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@SC♢TFRΣΣ s'all good m8 ima ping you all day err day still tho 😎

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2018-10-28 21:00:52 UTC does anyone watch this guy? I have noticed the same thing that Trump is mentioning HRC at all rallies *knowing* full well hey will chant “Lock Her Up”, and he lets it go on 10-15 seconds. Is he just using Hillary hatred to fuel voting or is something in the works? Also interesting to see Fox poke at the CNN “bomb” package

2018-10-28 21:02:02 UTC  

I don’t recall seeing much challenge to the narrative from them usually, aside from Hannity or Tucker sometimes

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Live Watch "LIVE: President Trump, First Lady Melania Halloween Speech at The White House" on YouTube

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Weird choice of music rn

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72 hours in America: Three hate-filled crimes. Three hate-filled suspects. - CNN wow Trump must be a really bad man for all this to happen in three days in America. Better vote blue and stop the violence

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“Bush has a history of mental illness, made racist threats and repeatedly called his ex-wife the N-word, “

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Oops how did I get here

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The ghost of Burt Reynolds?

@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins usually youtube, but I can check Twitter YouTube and periscope, why what up?

Oh wait, we are on all 3

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No I was just wondering for the chat....

Not many in the chat

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Yeah I know

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lol, what a moron ^

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@Mr. Sofaking Fluffykins general summary

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Wonder who they targeted?

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lol I gotta get some ice cream and watch that protest vid