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2019-12-23 17:28:08 UTC  

At it's strength.

2019-12-23 17:28:26 UTC  

Having the child get the disease can be dangerous.

2019-12-23 17:28:27 UTC  

And vaccines work the same way, by introducing a weakened form of the illness you develop the immune system without the need for the full illness. This way the immune system gets significantly less weakened in comparison to the real deal without (too much [I don't know the numbers on that]) comprising the outcome, aka immunity

2019-12-23 17:28:50 UTC  

I do not know where I stand on vaxx.

2019-12-23 17:29:08 UTC  

We'll I'm definitely pro-vax, let that be clear

2019-12-23 17:29:17 UTC  

One side of me agrees that they save millions of lives, and the other side is like, well the gov't can put shit into it.

2019-12-23 17:29:54 UTC  

Yeah you have a point there, but I don't know the exact influence of the government in it.

2019-12-23 17:30:08 UTC  

I see more positive than negative with vax, so i'm fine with it.

2019-12-23 17:30:18 UTC  

they already fluoridate everything

2019-12-23 17:30:20 UTC  

very dangerous

2019-12-23 17:30:35 UTC  

until something bad happens to you or your loved ones

2019-12-23 17:30:45 UTC  

from a vaccine

2019-12-23 17:31:21 UTC  


2019-12-23 17:31:30 UTC  

I want to make sure my children live safely

2019-12-23 17:31:32 UTC  

and off the grid.

2019-12-23 17:31:41 UTC  

free from gov't control

2019-12-23 17:31:46 UTC  

and surveillance.

2019-12-23 18:07:56 UTC  


2019-12-23 18:16:24 UTC  

the neutral WHO you can trust?!

2019-12-23 18:18:59 UTC  

Yeah the WHO is a trustworthy source, much more trustworthy than NaturalNews

2019-12-23 18:19:18 UTC  

all government run

2019-12-23 18:19:47 UTC  

really what about its report on depleted uranium in iraq?

2019-12-23 18:19:57 UTC  

none of them can be trusted

2019-12-23 18:33:33 UTC  

kurzgesagt is fake

2019-12-23 18:33:40 UTC  

im highly anti vaxx and proud

2019-12-23 18:33:40 UTC  
2019-12-23 18:33:56 UTC  

because its full of liberal propoganda

2019-12-23 18:34:03 UTC  

It's real, wether you agree with it or not, it still exists

2019-12-23 18:34:03 UTC  

Sorry but the excuse government but chemicals in things is pathetic, if they wanted to they do it in all of their products

2019-12-23 18:34:04 UTC  

they even argue the case for UBI

2019-12-23 18:34:16 UTC  

Not just vaccines

2019-12-23 18:34:38 UTC  

yes like in the water

2019-12-23 18:34:40 UTC  

i dont believe in chemtrails but there is scientific evidence vaccines cause autism/adhd

2019-12-23 18:34:52 UTC  

if they wanted to put flouride in it they could

2019-12-23 18:35:08 UTC  

they do

2019-12-23 18:35:18 UTC  

and in the air

2019-12-23 18:35:22 UTC  

There is not, at least nothing that has been retracted or is just surveys without any medical influence as far as I know @ProgrammerVerbatim

2019-12-23 18:35:24 UTC  

If the government wanted to they would, and you couldn’t do anything about, so you’ll just have to bear it

2019-12-23 18:35:39 UTC  

@Jondar02 because the truth is hidden from us

2019-12-23 18:35:47 UTC  

yes we do