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2017-03-11 06:05:59 UTC  

Im sure her vagina works just fine just keep the light off always

2017-03-11 06:06:54 UTC  

I love shitting on McMuffins "blink test for former conservatives" post

2017-03-11 06:08:42 UTC  

what a fucking faggot

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2017-03-11 06:09:49 UTC  

Guys I have an announcement to make.

2017-03-11 06:09:59 UTC  

Big news in teh alt right news sphere

2017-03-11 06:10:12 UTC  

Let's hear it

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2017-03-11 06:10:56 UTC  

I have failed you as a leader and as a result with sire many children with HAPAs

2017-03-11 06:11:09 UTC  

I think I'll need at least 4

2017-03-11 06:11:46 UTC  

RU sure you can post those?

2017-03-11 06:11:55 UTC  


2017-03-11 06:12:19 UTC  

Oh nvm

2017-03-11 06:12:29 UTC  

I was not aware

2017-03-11 06:12:38 UTC  

you rearranged your furniture?

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2017-03-11 06:13:21 UTC  

And I gave up on being doxx proof when someone said on IAR "Aren't you BLAH BLAH BLAH City teaching at BLAH BLAH BLAH School District and don't you go to the dog park every day at 8am at BLAH BLAH BLAH"

2017-03-11 06:13:24 UTC  

or put in a new window lol

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2017-03-11 06:14:02 UTC  

did your doxx fuck you over?

2017-03-11 06:14:08 UTC  

Nah, I did it to throw Jim on the Fatherland off balance during his intro

2017-03-11 06:14:20 UTC  

Nobody cares in WA State. "Alt Right" what is that?

2017-03-11 06:14:37 UTC  

"It uhhhh basically Trump supporters, kind of a book club thing"

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2017-03-11 06:14:41 UTC  

that was the end of it

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2017-03-11 06:15:03 UTC  

i gotta be a bit careful

2017-03-11 06:16:28 UTC  

a goy in my pool party group is a teacher, too...seems like there's quite a few of you out there

2017-03-11 06:16:36 UTC  

to corrupt the youth is a great opportunity

2017-03-11 06:18:53 UTC  

Corrupt? More like save the youth

2017-03-11 06:19:09 UTC  

I mean corrupt in the best way possible 😃

2017-03-11 06:19:23 UTC  

Dude not even

2017-03-11 06:19:25 UTC  

I get asked that

2017-03-11 06:19:49 UTC  

#1 question "Well how do you be alt right aand teach" gotta tell you it DOESN'T COME UP A LOT WHEN YOU ARE TEACHING MATH

2017-03-11 06:20:02 UTC  

ah, I gotcha

2017-03-11 06:20:52 UTC  

Maybe I overstepped my bounds when I made the kids read articles in Haritz that proved Eli Weisel lied by his own words maybe I didn't

2017-03-11 06:20:56 UTC  


2017-03-11 06:21:02 UTC  

top notch prank lol

2017-03-11 06:21:13 UTC  

I had to read "night" twice in school