Message from Campin' Carl in Vibrant Diversity #general

2017-05-01 10:22:59 UTC  

nor nigger enough

2017-05-01 10:23:16 UTC  

Jesus, reminds me of that story a while back where the woman was defending the right of pregnant mothers to drink alcohol and saying it was unacceptable to stop them.

2017-05-01 10:24:36 UTC  

I mean shit, kid was a freshman and decided he had enough and got dads revolver and shot himself. I bet money news wont say shit about it in the morning. But a girl gets called a nigger whilst acting like one and the kid gets expelled and gangstalked by the local media damn near.

2017-05-01 10:24:54 UTC  


2017-05-01 10:25:05 UTC  

i always stood my ground

2017-05-01 10:25:17 UTC  

so if people try some shit

2017-05-01 10:25:20 UTC  

they get hit

2017-05-01 10:26:11 UTC  

I got that way. I tried peace and tolerance. I tried being a bitch. It didn't work, so i started fightong back and lo and behold the subhumans paid attention.

2017-05-01 10:26:48 UTC  

yeah man, dont lose heart , keep your head up, the world hate you, and you dont give a fuck

2017-05-01 10:27:24 UTC  

Why do you think Im a cop? Someone's gotta do the skull cracking for the ones that arent awake yet.

2017-05-01 10:30:48 UTC  

I got into one of these fucking fights the other night.

2017-05-01 10:31:08 UTC  

I feel stupid for getting into it now.

2017-05-01 10:36:29 UTC  

frankie my nigga whats up

2017-05-01 10:36:37 UTC  

been a long time man

2017-05-01 10:36:40 UTC  

doing fine

2017-05-01 10:36:43 UTC  

how bout you?

2017-05-01 10:36:48 UTC  

yeah yeah nah yeah you know

2017-05-01 10:37:11 UTC  

i just found out that The Rebel TV and this guy follows me

2017-05-01 10:37:30 UTC  

howd that happen

2017-05-01 10:39:33 UTC

2017-05-01 10:40:06 UTC

2017-05-01 10:40:26 UTC  

Begome Ludaren :DDD

2017-05-01 10:40:45 UTC  

begone sven

2017-05-01 10:41:10 UTC

2017-05-01 10:41:16 UTC  

no more brother wars

2017-05-01 10:41:39 UTC  

can we put them on pause at the least?

2017-05-01 10:41:50 UTC  

get back to killing each other once the nonwhites are gone

2017-05-01 10:41:51 UTC  

after total aryan victory

2017-05-01 10:41:54 UTC  

we can do it

2017-05-01 10:42:18 UTC  

good cause i gotta finish what peter the great started

2017-05-01 10:43:04 UTC  

>jewish friend @BrydenProctor

2017-05-01 10:43:07 UTC  


2017-05-01 10:43:17 UTC  

where do you think you are @BrydenProctor

2017-05-01 10:43:42 UTC

2017-05-01 10:43:46 UTC  

@BrydenProctor is a khazar milkers afficionado confirmed

2017-05-01 10:43:49 UTC  

i love jews!

2017-05-01 10:51:47 UTC  
2017-05-01 10:52:14 UTC  

that looks comfy

2017-05-01 10:52:29 UTC  

yeah nah