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***Deep Fried*** ***taking image*** ***Sharpen*** ***taking image***

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I believe the DoJ attorneys already put out statements about Whittaker being fit for the role and not needing to recuse at the very beginning. But it says Rosenstein will say something about Whittaker later today ...

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Dow just fell theu the lower end of the support it had landed on at 23000. It looks really ugly

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Hard ball. Not signing anything without border security.

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By the way, how many walls will pulling out of Syria pay for? Lol Military just got a whole lot more discretional spending, I guess 😊

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I’m so happy it’s a Q day!

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We have the keystone!!!

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White House live : Watch " @POTUS Trump Participates in a Signing Ceremony for H.R. 2, the “ #Agriculture Improvement Act”"

Looks like bernie kek

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@everyone (sorry for ping)
Make sure when you start hearing ppl talking about troubles in the markets that you point the finger directly at the Fed. They deserve the blame and we need to make sure it falls on their head and not President Trump's. If needed show this pic where the rug gets pulled out at the 2pm FOMC minutes release. It continued to fall from there. Important to ensure this narrative is on lock

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Didn’t they raise rates 4x this year?

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more than once for sure

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@PawnWithAPurpose it's common sense. And don't abuse the ping

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Yep, but Trump just called them out 2 days prior. The market is going to be the biggest of blame games because Trump had to take under his wing while prepping.

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Ya literally my first ping

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I did my part.

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And it was worth it. Got to get ahead of the ball for this one. May take a bit, but still.

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Ya loved it @Deleted User

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And you can ping me anytime. Yours count. And fuck off to the dot that said otherwise. Faggot.

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All the dick dot had to do was turn off his notifications. Such a fucking fag.

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Its Important considering all ppl get pissed and eat up any narrative when it comes to them losing money they feel they deserve

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Don't thank a fellow Patriot for trying to wake up the fellow anons to the cause that we supposedly all want. Just bitch about not being accountable enough to turn off your fucking notifications. I hate fucking losers like that.

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Thanks, metalanon. I appreciate YOU. Even if yellow dot faggots don't. WWG1WGA!

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Haha, hopefully POTUS can pull a rabbit out of the hat, but crazy to expect no consequences from decades of money printing and a decade of 0% interest rates (loans for free). Either way, the debt problem will need to be confronted and markets will need to find free value if we are to enter a new monetary that is not controlled by literal satanic pedos. It will be worth the hit to the pocket book

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Aww Thanks gus=ys

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@e⁻ muh pings