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please join the general chat.

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This shit is quite fucked.

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The $400 000 000 donated to HRC to campaign.

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Hey guys.

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Halo @crazyBoer o/

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So this dude renounces US citizenship to escape Tax, goes to Russia, makes money, gives HC $400m, then ducks again to the UK.

2018-07-17 06:51:34 UTC  

His dad was the head of the Communist Party in the US.

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So if Puty tang is correct, 75% of HRC budget was dirty money, from Russia, lol.

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Talk about "Russian Collusion"

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Well thats kinds ironic.

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many US Congressman and Senators are dual citizens

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@ThatRightWingFish I don't think that's such a hot idea to be allowed. Though I can understand Israeli dual citizenship, the rest though..

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So how is the wall coming along?

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Any fucker dodging tax, should not be allowed anywhere near government.

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not good but stay tuned

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Israeli dual citizens are the worse

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most are neo-cons who want war

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Wasn't there huge fallout in Australia months ago about something like this?

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I believe it's law there that Duals can't participate in government.

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Bunch of politicians got purged.

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our government would collapse if that happened

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lol, probably.

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Was Obama even a American?

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our largest political lobby is a Jewish Lobby

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Obama is fucking here, mate.

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And the last time Obama was here, he was in Zimbabwe, just before the shit kicked off.

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@ThatRightWingFish Israel needs a bulldog though, they're surrounded by death, given their location.

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Gonna make out with his commy buddies?

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Israel is ruining our nation

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@crazyBoer He's going to be talking at some Cricket stadium today/tomorrow for Mandela day.

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Israel is completely fucking over the Western World.

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@ThatRightWingFish Look man, I don't want to knock Jewish people, or Israel, but there are Jewish diaspora who are probably bad guys, yeah.