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@D'Marcus Liebowitz ayyy updated

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with transparency

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Is TDS having loading problems?

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“We need to open up for the new wave of immigrants to come up,” Singman said. “We’re exporting our middle class to the United States–you guys should be thanking us for that.”

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"middle-class" is code word for White Americans

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Sure aint the Coons

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A coon with money is usually a dope dealer

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Drug dealing and Pimping makes alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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@erz1871 whites are fleeing California's vibrancy in droves and this guys spin is " we're exporting californians " ha

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he actually claimed we should be happy that Californians bring us their "values"

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DOJ investigating affirmative action a new bill to create a merit based immigration system that cuts it in half and preferences English speakers. The bill would also prohibit welfare to new migrants.

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Could be better of course but

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but they use the welfare that Americans just won't use!

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Trumps not perfect but Jesus Christ imagine the alternative

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@northern_confederate I saw that he bragged that a Texas was turning blue.

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@OrwellHuxley yes they are fleeing california, and theyll not be welcome in white states

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yea Tucker asked if he was a parody lol

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the same kind of mindfuck is going on in germany right now

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hilarious af

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What have I become? I get so triggered from everything. I'm just like the s jay dubayus

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"germans dont want to have kids with foreigners around... quick, import MORE FOREIGNERS"

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oh damn no welfare for immigrants?? that cuts off all incentive for third worlders

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nationalists are the real globalists

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The idea of people immigrating and going on welfare instantly is outrageous

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How did this even happen

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Oh ((( nevermind)))

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fun fact: 75% of electricity in the US is created from the sage advice of obese wise latinas

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they need help getting adjusted to the american way of life goy

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I saw Jared Taylor BTFO some muzzie on this exact point she's like they just need some help to get started

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His full interview with Jorge Ramos was also great

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He's very good at what he does.

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My new fav twitter account haha