Message from legendpinnen in Hermit Hangout #general-text🗿

2018-12-13 05:55:45 UTC  

@ToastMcGhost for wwhat

2018-12-13 05:55:45 UTC  

it already has for me. i already strongly desire to get one. i have no desire to worry about thots

2018-12-13 05:56:01 UTC  


2018-12-13 05:56:11 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus but are they real feeling and move robotics?

2018-12-13 05:56:11 UTC  

@legendpinnen ill give you your powers back. if you promise not to flood anime babes with your weird historical paintings

2018-12-13 05:56:13 UTC  

I have dead body in my closets... Thots are last year.

2018-12-13 05:56:22 UTC  

No robotics, but real feeling

2018-12-13 05:56:26 UTC  

@metan the dolls right now. they dont do anything. just like real women

2018-12-13 05:56:28 UTC  

good enough for me

2018-12-13 05:56:44 UTC  

also im pretty sure everybody knows im a loser virgin at this point

2018-12-13 05:56:47 UTC  

How can a man avoid false accusations and destroy life? @shadowlessnexus

2018-12-13 05:56:48 UTC  

hang on

2018-12-13 05:57:01 UTC  

@metan masturbate

2018-12-13 05:57:08 UTC  

Im loser baby so why dont you kill me.

2018-12-13 05:57:19 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus if you dont flood it with wierd ahri pics i might grace this server with my beautiful pics

2018-12-13 05:57:22 UTC  

@metan you can go monk mode like me. that means no dating. no nothing. you could only have sex with women in other country's that can help

2018-12-13 05:57:36 UTC  

how much risk you take on is up to you

2018-12-13 05:57:37 UTC  

Is there good body cam product you may recommend? @shadowlessnexus. Just for precaution.

2018-12-13 05:58:03 UTC  

Just have sex with cam chicks.

2018-12-13 05:58:05 UTC  

Conceal that can stream to cloud hook with mobile?

2018-12-13 05:58:21 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus nah there was a dude who got accused cuz the girls at his highschool didnt like him

2018-12-13 05:58:32 UTC  

@The woken child no for safety around woman. To avoid future issues.

2018-12-13 05:58:39 UTC  

you cant prevent risk from being there. only minimize it.

2018-12-13 05:58:48 UTC  

you could get hit by lightning too.

2018-12-13 05:58:50 UTC  

whos watching the stream? 😮

2018-12-13 05:58:50 UTC  

@metan sandman had a vid about bodycams

2018-12-13 05:58:53 UTC  

just do what you can

2018-12-13 05:59:03 UTC  

Just hide a camera where ever you fuck

2018-12-13 05:59:04 UTC  

@legendpinnen sandman?

2018-12-13 05:59:07 UTC  


2018-12-13 05:59:15 UTC  

its a mgtow channel

2018-12-13 05:59:16 UTC  

i know nothing about body cams

2018-12-13 05:59:22 UTC  

Some one is horny 8 year old.

2018-12-13 05:59:22 UTC  

The SQ11 mini camera is very cheap but it doesn't upload to the cloud

2018-12-13 05:59:25 UTC  

why does everyone think im some kind of fucking guru

2018-12-13 05:59:42 UTC  

Because your daddy.

2018-12-13 05:59:55 UTC  


2018-12-13 06:00:01 UTC  

Correction zaddy

2018-12-13 06:00:07 UTC  


2018-12-13 06:00:26 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus **ur** a loser virgin magician thats why

2018-12-13 06:00:51 UTC  

@shadowlessnexus give me permission in shitposting