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Congratulations @immaduck, you're now level 1.

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ahh yes thanx I see that now

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#309: Taormina Harbour Airport TFC
Taormina, Italy

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ıllıllı FuturamaDelivery ıllıllıToday at 2:39 PM: thanks for the transcript 🤓

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Looking at new Qpost today 2 red october posts than this one Qpost 2298 . Shows this pic, has anyone figured out what this is ? looks like maybe a printer or something in an airplane seat or could be console of the plane Dr Ford was on?

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HSI’s Asset Identification and Removal Groups (AIRG)

```"Both actions were brought under the Justice Department’s Kleptocracy Asset Recovery Initiative announced by the Attorney General in 2010."

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has #309 been deleted also now?

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This is a UNITED 787. Business Class

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From @Blonde_Finn pic, the plane looks like a United Airlines’ B787-9 Dreamliner Business Class, it all matches seats/windows etc.

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Im not a planefag but found this to be the only current result

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that pic from a few months back was of the lax international hub. funny, when I reverse image searched it I got a similar travel reviewer blog, that had a similar image taken through the same shade, but at a different time of day.... Ill see if it all still searches the same way. We couldnt explain it at the time.

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“Splash” was the code word we used for shooting down an enemy aircraft.

For instance: “Splash one MiG-21” indicates that aircraft has been shot down by you but says nothing about its pilot.

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this image

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The nose doesn't have those windows on the Polaris 787-9, not sure if that means much tho.

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I think it's the same gate, is the highlight

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if that one en route took off from the international united at LAX

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better pic from inside:-

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through a windown at "the united club"

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so, actually, that's not the image Q posted. anyone have the one im talking about? looks just like this one through the shade, but at a different time of day (shadow under plane moves) and slightly different angle. cant seem to find it in the posts

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I remember it - but there's a lot go through lol

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found it

TFC is nothing, not IATA codes ... but ICAO codes is MRPV, which is a different airport, SYQ/MRPV
San Jose Tobias Bolanos International Airport
Costa Rica

I dunno if the indirection is intentional or if I just suck at figuring out the names of things, like if no one gives a crap about Italy's Taormina Harbour airport

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Musta missed it zorro, not sure I get what your saying.

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Designation TFC?

destination TFC, IATA code isn't coming up under flighttracker, but it apparently is Taormina airport in Italy