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the FBI did raid Puerto Rico's corruption lady today

it would take massive numbers to raid youtube. Multiple datacenters

2018-10-17 02:28:36 UTC  

Somebody coded an NPC wrong.

2018-10-17 02:28:50 UTC  

Screwed up a while loop or something and crashed the servers.

2018-10-17 02:28:58 UTC  

plus, 500 error is still a response from some servers somewhere 🤔

2018-10-17 02:29:19 UTC  

Back up for me I think.

2018-10-17 02:29:37 UTC  


2018-10-17 02:30:08 UTC  

>Robot Chicken Theme.jpg

Stop tripping on the cord Jerry! That's black wires for the world in that fibre optic!

2018-10-17 02:30:53 UTC  

are the error messages coded for us??? Hmmmmmmm

2018-10-17 02:31:14 UTC  

Doubt but is possible.

I'm going to say no, because that's a dump output of the state of your browser at the time it made the request

2018-10-17 02:31:41 UTC  

>Group of Highly Trained Monkeys
>Weaponized Autism

2018-10-17 02:31:44 UTC

2018-10-17 02:32:08 UTC  

>Google Chips Out Internally

It's a usual thing for webdevs to do to encrypt it so they can figure out wtf happened

2018-10-17 02:32:26 UTC

2018-10-17 02:33:00 UTC  

The Praying Medic video that was still playing for me was called Boom Week lol

thus if say like intermittently android users encounter problems, you gather the dumps and analyze and you go ah ok

2018-10-17 02:33:32 UTC  

Im searching through Q posts that all have youtube in them

search was up first, now it appears user facing pages are up

2018-10-17 02:34:16 UTC  

Zorro I’m going for that walk/jog now. See ya later

2018-10-17 02:36:00 UTC

2018-10-17 02:36:04 UTC  

anything pre buffered will still play

2018-10-17 02:36:05 UTC  


2018-10-17 02:37:25 UTC

2018-10-17 02:38:21 UTC  

When was that posted?

2018-10-17 02:38:48 UTC  

(I've got to catch up on my Q Posts)

2018-10-17 02:38:53 UTC

2018-10-17 02:38:58 UTC  

April 6

2018-10-17 02:39:02 UTC  

Ah, okay.

2018-10-17 02:39:19 UTC  

How long will YouTube be down though? That's the question.

2018-10-17 02:39:38 UTC

2018-10-17 02:40:13 UTC

2018-10-17 02:40:51 UTC  

@Dogs lots of other video websites besides youtube

2018-10-17 02:41:36 UTC  

I can see that, I'm just wondering because I need to look at some videos before tomorrow.

2018-10-17 02:43:39 UTC  

@Dogs maybe you can see it on bitchute

2018-10-17 02:43:44 UTC  

I've gotta go return some videotapes.