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@stedly all of them?<:trumpchin:497946853610881034>

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this is coming to twitter

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we gon get banned bruh

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Streisand effect

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Its gonna hurt them bad

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i guess the story is 1 person armining 800 pages tp try and spoof the trends

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@stedly it's all or none. Can't have half the countries dump and expect the fiat system not to collapse as a result. It cant coexist alongside an honest money system.

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So... Global Currency reset?

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That sounds iffy

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One way or the other...responsibly or via mother nature & father time

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Trump is the best suited to do in behalf of America so wishing him the best of luck solving this mess for all of us

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Typically it is done via a gold revaluation and a return to the gold standard as a result, at least thats how it has happened 1000s of times in the past. I think this time they may account for the metal via blockchain tech. Who knows tho...gonna be interesting to see how it unfolds

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He'll have to be in complete control of congress though.

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Which likely may not be until after 2020

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lol, crypto headlines are hilarious. It does that, and the opposite, literally 5+ times a month.

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even epic stability (for BTC) is a fearworthy headline.

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1 month evensies

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Time for digging?

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>texas is gonna turn blue
>polls are in favor of democrats in texas

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@Keybored I just saw that too

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Well played, Amazon.

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Stacy Abrams did an AMA on plebbit and I noticed a few things.
Every question that she answered is more of less of the following format:
"Serious question"
"Fun question"

It's disturbing

2018-10-12 22:56:41 UTC  

"Hi Stacey,
Do you have any general plans to help with traffic/infrastructure problems growing in major Georgia cities?
Also, very important, what's your favorite TNG episode?"

"Serious question: how do you convince voters and donors that your race is winnable? A lot of people are antsy about Kemp’s chicanery, and I’ve seen people claim that it’s a lost cause when it really isn’t.
Lighter question: which character from The Good Place are you most like?"

"Hey Stacey!!
I am a native born Georgian from Atlanta and have contributed to your campaign, and put out my yard signs yesterday. Let's strive for that finish line!
First of all, thank you for taking a very pragmatic approach to marijuana decriminalization and medical cannabis. This is the appropriate response for the state, and the correct direction for us. But I don't feel like it is enough.
Canada this month will officially recognize marijuana legally for recreational use. I believe Georgia should follow the same path. Will you advocate for recreational marijuana use after battling with medical/decriminalization legislation?
And as a fun question: What was the last movie you saw in theatres?
Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you speak this Monday in Atlanta!"

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I'm guessing interns