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@SDifference nah its nothing I honestly am surprised more people don't bother

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I've been reading the shit linked to above, and the people accusing Trump jr. of treason have no idea what they are talking about. NOBODY has been tried for treason without raising an army against the US government or aiding another country we are at war with. If you can just declare any country that we are not at war with an "enemy" of the USA, then the government could just start throwing anybody that does anything counting even remotely as support for another country that opposes us on any issue a "traitor" under the law. Is this really what leftists want?

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I think there's a big problem with like.....

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idgaf about non-whites

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but if you are white

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no matter how degenerate you are

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Bought a new duvet cover set today and it perfectly matches the wall in the bedroom

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I want to help you

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if you are willing to be helped

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too many people on the Right just want to gas them

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I think that's fucked

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Are there any goyish American superheroes or were they all made by kikes

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There are plenty

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@TheBigKK Yeah sad but true, it's also a shame that it's now rarer for people to help their fellow whites. We need to go back to this being expected rather than exceptional

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In terms o f creators, not the heroes themselves

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TMNT I think are goyish

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@SDifference I think it's part of the implicit anti-whiteness that alot of people are infused with growing up. They'll tip their hats to "based" negroids or browns but when a fallen white person comes along they cast him/her aside

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It's compounded with the atomisation of whites in general as well

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need a longer link

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looks like rubbing jew hands

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Israeli currency symbol

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I'm, like, *totally* trad now

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@KKKutie tone down usage of the word 'like'

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good grammatical exercise