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2018-03-15 12:46:03 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-research]  

If you want to hear the loudest voice, check out Corey Feldman. He's been trying to raise awareness of pedowood for a long time

2018-05-08 12:20:52 UTC [Meme Warfare #training_camp]  

Goddamn we got a whole memetics army in here

2018-05-08 12:21:24 UTC [Meme Warfare #training_camp]  

I like the Guerilla tactics. Can attest to them working, basic human psychology is fun

2018-05-08 12:22:32 UTC [Meme Warfare #training_camp]  

So perhaps a stupid question, but - what programs do you lot use to make the memes? Some are top notch quality, want to give it a go myself. GIMP is alright but kinda duck-y

2018-05-08 12:22:53 UTC [Meme Warfare #training_camp]  

Okay I changed it Trustybot chill โค

2018-09-10 23:45:24 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

The only tag I didn't mind

2018-09-26 15:35:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #news-now]  


2018-09-26 15:36:50 UTC [Meme Warfare #news-now]  

Doing alright, been a busy period but yeah we do! Now stuff with RR going on, exciting indeed ๐Ÿ˜„ How are you @Swedish Chef?

2018-09-26 15:37:43 UTC [Meme Warfare #news-now]  


2019-06-17 22:52:33 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Anyone following the news about Alex Jones?

2019-06-28 14:52:30 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Someone make this into a meme for the 2020 election pls. I have shit editing skills <:rooKek:562495130913734656>


2019-06-28 17:06:33 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Swedish Chef Bakers choice, although here's a suggestion; could replace the head with Trump's head (as he's going with a re-election campaign). At the end of the street could be mainstream media networks, logos probably do better in that regard

2019-07-07 12:28:38 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

@Shari Vegas Interesting, the news of Jeffrey Epstein being arrested on sex trafficking charges just broke a few hours ago

2019-07-09 17:14:34 UTC [Meme Warfare #seth-rich]  

Found this in the comment section of the Yahoo article on Seth Rich that was released today https://gyazo.com/53a9306efada2637fbba6e91f795639d

2019-07-12 14:46:44 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Swedish Chef @Deleted User Oh hey you guys here <:pepeblush:407708944102850560>

2019-07-12 14:52:50 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Damnit I need that emote <:autisticpepe:407708944493182977>

2019-07-12 16:12:25 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Not sure if you're serious th3rmyte but when it comes to private property to the extent of monopolizing the business structure, it becomes a serious issue concerning the freedom of competition and the freedom of speech. It led to being able to create these monopolies, which did lead to great prosperity but has decreased value over time when it comes to satisfying the needs of the public overall. Private property that has the possibility to close markets and thus competition and/or the ability to remove dissenters would be dreadful for society in terms of innovation, or for the thought process of a civilization concerning the morals and values of society as a whole <:rooSip:562495134747590676>

2019-07-12 16:22:56 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

What strikes me as possibly important, it's shortly after Epstein's arrest. Was R. Kelly the person that was in contact with Rachel Chandler in order to arrange victims for Epstein?

2019-07-12 16:23:31 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Celebrity status, backroom VIP passes for example. The only reason I think so is because he got arrested with charges of human trafficking

2019-07-12 16:58:51 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Respectfully, I think you may have underestimated the severity of the person's position. Semi big is barely covering it, I remember someone keeping a black book with him on what Epstein did, plus the connections and blackmail that has taken hold of much of the higher echelon of society. The guy is a billionare with tremendous influence in not only American policies, he has been present and seeping through several layers of political control throughout the world when you consider the amount of connections he has. Aside from that, human trafficking seems to be the main focus point of blackmail. So shortly after one another, I do think it has the potential to unravel much more than just Epstein / Kelly

2019-07-12 17:00:07 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Yeah I didn't complete my part, that's on me

2019-07-12 17:02:55 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Point being, R. Kelly was in the Hollywood environment, and the charges are pretty serious. If human trafficking would be involved, it would be logical for that to be a "gateway" to parties with people of higher influence, and thus could become the start of the end for people that have engaged in such matters

2019-07-12 17:04:00 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

One can only hope I suppose. It's been slow yet there is evidence of a conspiracy towards the acceptance of human abuse to great extent

2019-07-16 13:22:14 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  
2019-07-16 13:23:26 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rrfJUS7iOYE&feature=youtu.be spitballing here but, start of Internet Bill of Rights?

2019-07-16 13:24:39 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

They do. They were under fire not too long ago for making a suitable Google-like search machine for the Chinese government, implementing restrictions

2019-07-16 13:27:26 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Found a connection I think

2019-07-16 13:38:27 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Never mind, false alarm ._.

2019-07-20 15:41:41 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I noticed the twitter link to Jake Tapper in qposts saying Evergreen. I decided to look it up and well https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evergreen_Marine

2019-07-22 15:41:29 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Iran says it arrested 17 CIA spies, some of which are being sentenced to death. Immediately noticeable is the 17 in that

2019-07-25 10:41:54 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I'm reading through the RawSIGINTGuidelines-as-approved PDF as it was said to "analyze it carefully" as it is relevant to "future pending events". It's a bit of a read and of course legalspeak, but it's fascinating so far. It details greatly how the playbook is set up

2019-07-25 10:54:18 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Wait hold on. Does this say what I think it does? https://gyazo.com/006348d3eed65e1c4a5ab5afc5feb458

2019-07-25 10:55:18 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Amazon has a contract for 600 million dollars with the CIA. Would that make Amazon Web Services an entity they could disseminate information through?

2019-07-25 10:55:42 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I know this is NSA but basically NSA -> CIA -> AWS -> Media

2019-07-25 11:01:29 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Section B. (U) General protections (3. (U), page 9) lmao https://gyazo.com/2008b052253bc0445d1c1893cb01068f

2019-07-25 12:23:30 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Thanks! Had a bit of a break, it's bonkers hot here, but going to try and find some more <:DetectivePepe:407708943243280425>

2019-07-25 12:29:48 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Do note in the section A. (U) Access to information, IC stands for intelligence community (which is quite broad). Later on it specified, "or (iii) by transferring some or all of the information to the recipient IC element's information systems." When you Google the phrase element information system, it gives the following;

"The elements of an information system are customers, business processes, product services and communication technology. Design of an information system is done based on elements of the model. Every information system has end users or customers. An information system can have internal as well as external."

Could this allow the use of private servers (or for example Amazon Web Services) for the dissemination of Special Access Programs information with entities such as politicians, possibly creating a backdoor to access of Senate / House members too?..

2019-07-25 12:30:56 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I'm just spitballing here, but it does leave a genuine question of just how entangled the intelligence community is in every aspect of communications. Which, would make sense, considering it was with great help of DARPA that the Internet came around

2019-07-25 12:31:14 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  


2019-07-25 12:42:00 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

It's also why Google is being looked into for breaking antitrust laws again, as well as social media websites that hold a majority on the flow of information

2019-07-25 12:42:24 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

What should really be done however, is to have an investigation into Alphabet

2019-07-25 12:45:54 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

190 countries goddamn

2019-07-25 12:45:58 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

That's a lot, lot of power

2019-07-25 13:38:40 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Old qpost, with the document that we have now a LOT of this is starting to make sense


2019-07-25 13:43:47 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I think all of the people / agencies / organizations named are part of the intelligence community (and loads having access to the intelligence of the communities)

2019-07-25 13:44:17 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

This shit is giving me a headache ._.

2019-07-25 14:52:03 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

If I'm understanding the graphic above correctly, it would be;

Five Eyes start with surveillance, give feedback through unilateral "shell" companies through the use of inserted spies of Five Eyes countries, such as the Washington Free Beacon through Amazon Web Services, which reports to Fusion GPS, which (reported) to No Name, which influences the media arm of the intelligence agencies about leaks through POTUS Daily Briefing, which connects to the FBI, which disseminate (m/dis)information through connected media, which reports back the DOJ, which reports back the DNI, which shares intel with the CIA, which reports back to the DNC, allowing the flow of information to continue to HRC, which is in direct contact as Secretary of State with Obama. A top down - down up - top down scheme to ensure the exact story that needs to come out at a precise timing comes out as told throughout the layers of the graphic

2019-07-25 14:52:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

As I said, a fucking headache

2019-07-25 14:54:21 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Me right now


2019-07-25 15:04:08 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

One thing is sure though.. ever since No Name passed away there has been a little amount of, if any, leaks

2019-07-26 07:09:56 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

I just put on the news and the first headline at the bottom was: Abduction of children strongly down in numbers

2019-07-26 07:12:36 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Also, threats of NK seem to persist. Interesting how China has a hold on it and basically uses NK as a prop to influence US politics

2019-07-26 07:12:52 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Of course, Eric Schmidt has his name all over this

2019-07-28 20:29:50 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2019-07-28 20:29:55 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Is a great fucking picture

2019-07-28 20:30:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

That has been me ever since Q started posting again after that long break

2019-07-31 10:01:57 UTC [Meme Warfare #q-discussion]  

Qpost with the guardian article - Andrew McCabe, former deputy director of the FBI as most of you know, was in early contact with an MI5 agent, Jeremy Fleming, in 2016. Fleming now heads the GCHQ (The Government Communications Headquarters in the UK). I remember the GCHQ has been brought up before, because I decided back then to dig a little about it. GCHQ provides SIGINT and information assurance to both the government and the armed forces of the UK, so this is likely the most important facility of the UK and a major part of Five Eyes. We know UK is part of Five Eyes already, that's no surprise. Later in the article it's mentioned that, through looking at the text chain of McCabe and Fleming, they spoke about the EU referendum result as well. Here's the article for those that want to read it; https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2019/jul/30/secret-texts-cast-light-uk-early-role-trump-russia-inquiry

2019-08-10 15:49:48 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

Excellent meme, time to pump out more you fags. We have a battle to fight

2019-08-23 18:47:46 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Obog Honestly think it would be a great idea to use context from qposts transformed into a deck that's effectively "the propaganda deck" to expose the propaganda of for example MSM, highlighting 40 cards of a chain that might interest people to check it out for themselves. Perhaps it would be wise to not use Q in name, though lead them to answer questions about the results of the card being played, and have card 17 just be the backside with a large flaming Q

2019-08-23 18:51:14 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

If we'd have 40 cards we could also opt for a slow release, say every 2 days 1 card, and number them in the title

2019-08-24 17:13:47 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Swedish Chef I can see why, though it is that time again. Memers need to get ready and mobilized for the upcoming meme war

2019-08-26 13:20:07 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  


2019-08-29 19:15:04 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

https://nsarchive2.gwu.edu/NSAEBB/NSAEBB407/docs/EBB-PollardDoc1.pdf Israel's Intelligence initiatives in the early 2000s

2019-09-03 14:04:34 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

@Eymahqadosh I love the memes, they are *stunning* work. I was thinking (and hoping) that you'd be able to be one of the main people making memes concerning the 2020 election. Y'know, Joe Biden being Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Tulsi, Trump.. there's a lot to do here, and the election cycle is starting soon

2019-09-03 14:05:34 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

It's also the sheer amount you've been able to pump out recently, that would definitely be an asset

2019-09-09 10:50:39 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

Interesting. They removed any mention of MK Ultra being the reason for the creation of the Unabomber

2019-09-09 10:51:11 UTC [Meme Warfare #general-off-topic]  

This is how it's described now; "The Harvard study aimed at psychic deconstruction by humiliating undergraduates and thereby causing them to experience severe stress. "

2019-09-14 17:25:09 UTC [Meme Warfare #lounge]  

^ LOTS of information logged, don't have the energy to go through it tonight but by any means

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