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Trump Rally LIVE: President Donald Trump Holds MAGA Rally in Wheeling, WV 9/29/18 - YouTube or see here for 3 more live streams> President #Trump #MAGA Rally in #Wheeling , #WestVirginia – 7pm ET Livestream… | 3 Live Streams here The Last Refuge #fb #SaturdayMorning

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In <#489838052609359882> you can set selfrole for qposts now with ,selfrole QPOSTS

"1000 points of light" -- hinted at the occult meaning by saying "which no one has figured out yet... "

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I thought he invented PayPal

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Q proof in POTUS' rally speech

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He also invented the Tesla Car company, which assembled many different existing technologies. I’m not saying he invented Nic Tesla’s stuff.

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Entrepreneur then if not an inventor.

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@LaserTrain Looks like they started paypal but was it the ir money behind it and others implemented IDK

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dat hairline tho

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I’m an inventor/entrepreneur, I love starting new things, but then I want to move on.

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😎, I test drove a Tesla 5 years ago. Incredible, big fan. Didn’t buy, too expensive.

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Potus said no one got the "1000" points of light yet. So what does it mean? He also mentioned metallurgic several times.

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Like driving a rocket 🚀

It's stereotypical illumined one symbolism

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#DNCpartyofcrime fav new tag

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@Zorro why did potus say no one got it yet?

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Believes what he’s told his whole life

@Aavelle He knows their deeper occult symbolism

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Flake is flaky

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Why did Potus say metallurgic several times?

When Trump Jr bought their building on 5th ave, iirc, and ruined their plans to build a giant ritualistic pentagram with it

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This stickied message is pissing me off. How do I make it go away?

I missed the part where he referred to metallurgy

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Judge Jennine is breaking shit down

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Hum let me try to remember how he said it but it was twice had something to do with clean cosl maybe?

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Alchemy is another branch of the cult of the city, literal and not (instead a process of self improvement)

Then the priests of fire claim lineage back to what's his fucking name son of noah metallurgist