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I watched when I was younger but never when old enough to appreciate it

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I'm surprised more people on the Alt Right don't know about Springtime for Hitler - the musical within a musical called The Producers.

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The Producers is about to shyster Broadway producers scamming little old white ladies out of their money by selling 1000% of a show. In order for their scam to work, they need a show so offensive, it will close on opening night. They discover the motherload, a neo-nazi musical called Springtime for Hitler: A Gay Romp with Adolf and Ava at Berchtesgaden.

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Haha yeah I watched the movie version

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Thing is, the musical ends up becoming a hit, a "satirical masterpiece." Its a fun show, even if its totally Jewish

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Wonder how it'd play today in this climate

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Producers or a play like the one in producers?

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The play would go well

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Both i guess haha

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Book of Mormon-esque spitting in the eye of hitler

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Ppl would lap that up cu they're afraid of the alt right

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Good release yaknow

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I saw the stage show as a kid - the aesthetics of National Socialism spoke to me even then.

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Very powerful watching a line of stormtroopers march in formation live on stage, if in parody

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And then they form a human swastika.... Alt Right dance moves

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Anyway, check out The Producers, fam. It's literally about two merchants getting hoisted by their own neo-nazi petard

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tfw i wanted to be an engineer science man making cool shit but could never do math and this niggerfaggot @Convo is doing it

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@wyatt redpill me on why I am an african american homosexual

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I've been nothing but nice to you

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@everyone Pewdiepie probly just shot his career in the face.

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but it was worth it

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@Convo i hate when microsoft word marks correctly spelled words wrong

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Did he remove it from his channel?

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@wyatt is that real? it's not on his official channel.

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got deleted

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i managed to save it

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piezoresistive is spelled wrong there tho

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those are the kinetic energy things right?

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@wyatt didnt watch, what does it do

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I also doubt that he could do anything to kill his career at this point. Dude has 60M followers most being teenagers that will follow him anywhere.

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@queenarchitect its a crystal

you run a current through it, and if you squeeze the crystal its resistivity alters, so you get a different output voltage depending on how hard you smoosh the piezoresistor

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yeah that

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someone did a project with those in my college