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2019-08-31 16:17:55 UTC  

I never knew it was a real word. I wouldn’t have had the patience to look for that info.

2019-08-31 16:18:49 UTC  

Covfefe = I will stand up
In Arabic
According to the article.

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2019-08-31 20:35:16 UTC  

How bout teh TRUTH Game?

2019-09-01 03:07:11 UTC  

Logical thinking.

2019-09-01 07:57:38 UTC  

Just dropping off an upcoming events list. Hugs.

2019-09-01 08:20:34 UTC  

@PointingUp NewsGal whatcha bet 8chan is back up and we get more Q posts by 9/10?

2019-09-01 08:20:43 UTC  

Nice summary, thanks!

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2019-09-01 08:22:48 UTC  

Just hoping about that outcome.

2019-09-01 11:01:15 UTC  

you have been prepared

2019-09-01 11:02:19 UTC  

the writing is on the wall

2019-09-01 21:24:48 UTC  


2019-09-01 21:26:29 UTC  

All I've done is hope. But nothing has come of it, and as a matter of fact it seems to just be getting worse. Godspeed, fellows.

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2019-09-01 22:44:28 UTC  

have a thirst for Truth?

2019-09-02 04:53:33 UTC  

Who's next?

2019-09-02 17:23:42 UTC  

Fake News will Fail

2019-09-02 21:08:15 UTC  

Stand Together

2019-09-03 14:04:34 UTC  

@Eymahqadosh I love the memes, they are *stunning* work. I was thinking (and hoping) that you'd be able to be one of the main people making memes concerning the 2020 election. Y'know, Joe Biden being Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Tulsi, Trump.. there's a lot to do here, and the election cycle is starting soon

2019-09-03 14:05:34 UTC  

It's also the sheer amount you've been able to pump out recently, that would definitely be an asset

2019-09-04 07:54:12 UTC  

another 12-hour time out from Twitter...this time for saying similar things to Ms. McCain as she was saying about our President--METAPHORICALLY SPEAKING of course....I guess metaphors violate the twitter rules too.

2019-09-04 09:53:46 UTC  

bigger than any one

2019-09-05 01:11:24 UTC  

trust your thirst

2019-09-05 18:23:10 UTC  
2019-09-06 04:16:20 UTC  

the choice is yours

2019-09-06 13:04:38 UTC  

Wisdom. Pay the price, drink the drink.

2019-09-06 19:12:40 UTC

2019-09-07 15:48:49 UTC  

,twitter trends

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2019-09-07 22:52:08 UTC  

trust your thirst

2019-09-08 00:15:14 UTC  

You are THEIR biggest FEAR