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2018-12-21 14:36:35 UTC  

The one I responded to!

2018-12-21 14:36:39 UTC  

doesnt surprise me. thats why we have to save everything with

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2018-12-21 14:37:04 UTC  

they tried that with me to for that alimony reform in florida, that 72 year old with alzheimesr

2018-12-21 14:37:23 UTC  

just goes to show how well coordinated/capable they are

2018-12-21 14:37:34 UTC  

I was hoping this would happen, but there's no way to know it was specifically a brigade we caused

2018-12-21 14:37:48 UTC  

and that they can never be trusted to operate in good faith. they will ALWAYS lie and cheat to the end

2018-12-21 14:37:55 UTC  

@blueorange22 Oh? Go on?

2018-12-21 14:38:01 UTC  

What did you do?

2018-12-21 14:39:01 UTC  

This used to have a usatoday article:

2018-12-21 14:39:26 UTC  

i sent a bunch of email and wrote to newspapers across the florida

2018-12-21 14:39:35 UTC  

and a few days later the usatoday article was gone

2018-12-21 14:41:01 UTC  

Cool! Maybe you could write an article about how activism works!

2018-12-21 14:41:33 UTC  

its troubling that anti MRAs can change the web so easily

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2018-12-21 14:45:59 UTC  

They say the internet is forever, but it's more organic than that

2018-12-21 17:43:58 UTC  

@InsaneCaterpilla " How do we get around this in our activism efforts?" How much are you aware of the history of activism? I think that question is a mistake

2018-12-21 17:46:29 UTC  

If I were to answer it though, I would say: "rather than trying to mind control six billion people or so, I recommend simply having an organization that can speak for itself, not just the movement. Think NOW, AVFM, NCFM, or ACLU"

2018-12-21 17:47:30 UTC  

AFAIK, angry activism seems to be the effective form of activism

2018-12-21 17:48:32 UTC  

This is one of the reasons I think MGTOW, besides simply being a useful idea in its own right, is likely to be a surprisingly effective social movement despite not really pressing for social change

2018-12-21 17:48:35 UTC  

The problem I'm having is ways to do things without running afoul of sites rules (such as reddits or discords) when performing some activism efforts.

Indeed, sometimes doing things like that can result in the police being called over harassment and such. It makes it harder for activism to be carried out

2018-12-21 17:51:06 UTC  

Well, most of those places don't really worry about that too much if you're not actively calling for harassment (which for the most part you shouldn't be).

2018-12-21 17:51:24 UTC  

I agree that self contained sites seem to be the way to go when it comes to that, that way only the law is really applicable. I think we need a strong grasp of the law in regards to harassment when it comes time to be going down that path

2018-12-21 17:52:00 UTC  

But if you are trying to bug some politician or something, twitter and chans seem to be pretty effective

2018-12-21 17:52:15 UTC  

Though I suppose I'm not sure #TellVicEverything would be allowed on twitter nowadays

2018-12-21 17:52:57 UTC  


2018-12-21 17:53:34 UTC  

4-chan isn't the only chan

2018-12-21 17:54:09 UTC  

I know... I'm just not sure how using @channels helps, nor how they would be used

2018-12-21 17:55:08 UTC  

Are you talking about recruiting people from there?

2018-12-21 17:55:59 UTC  

Well that's one of the public places you'd put an internet-based activism campaign

2018-12-21 17:56:19 UTC  

that wouldn't really care too much about things that aren't legal harassment

2018-12-21 17:56:53 UTC  

It's been a while since I ever went on any /pol/

2018-12-21 17:57:09 UTC  

I've actually never been there, I've just heard the legends

2018-12-21 17:59:27 UTC  

Mmm... Ok, thanks for the input

2018-12-24 09:43:26 UTC  

It's okay to recommend contacting various groups or corporations. The circumcision centre is an exception because some of the intactivists are *guaranteed* to start calling them paedophiles and other nasty things right off the bat.

2018-12-24 10:21:41 UTC  

@goodmod That's a fair point.

2019-01-02 11:40:01 UTC  

By the way everyone.

2019-01-02 11:40:34 UTC  

I'm looking for graphic designers to make an 'attack pack' for the mrm