Message from Hiddenhope in Athens #uk_politics

2020-01-08 15:31:09 UTC  

or be conveniently damaged

2020-01-08 15:33:52 UTC  

in my mums opinion the plane was hit by something

2020-01-08 15:34:11 UTC  

but they cant "officially" speculate

2020-01-08 15:36:32 UTC  

Hit by something

2020-01-08 15:38:19 UTC  

basically, what she was telling me is that if an engine failed or even in the unlikely event that both engines failed it would have glided, somewhat, and come down harder than normal.. but very survivable (no explosions)

2020-01-08 15:40:37 UTC  

ah ok.. the Iranian civil aviation's head has already said they are not giving the black box over

2020-01-08 15:49:47 UTC  

oh yeah, another thing she mentioned... that plane was only a few years old... practically new

2020-01-08 15:50:43 UTC  

she said something about radar as well... apparently planes dont just drop out of radar, even when very low

2020-01-08 15:58:05 UTC  

Looking at the pics and video around on Pol it was clearly shot.

2020-01-08 16:04:58 UTC  

this allegedly shows it crashing & burning

2020-01-08 16:05:15 UTC  

modern airliners don't do that from benign causes

2020-01-08 16:06:32 UTC  

yeah my mum was saying its designed to glide down even if both engines went.. which is rare enough on its own

2020-01-08 16:07:28 UTC  

So...Stupid trigger happy militia?

2020-01-08 16:07:32 UTC  

she sounded fairly stressed... i imagine shes not having the best day 😛

2020-01-08 16:09:31 UTC  

the calls from the british families who lost someone on the flight will probably come through to her as well

2020-01-08 16:10:02 UTC  

how many brits were on it

2020-01-08 16:10:08 UTC  

That will be hard to go through

2020-01-08 16:10:18 UTC  


2020-01-08 16:10:25 UTC  

63 canadians

2020-01-08 16:10:26 UTC  

I heard there were a lot more Canadians

2020-01-08 16:10:50 UTC  

canadians with canadian-iranian dual citizenship

2020-01-08 16:17:31 UTC  

I find it really hard to understand where Jonathan Pie is

2020-01-08 16:17:35 UTC  


2020-01-08 16:17:42 UTC  

is he one of us

2020-01-08 16:18:18 UTC  

He's a bit of both

2020-01-08 16:18:27 UTC  

it's weird

2020-01-08 16:18:35 UTC  

liberal left - anti-tory seems to be his stance

2020-01-08 16:18:50 UTC  

He seems to oppose Labour too

2020-01-08 16:18:54 UTC  

And the PC culture

2020-01-08 16:19:10 UTC  

And he supported Count Dankula

2020-01-08 16:19:11 UTC  

yeah thats the liberal side

2020-01-08 16:19:12 UTC  

is he just the reasonable left?

2020-01-08 16:19:19 UTC  

I would imagine so

2020-01-08 16:19:30 UTC  

I think I'm on the reasonable left but I still disagree with some of his politics

2020-01-08 16:19:32 UTC  

but then again

2020-01-08 16:19:44 UTC  

who fucking knows in 2020

2020-01-08 16:21:53 UTC  

19k watching... waiting for this turnip to speak 😛