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@🅱arD pretty much the same, if I didn't listen to sarcuck at first I wouldn't have stayed on /pol/ to go all the way

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I'm talking more about people who think we still need feminism but aren't all out lefties.

2017-03-08 02:45:11 UTC  

@gabe_brouse I agree we don't need to reach out to the far left, but the moderate left and moderate right who might be more open to defending whites and nationalism if it wasn't for the PC cultures that is ingrained in their heads.

2017-03-08 02:47:08 UTC  

My point is that the moderate left won't join us, ever. The moderate right might though. If the guy they have entertaining them is a centrist, the moderate right will stick with him. If they only have a left-wing guy entertaining them they might wind up coming to us

2017-03-08 02:48:07 UTC  

I was moderate right and I have been going more and more right. If it came to a right vs left war I would choose the right over left or neutral. And I kindof follow Sargon and other centrist.

2017-03-08 02:48:46 UTC  

But the point is that by removing the central option, the choices become 'left' or 'right.' And anyone disgusted by the left, has to go right

2017-03-08 02:49:15 UTC  

Many still internally identify as left despite holding right wing opinions due to indoctrination.

2017-03-08 02:49:32 UTC  

If we have moderate right wingers, but there are not really any good right wingers who are moderate and create good content.

2017-03-08 02:49:41 UTC  

And without understanding wider political spectrums would pick sides against their interests.

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They just don't do it for me though.

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I don't know.

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"In athens the man who refuses to participate in a revolution has all rights removed whether it succeeds or fails"

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The problem is "far right=worse ideology" is deeply ingrained in most people's minds, even those who agree with the far right more than the far left.

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So you need moderates to start breaking the anti-right conditioning.

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I am incapable of offense, Appropriate all you want.

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0.2 nanoseconds

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The emu state of internal australia has given emus complete rights.
The will likely pressure california as soon as they can.

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We nuked teh abos a bit.

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Well it couldn't hurt.

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No that's buzzfeed

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Sargon has also said that "communism is the only ideology worse than fascism"

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@🅱arD I can think of like 8 worse ones.

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I don't know, Sargon for me was just an easier step for me from "I'm a feminist but I don't like how far people take activism" than civic nationalism and racial realism would have been

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Edgy Sphinx tried to infiltrate the community @Void @Insomnant

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And then he talked about the Jews but no one remembers that video.

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She's basically begging for money at this point too

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Shill on head

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She is only popular because she is a girl. Literally the only reason she has any audience.

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Her videos are very low quaility.

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And she hardly makes them.

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But she has more subscribers than Sargon.

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Leafs aren't all bad it's just there are a lot bad leafs, and the bad ones are terrible.

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Racism goes up massively with multiculturalism.

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Man, the Asians here redpilled half of my school.