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whitu pillu

2017-03-13 22:58:56 UTC  

every other employee was a broken nihilist sodomite

2017-03-13 22:58:59 UTC  

my dad let me do whatever i wanted with my hair because his wouldn't

2017-03-13 22:59:04 UTC  

i had a mohawk in 3rd grade

2017-03-13 22:59:48 UTC  

It's more punk to not have tattoos and piercings now.

2017-03-13 23:00:17 UTC  

Like your rebelling against their conformity.

cant wait

2017-03-13 23:01:10 UTC  

I agree @☇Unlimited Power☇ glad I didn't fall into that trap

2017-03-13 23:01:25 UTC  

especially in SF

2017-03-13 23:01:36 UTC  

I can think of 1 other person I know outside of the alt right that doesn't have tattoos

2017-03-13 23:01:46 UTC  

of people I know here

2017-03-13 23:02:02 UTC  

when I worked at whole foods, people had face tattoos and shit

2017-03-13 23:02:06 UTC  

they called me big country

2017-03-13 23:03:00 UTC  

All my non alt right friends are covered in tattoos because when I was in HS the whole metalcore post-hardcore neck tattoo full sleeve thing got popular.

2017-03-13 23:03:41 UTC  

Face tattoos are instant oven bait I don't care if a top SS officer was your ancestor.

2017-03-13 23:03:55 UTC  

they're pretty common here

2017-03-13 23:04:27 UTC  

Aren't most of the super degenerate "neonazis" with face tats in Cali?

2017-03-13 23:04:42 UTC  

I don't really know much about the skinhead culture here

2017-03-13 23:04:46 UTC  

I'm not from here

2017-03-13 23:04:59 UTC  

and the golden state skins are pretty much all up in sacramento from what i know

2017-03-13 23:05:48 UTC  

the real reason why nanners shaved her head

2017-03-13 23:05:56 UTC  

i got highlights when i was in 7th/8th grace and then my mom fucked it up so i had to get it professionally fixed and have been dyeing it since

2017-03-13 23:06:07 UTC  


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2017-03-13 23:06:19 UTC  

i did it before it started trending

2017-03-13 23:06:19 UTC  

why no voice yuge

2017-03-13 23:06:23 UTC  


2017-03-13 23:06:31 UTC  

because i should be working but I'm chatting

2017-03-13 23:06:34 UTC  


2017-03-13 23:06:50 UTC  

I'll come on voice in a bit

2017-03-13 23:06:50 UTC  

I know of a girl they went bald from bleaching with peroxide because she went in a pool shortly afterwards.

2017-03-13 23:07:12 UTC  

lol my hair is so thick i don't think that would ever happen to me

2017-03-13 23:07:17 UTC  

I'll come in chat after I get out of class.

2017-03-13 23:07:50 UTC  


2017-03-13 23:08:07 UTC  

i feel bad for girls with thin hair

2017-03-13 23:08:15 UTC  

how about guys?

2017-03-13 23:08:17 UTC  

I figure it was some kind of freak accident. Like those people that are paranoid about flu shots because they know some guy that knows some guy.

2017-03-13 23:08:23 UTC  

well, i suppose fine owuld be a better term