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2017-04-26 22:09:10 UTC  

but obama era force shaping its 24-36 for 1LT now

2017-04-26 22:09:31 UTC  

idk when that will end but if fucked O pipelines up for any type of SF, CA or Speciality Branches

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2017-04-26 22:11:16 UTC  

once we lock on chart to go, we will see shit bags being flushed out and pussies leave to not deploy

2017-04-26 22:11:21 UTC  

same with officers

2017-04-26 22:11:48 UTC  

and our schedule is absolute bat shit, we already had some Os resign

2017-04-26 22:12:33 UTC  

Yeah, once ops tempo is high again we'll see a culture change again

2017-04-26 22:12:35 UTC  

basically up to plt live fire on extended UTA schedule annually, plus AT is a month until further notice, and cycle companies into JRTC, NTC as augments and then NTC as an RTU tacked on in the following year

2017-04-26 22:12:43 UTC  

lol ours is absurd high

2017-04-26 22:12:46 UTC  

I'm so sick of pandering to women and fags

2017-04-26 22:13:15 UTC  

basically we spin up to ready year annually even on off years and we are a unique force org so we have a 2 year ready period not a 1 year

2017-04-26 22:13:29 UTC  

in 4 months i have spent 1 month this year on duty

2017-04-26 22:13:49 UTC  

Damn, you guys are busy

2017-04-26 22:14:04 UTC  

but it pays off on our training as units dont expect shit from guard and we go as company task forces to these big events and steam roll people

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2017-04-26 22:14:31 UTC  

My unit is pretty high tempo as well, but not nearly enough combat deployments.

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2017-04-26 22:15:49 UTC  

She dropped out today

2017-04-26 22:15:49 UTC  

2 of my squad leaders are ex 82nd with 6 tours between them, I have a guy that is not deployed but is on a state swat team, and then a really square 1AD guy

2017-04-26 22:16:25 UTC  

our supply sgt on mday is a SL, he is tabbed, 3 tours 4 years with 82nd, last tour they were augment to tier 1 and he did some real shit, plus was sniper in afgan one tour

2017-04-26 22:16:26 UTC  

@Bero nothing saying no nazis

2017-04-26 22:16:28 UTC  

he is v good

2017-04-26 22:16:39 UTC  

it's standard don't be a dip and do anything illegal

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2017-04-26 22:16:44 UTC  

Damn dude

2017-04-26 22:16:47 UTC  

High speed

2017-04-26 22:16:48 UTC  

dude builds like access databases to track gear and rosters

2017-04-26 22:17:09 UTC  

and has nested DBs for all policy memos and forms and you can just change names and run off an entire new good book

2017-04-26 22:17:16 UTC  

Hopefully I'll get put in 101st now since I'm AA so I can actually start doing my job

2017-04-26 22:17:23 UTC  

no child porn, don't haxxxx, don't raid, don't suicide

2017-04-26 22:17:25 UTC  

I think we got a 98 percent on COMET last week

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2017-04-26 22:17:51 UTC  

we have fuck piles of 101st guys

2017-04-26 22:18:15 UTC  

we have a E5 that was a captain in 101st, tabbed, badged, resigned commision

2017-04-26 22:18:30 UTC  

he is probably going back to active on a ranger contract or going to selection for the unit

2017-04-26 22:19:33 UTC  

I'm a radioman but they put me in an esb so I'm pretty much useless. Every deployment I've done I've just worked with U.N. or other type humanitarian workers. I hardly ever work with infantry like I'm supposed to

2017-04-26 22:26:49 UTC  

Why did Coulter cuck out on Berkeley?

2017-04-26 22:27:40 UTC  

my rto is a now SPC I like who actually was a tanker that got put in our unit but he is sharp and learns like a sponge

2017-04-26 22:28:06 UTC  

and when I am on the net with radio he picks up my sector without being told and is my quasi psd so im keeping him