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/ourguy/ Chris Weidman is fighting an Armenian Gegard Mousasi right now

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everyone get in voice, im playing guitar

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@Koba great chants

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1 dead, 5 injured.

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Religion of piss?

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in Brooklyn is actually kinda a toss up

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It really could be anything lol.

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Why was I tagged in that? Cause I couldn't think of any chants? Sorry I'm not a chant guy.

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I tried to say no. Mike forced me lol

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@Convo was it a muzzie?

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who knows

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Please be Muzzie

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Ivanka Cried Syrians Died

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ive got tons of chants for bantz

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Cernovich is saying the plan is for 150,000 troops. The plan is from McMaster, the guy that replaced Flynn

2017-04-09 04:51:14 UTC  

Where though

2017-04-09 04:51:19 UTC  

He's saying that Kushner and Bannon don't actually disagree as much as people think, that neither of them want a ground war in Syria

2017-04-09 04:51:42 UTC  

S T O P . L I S T E N I N G . T O . C E R N O V I T C H S . B U L L S H I T.

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Yea I'm not gonna buy that. I'm drunk. Going back to hailing victory.

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he spews this bullshit everytime there it turbulence to get attention and booksales

2017-04-09 04:52:28 UTC  

only thing he was right about so far is Rice

2017-04-09 04:52:29 UTC  

Cernovich has hit some stories 100% the past few weeks to be fair

2017-04-09 04:52:35 UTC  

Got Susan Rice before anyone else

2017-04-09 04:52:38 UTC  

which was plausibe if you followed the bread crumbs

2017-04-09 04:52:49 UTC  

Got launching missiles at Syria before anyone else

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You guys in the Gorilla Mindset?

2017-04-09 04:53:31 UTC  

I believe Cernovich has legit sources. I know he knows Flynn's son and probably Flynn himself

2017-04-09 04:53:34 UTC  

so Kushner is /ourguy/ now

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not beliving that

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Nah Kushner is not our guy, but it's believable that he may be against ground troops, an all out Iraq War 2.0

2017-04-09 04:54:34 UTC  

why though, that's the best for Israel