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morals are a part of a larger conspiracy set forth by human nature to trick us into believing humans exist in nature

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@plasma dude...

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Sa whites are beautiful

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The women?

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A lot of them are, a lot of then are full of crap too.

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ur talking to a Canadian that farm maple and pork

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lies i just buy that

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Ha ha ha.

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You drink rye?

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10% beer

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How many have you had?

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well i had 375 ml of vodka

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working on my opresor beer atm

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Good man.

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ty ty

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all people outside SA know that this is SA white culture.

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the girl from die antwoord aint that hot

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oh and fotoforensics isn't a good site to check "muh photoshop"

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bc if THIS is photoshop

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then by that logic, THIS is also photoshop

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Get owned, christian

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Catholics: 1 Christians: 0

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Morning everyone. Picture of the moon I took last night. The moon was right above my head and my tripod is really cheap - so if you saw the moon last light and the angle looked different, now you know why. Open the picture and zoom around. Picture taken from my back yard in Centurion which has a lot of light pollution. The camera is a Nikon CoolPix P900, picture taken at 2000mm optical zoom. (EDIT: Open full-screen and zoom)

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Also I would like to say that from now on, I'm done fighting over flat earth. Being a dickhead to people on the internet is easy, being kind is harder, and I am trying to be better than that. I am going to start teaching now. To those who are interested, I will try and explain the how and why this is important. The world you know is a lie. Flat Earth is just the beginning.

2018-07-22 07:30:27 UTC  

@Deejay from Earth people will always be out to criticise you and your ideas. Don't let emotions dictate reason, reason is intended to be organized and consistent, and emotions just aren't either at all. Being kind is to be reasonable 🙂

2018-07-22 07:47:12 UTC  

Good advice thank you @Sheamus. The fighting doesn't get anyone anywhere. I get annoyed when I get trolled because people do not understand the reasoning behind me pushing this so hard. This is serious. This is about who and what we are as human beings. About what we have become. The world is lost, and it's never really going to get back together the way it was, mostly because people are slowly figuring out that society as run today is not in any way beneficial to the working class normal person. It's a fraud. A scam. We are tax slaves. That is the role we all perform here. And even though Flat Earth is one hundred percent scientific, there are hugely important spiritual considerations to be taken into account. Let me tell you, no religious person will ever find unity with their Creator when they deny the very creation the he made for them.

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Good morning 🙂

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Morning... wanted to share a video of the spacex falcon rocket launch. you can see the real image from space...

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Morning @Tjoppie , we can not come to any conclusions about the shape of the earth based on videos shown on mainstream media. Hopefully we can try and be more scientific and figure this out through logic, reason , and scientific experiments.

2018-07-22 07:58:33 UTC  

Morning @Deejay from Earth you right we need conclusive imaging. logic and reasoning will always have valid arguments if needed be, but we need to get real evidence.

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What did you study? or currently studying ?

2018-07-22 08:02:12 UTC  

does the flat earth have an edge?

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#FlatEarth101 - For my curriculum I will be using Eric Dubay's "Two Hundred Proofs Earth is not a Spinning Ball" book. This book has been made into a video-book as well, and translated into at least nineteen languages. First published around 2016, this is largely why the flat earth movement has grown so exponentially. Eric Dubay's website: