must get rid of the 'dankness' around it and see it as a means to spread thoughts and ideas.

Then they're fools. You can't use/react to a meme without knowing the context.

At least not propperly.

It's like charging a soldier without knowing what kind of weapons he has. Your approach will most likely fail.

Praise Kek!

I watched a lot of highlights. I also took part in the hunt for the flags.

The location finding/tactics that is. Didn't do anything physical.

They are so weird from an European standpoint. Liberal means an entirely differnt thing over there.

They're doing the cabin in Finland now. Not sure how we can fuck with that one, but we'll see.

It is.

You can talk to them through a camera in the cabin at the museum I believe.

We were tracking stuff in Alaska and Boston before we found out about this. He pretty much announced it himself.

@Renaar It's a narsicistic culture with a lot of money and drugs involved. Those things never last very long.

8chan will get better after it's restored again. Leftypol is a thorn in my eye though.

They won't accomplish anything here. The worst they can do is post some cringy memes or fill a channel with gore for 2 minutes.

I think everybody here knows how to deal with lag gifs.

>tfw you're in antifa but bronies have more balls than you

That's the great thing about memes in general. They hold great power, but for some reason 99% of the internet doesn't want to see it.

420 blaze it, my dude.

We all have days like those. Forgot to order my ADD-pills yesterday.

Methylphenidate is pretty good. Enables me to actually get shit done.

Congrats on your promotion.

I call myself a veteran as a joke (since the 5th cohort is disbanded). Didn't know somebody actually made it a roll.

That's great! <:putindealwithit:298380158975475712>

This is why we can't have nice things.

Jk, my dude.

I don't really get high on stuff. My brain is such a mess that I don't want to risk it.

What about them?

Already downloaded it.

@Too Many Tomahawks Since the cohorts are disbanded, it felt right to give you Veteran.

Meming Trump into office was only the beginning. We can do so much more with this power.

Priority number one is to get rid of the islamist goatfuckers of ISIS. Everything else can be sorted out later.

Israel is a prime example of why you don't fuck with the cultural/ethnical balances of an area like that. If they came in gradually it would've still been shit, but not as bad as it is now.

Not saying they don't deserve one (the Kekistani people are doing the same thing), but it's plain stupid to do it in one of the most important religious area's of the people whose land you're taking.

Fair enough, but they shouldn't try to claim the entirety of Jerusalem.

77 is a bit stronger, but 88 is a close second.

It's not easy being green.


People from all walks of life can end up on the chan. It's a matter of having thick skin.

We lynchin' now?

Stupid sexy Jamal.

Funnily enough, the blacks in the Netherlands have assimilated quite well. It's the turks and the morocans who are the problem.

Ye boi.

I'm not all that sad about it. I knew it was comming. The foreign media was hyping him up beyond wat was reasonable.

That's a lot in the Netherlands.

We have like 18 parties in congress.

They're still talking about it.

It'll be center right or green right, but it's lead by neo-liberals so it sucks anyway.

The PvdA are not to be trusted. Even if they do things I agree with, they say A and do B. I don't like that kind of stuff.

Way more, my friend. 28.

That's almost 20% of the second room.

They got shat on beyond belief. You don't see something like that every election.

The SP might be even more to the left than they are, but at least they practice what they preach. Can't say that with the PvdA.

I'll have a party congress later this month. There we'll decide what I'll be doing for the next couple years.

I'm an active member of the PP in Rotterdam. We'll talk about tactics and all that stuff.

That's not a typo btw. I'm not in SP (thank fuck).

It's the Pirate Party.

While they're not explicitly anti immigrant, they have a very good and broad program on internet, technology and privacy in general.

Some of the local devisions in the US and Germany have been infiltrated by SJW's, so I try to redpill as many people in the party before they try it here.

Nope. We were hoping on one this election, but we fell short because of the high attendance.

We did grow by a lot though.

I'm a member. I'm no. 276 of the ~1700.

If you are 30 or higher, you get on the list that people vote on.

Yeah, the US is fucked. I want to redpill the Dutch one as good as I can.

We need the point about net neutrality and privacy either way.

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