Message from Pathos - NY in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-04-01 14:02:22 UTC  

its when i go to philly and fash all the city's schools

2017-04-01 14:02:35 UTC  

Oh careful man

2017-04-01 14:03:07 UTC  

ill be fine, the police in philly love the Judenjager

2017-04-01 14:03:56 UTC  


2017-04-01 14:21:10 UTC  

my april fools posting is epic

2017-04-01 14:21:14 UTC  

check twitter

2017-04-01 14:38:25 UTC  

We wuz comedians n shieet

2017-04-01 14:39:21 UTC  

What's with the anime posting after every fucking tweet, lad?

2017-04-01 14:52:36 UTC  

i dunno

2017-04-01 14:52:52 UTC  

its funny because the text is heavy as shit comedic anaylsis and then fat anime tits

2017-04-01 14:54:13 UTC  
2017-04-01 15:09:30 UTC  


2017-04-01 15:11:17 UTC  

@SwiFT nah that quote is fucked

2017-04-01 15:11:24 UTC  

It's not like women providing sex is something new

2017-04-01 15:12:45 UTC  

Also letting men choose and having the decision made for them would likely not get the results whatever neck beard who wrote this wants

2017-04-01 15:13:10 UTC  

Because the men choosing would think he's a resentiment fag that can't get any

2017-04-01 15:14:08 UTC  

I'm all for taking away women's right to vote, but there's a such thing as an overly masculine society too. The west rose in large part because it was able to strike that balance so well

2017-04-01 15:15:03 UTC  

Oh Elliott Rodgers

2017-04-01 15:15:25 UTC  

Yeah so a beta orbiter that can't get laid

2017-04-01 15:18:13 UTC  


2017-04-01 15:18:23 UTC  

What's tfw never be as testy as aj

2017-04-01 15:44:26 UTC  

What's up with reactionary report?

2017-04-01 15:44:34 UTC  

Is it coming back or what?

2017-04-01 15:49:20 UTC  

last i heard there was some issues between hosts

2017-04-01 15:49:27 UTC  

hopefully they resolve it

2017-04-01 15:49:31 UTC  

@SwiFT @Pathos - NY Women are largely hypergamus in that they generally marry within or above their class. The only difference from arranged marriage is that politics is taken out.

2017-04-01 15:50:24 UTC  

I find their mate selection preferences to be evolutionarily advantageous tbh

2017-04-01 15:51:21 UTC  


2017-04-01 15:51:25 UTC  

It was really good

2017-04-01 15:56:20 UTC  

It's production quality was higher than that of FtN

2017-04-01 15:56:40 UTC  


2017-04-01 16:04:55 UTC  

what happened with RR ?

2017-04-01 16:04:57 UTC  

that's so shitty

2017-04-01 16:05:02 UTC  

did they announce this somewhere ?

2017-04-01 16:07:24 UTC  

@everyone Time I finally come clean and share this. My real name is Clee'Fus Tyronitraun Molyneux. It is time I met my real father Stefan in person. I have emailed him every year on my birthday which in on the 15th but my father Stef has never responded. My mother who working the streets in Toronto about 30yrs ago met Stef at a bar and he has refused to speak to her or myself sense that evening. She always calls him a "trifling ass patchy bearded scoon" and wont stop talking about how he gets so many denishauns and dont gibs none ta us whenever i have FDR on and its super annoying. Please help me finally meet my father after 30yrs by using as many forms of social media you have to contact him and remind him that I and my mother exist, and that he needs to take responsibility and step up, and get my mom to stop bitching every time im on youtube. Thank you all so much!

2017-04-01 16:09:52 UTC  

@FemaCampBandLeader-CA holy shit really

2017-04-01 16:10:14 UTC  

@Pathos - NY one of them was in voice chat when i was in (which is rare)

2017-04-01 16:10:38 UTC  

so it might be resolved but idk

2017-04-01 16:11:27 UTC  

Yeah man, i cant live this way any longer just living a lie and everyday still knowing that it was my paternal genetics that wrote UPB.

2017-04-01 16:11:54 UTC  

Any help in getting in touch is really appreciated guys

2017-04-01 16:11:58 UTC  

for someone who claims to love his daughter so much thats pretty fucked up