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Mount Hermon is a mountain cluster constituting the southern end of the Anti-Lebanon ... Coordinates · 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N 35.85750°E / 33.41611; 35.85750Coordinates: 33°24′58″N 35°51′27″E / 33.41611°N

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Professor Turley seems to be the same one who said Huber was better than appointing a second counsel that Q quoted

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Turley speech is telling

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@Dina I am watching one of the vids you dropped on Jericho is really good! Ty for dropping these!

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The winds blow......

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@Dina yesterday I drove by a booth after work on the corner of a busy shopping center that had probably 30 people standing in line to sign for the recalling of Newsom

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Hadrian also identified a star in the sky between the Eagle and the Zodiac to be Antinous, and came to associate the rosy lotus that grew on the banks of the Nile as being the flower of Antinous. Antinous is JIMMY COMET'S icon

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A cult of Antinous was begun ....JIMMY COMET

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The constellation Antinous remained in starcharts for centuries, only disappearing for good when the constellations were formalized by the International Astronomical Union in 1930

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Karlan was quoting from British Parliament precedence???

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For Impeachment?

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I wonder if Prof Turley is rethinking his attendance... only allowed a yes or no response after the longer responses of the others?

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That is a video <a:finger_wave:513921465989464080>

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Karlan told Politico in 2009, "It's no secret at all that I'm counted among the LGBT crowd".[11] She has described herself as an example of "snarky, bisexual, Jewish women".[12] Her partner is writer Viola Canales.[13]

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One good thing about her long winded answers is it uses up their questioning time. 🙄

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Lol that would be hilarious if the GOP limited those 3 to yes & no answers and only give Turley time for longer answers.

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It might be necessary to add the red rug to the entire pic.

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as if

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The Kingdom of God has set the clock on these and we shall witness their punishment for the blood they have shed.... it is not going to be for the faint of heart...pray

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Hey Hey @Urgent_Fury

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"As for putting Judge Merrick Garland (D.C. Cir.) on the high court to replace either Justice Scalia or Justice Kennedy, that makes sense too, as a matter of pure politics. As noted above, if Obama tries to replace AS or AMK with an outspoken liberal — think of someone like Pam Karlan, or Sherwin Lin Goodwin Liu — there will be blood. Judge Garland, in contrast, is a moderate lefty."