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2017-03-05 08:00:46 UTC  

French is gonna be a dead language soon

2017-03-05 08:00:57 UTC  

good idea bluesy but so long as we have populaiton pressure to select the incabple of reproducing

2017-03-05 08:00:59 UTC  

Only people in France and Haiti talk it

2017-03-05 08:01:07 UTC  

imo only 20% of blacks are redeemable

2017-03-05 08:01:11 UTC  

@Bluesy >building infrastructure for Africans

2017-03-05 08:01:27 UTC  

I just want people to stop suffering and be happy is that too much to ask?

2017-03-05 08:01:27 UTC  

Regression to the mean, @asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk

2017-03-05 08:01:33 UTC  

>not wanting more land and goods for your nation because they arent your color

2017-03-05 08:01:35 UTC  

>building gas chambers

2017-03-05 08:01:54 UTC  

>not wanting to have whites living in africa anymore
>thinking the infastructure is just for africans

2017-03-05 08:02:11 UTC  

forgot all about that for genetics

2017-03-05 08:02:13 UTC  

I don't know how blacks just keep fucking up

2017-03-05 08:02:32 UTC  

well its good enough better than nothing

2017-03-05 08:03:06 UTC  

building and population control on top of trade means we can hide our eugenics practices and get foreign support

2017-03-05 08:03:16 UTC  

Name one country filled with whites that is poor and dangerous?

2017-03-05 08:03:32 UTC  


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2017-03-05 08:03:41 UTC  

they cucked themselves

2017-03-05 08:03:43 UTC  

Because of the dune coons

2017-03-05 08:03:45 UTC  

that's a Muslim country

2017-03-05 08:03:52 UTC  


2017-03-05 08:03:54 UTC  

northern, rural sweden is nice i hear

2017-03-05 08:03:56 UTC  

its a proof that we need the draft

2017-03-05 08:04:02 UTC  

@Bluesy If you will build infrastructure for them they will begin development and they will be more powerful, and in one day they will declare their independence and begin killing and expelling whites from their countries

2017-03-05 08:04:24 UTC  

Look at former european colonies

2017-03-05 08:04:34 UTC  

Or India

2017-03-05 08:04:42 UTC  

@Miomio not if you use eugenics to ride the population of undersiables

2017-03-05 08:04:50 UTC  

which didnt happen

2017-03-05 08:04:57 UTC  

but shouldve

2017-03-05 08:06:27 UTC  

SPQR africa into forceing and training the smarter blacks into our plans telling them its just as good for them as it is for us if they join us

2017-03-05 08:06:57 UTC  

@Miomio We would be more powerful too, and if we actually took care of the nation and taught them too love ours and moved more and more of our people in it wouldnt work out so bad, also the african white nations that got genocided were because whites declared independence. other african nations gained independence cause jews forced our nations to give them up

2017-03-05 08:07:22 UTC  

Some parts in Russia are poor but barely dangerous

2017-03-05 08:08:06 UTC  

Also if we give more benefits to those who work for our nation, and only employ those africans who are redeemable, than they will have more kids than obongo who hunts rats in the savanah

2017-03-05 08:08:08 UTC  

>some parts in Russia are poor
About 90%

2017-03-05 08:08:32 UTC  

@Miomio poor relative to what ? vodka shortages ?

2017-03-05 08:08:43 UTC  

It's insane like can't blacks just help themselves?

2017-03-05 08:09:19 UTC  

@Praise Jesus ✞✞✞ - North NJ Unfortunatly not, they are stuck in the tribal era without outside help

2017-03-05 08:09:42 UTC  

becuase they get free food for 100 thousand years off of there content and have zero reason to build stone huts since its hot as shit 12 months of the year

2017-03-05 08:09:54 UTC  

they have zero reasons for farming

2017-03-05 08:10:01 UTC  

and no reason for the wheel

2017-03-05 08:10:06 UTC  

@asdfgasdfgasdfaoklk They're objectively poor, they have a small salaries, they live in shittowns where you can find only vocabulary schools, vodka, narcotics and knife in your liver