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2017-02-09 03:26:41 UTC  

The next three months of my podcast are going to have the sound of cars passing by, drunk people walking past my window, and the floor above me getting pounded by my upstairs neighbors, and probably the occasional sounds of [something, something...degeneracy]

2017-02-09 03:27:04 UTC  

I have to get the hell out of this city

2017-02-09 03:27:14 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:27:52 UTC  

I sand cabinets when I podcast so don't feel bad Rex

2017-02-09 03:28:51 UTC  

Rex, a question for you.

2017-02-09 03:30:17 UTC  

Nevermind, it wouldn't work with YouTube I forgot. Sorry.

2017-02-09 03:31:57 UTC

2017-02-09 03:33:32 UTC  

Nice knives

2017-02-09 03:33:57 UTC  

they didnt open properly until I oiled the mechanism

2017-02-09 03:34:04 UTC  

now theyre slippery and shit

2017-02-09 03:34:08 UTC  

Lungs don't feel like sand paper anymore fam! 👍🏻

2017-02-09 03:34:53 UTC  


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2017-02-09 03:36:13 UTC  

I miss you 😔

2017-02-09 03:36:54 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:37:28 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:37:32 UTC  

i miss you too nigga

2017-02-09 03:38:24 UTC  

*wipes tear from eye

2017-02-09 03:39:19 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:39:26 UTC  

get ib voice chat nigga

2017-02-09 03:39:44 UTC

2017-02-09 03:40:09 UTC  

I will in a little bit

2017-02-09 03:40:37 UTC  

Can't. You guys make fun of me when I am gaming.

2017-02-09 03:40:49 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:42:04 UTC  

Or eating. Tonight is London Broil medium rare with garlic butter and Skyrim Soup

2017-02-09 03:43:14 UTC  

Even if I am FINALLY getting around to playing Witcher III

2017-02-09 03:45:00 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:45:12 UTC  


2017-02-09 03:45:32 UTC  

Not a chance.

2017-02-09 03:45:49 UTC  

I don't really have a budget for new stuff like that tbhf

2017-02-09 03:46:10 UTC  

U will love it....I'll send u one when they come out I promise.

2017-02-09 03:47:02 UTC  

I might. Would the kids like it though? I'm still blown away that the used Wii U games are so much damn money

2017-02-09 03:47:08 UTC  

Kind of want to hack my kids console.

2017-02-09 03:47:22 UTC  

The kids will love it hold on...

2017-02-09 03:47:33 UTC  

But rumor is the Switch will run Skyrim at lowest settings, so it'll be less powerful and engaging than a 9 year old PC

2017-02-09 03:48:45 UTC  

There is so much more to gaming than just skyrim. Nintendos 1st party games have the greatest gameplay known to man

2017-02-09 03:49:05 UTC  

U can't beat that little guineas replay value

2017-02-09 03:51:27 UTC  

But muh pixel count

2017-02-09 03:51:32 UTC  

muh cuda cores