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2018-12-31 05:45:59 UTC  

im only pretending to be retarded

2018-12-31 05:46:04 UTC  

that gives life aproximately ten billion years to have appeared before we have.

2018-12-31 05:46:15 UTC  

spread across the galaxy, do whatever

2018-12-31 05:46:21 UTC  

it may not seem like it but

2018-12-31 05:46:25 UTC  

that isnt exactly long.

2018-12-31 05:46:49 UTC  

the fermi paradox again means nothing.

it is probably expected that we wouldnt see other advanced aliens.

2018-12-31 05:47:23 UTC  

Considering we can't even calculate anything realistic for the chances of life emerging to begin with (the Drake equation or whatever doesn't count), this whole point is just moot speculation tbh.

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I am not in any sense *faithfully* onboard the Penrose camp or invested in him being right, if he's wrong then he is and that'll be it. I do tend to think though that (unless he has gone completely senile) his history of merit in mathematics and physics lends *some* weight behind what he's saying. That might be just in the eyes of layperson, but still.

2018-12-31 05:51:33 UTC  

Naturalism > Transhumanism

2018-12-31 05:52:05 UTC  

Also I will say that I have nothing against humans adapting themselves via technology. I just maintain we should stick to genetic/biological side of augmentation. For example I could see us greatly improving the functioning of our brains, our memory capacity, we could become photosynthesis capable too and just in all around crazy manner improve upon the species.

I just don't think we need to destroy the species in some avant garde attempt to "transcend" the human condition.

2018-12-31 05:52:28 UTC  

I would rather be the altruist and guarantee my children won't live in a dystopic future where they have barcodes and temporary organs

2018-12-31 05:53:23 UTC  

The Silicon Chip Gang is gay and needs to go away

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i think

2018-12-31 05:57:31 UTC  

we should just continue on the path we've been on thus far

2018-12-31 05:57:50 UTC  

fixing existing medical conditions with whatever means we can get

2018-12-31 05:58:08 UTC  

there's no need to improve on anything except for life span

2018-12-31 05:58:19 UTC  

and that's just a matter of replacing things

2018-12-31 05:58:34 UTC  

and also complicated genetic decay, but who cares

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remember that time the british were building a canal but then the people living near it went bankrupt so they took control of their economy then a revolt popped up to make the british stop controlling the economy so the british took control of the entire area

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Good ol Times 😌

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this is why we can't have good things

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Good morning

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Good morning <:ancap:521375203893182472>

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@Spookaswa what are you typing

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Happy New Year fellas!

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You 2

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Hope you have a good one. All the best for your families and countries this year!

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Have a good 2019 fellers ^_^

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Happy new year!

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Happy New Years Everyone ✌️