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2018-09-28 23:20:23 UTC  

And now everyone has to praise, or at the very least agree with Trump’s decision to order an additional FBI investigation. This might be the one unifying decision he has made. I’m glad he did it, aren’t you? Then everyone can vote for Kavanaugh with a clear conscience. How long do you think the FBI will take? I bet they are done by Monday or Tuesday. If they find anything that corroborates these claims then “no” vote and possibly arrests for him and everyone that lied about it. But if they find nothing, then I guess all these accusers get charged with perjury.

2018-09-28 23:21:23 UTC  

In my opinion, this isn’t about him or overturning RvsW. It’s about being able to use military law to go after actual traitors of the Constitution during a time of war. Which we are legally considered to still be in. Why ask these questions if it wasn’t going to become relevant soon?

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Congratulations @LaserTrain, you're now level 3.

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My last 2 post may be used freely to red pill.

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Ecclesiastes 10:2 “The heart of the wise inclines to the right, but the heart of the fool to the left.”

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@LaserTrain I am right there with you - but think that the FBI should also look into her past to ensure SHE didn't just lie under oath - which everyone one of us knows she did....

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Yes @DG the PJ77777 and how her name was leaked.

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I'd love to see her get jailed

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As a warning for the rest

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Feinstein is the one going down for this. []

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A Twitter search for "realdonaldtrump"

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damn my brain is getting scrambled

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I read democratic lawmakers as democratic lawwankers

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Oh, man, I didn't see that trump ordered it through a press statement... that's a whole other thing

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senate request and POTUS last tweet def didnt jive

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Yeah, unite the left around the need to decide the piety of the DC area. It is glorious

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it really is

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the victim is strong with this one

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read the first responses.. these people are sick

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right? so bold. so base.

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I really don’t like the fact I’m going to be half way across the country from home next week. In liberal fing California no less.

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that's funny... These days I feel safer away from home - where they don't know where to poison the water.

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>Ford may have committed perjury

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Wrong schat 😛

2018-09-29 01:22:54 UTC this happened in Beaufort, South Carolina -Lindsey graham is from SC

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Damn quiet....too quiet

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Thos sons of bitches.

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Remember when we were talking about how they had codes to take over planes?

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At least pilot lived.

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Ok, who wants to put money on that Alyssa Milano will turn out to have bern her acting coach.