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2018-09-29 23:21:55 UTC  

probably not nothing

2018-09-29 23:22:09 UTC  

I like to add the caveat.

2018-09-29 23:23:27 UTC  

im not a real planefag tho 😦 anyone here good at this?

2018-09-29 23:23:53 UTC  

What does TFC stand for

11Traffic is abbreviated as TFC
(also Trafk, TFX, TRAF, TR or Trfc)

2018-09-29 23:25:30 UTC  

btw that post has been removed (#309)

I wonder if it's a sign-in, or a call to have someone sign in

2018-09-29 23:26:48 UTC  

Cant maket his stuff up. 17 minutes late.

So who the heck was on that flight 😃

Feinstein? That would be hilarious

2018-09-29 23:35:17 UTC  

nothing else I can find quite lines up. it was lat to take off, but seems like it cleared at 2:55 EST, and that post was 3:16 EST

2018-09-29 23:36:24 UTC  

no numerical conincidences... idk. still seems like the 17 minutes late is a lot to look past. if it stays like that, more so.

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2018-09-29 23:38:46 UTC  

not obvious. might not even be literally that flight, just a search cue

2018-09-29 23:38:49 UTC  

not necessarily Rivendell, but its probable that it is a Q member.

2018-09-29 23:39:16 UTC  

Q has used pics from deepstate devices previously

2018-09-29 23:39:26 UTC  

if that's legit the only one of those planes in the air right now, gotta say that's got my vote.

2018-09-29 23:42:56 UTC  

whats that got to do with the price of bacon?

2018-09-29 23:44:41 UTC  

no i mean, you stated that they are all original - noone said they were not.

2018-09-29 23:45:32 UTC  

just a search cue = figure out what kind of plane it is, search for it, find only one in air just took off from previously reference terminal... notice it's been 17 minutes late the whole way

2018-09-29 23:46:17 UTC  

why's that funny?

2018-09-29 23:47:38 UTC  

not entirely sure what your adding to this tbh

2018-09-29 23:48:57 UTC  

fool proof. print it.

Not so. I tracked down the exact street camera when it took pictures in UK

2018-09-29 23:49:59 UTC  

ipso facto = aliens... amiright?

2018-09-29 23:50:05 UTC  

that is speculation, as I pointed out - Q has previousy posted pics that have come FROM deepstate devices.

2018-09-29 23:50:24 UTC  

yes they are then still original

2018-09-29 23:50:45 UTC  

not sure what the 381 on Q Post means but here is Q's 381 post

2018-09-29 23:51:19 UTC

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relevant call back, if only by coincidence

2018-09-29 23:55:19 UTC  

I think snowden was on the flight.

2018-09-29 23:56:30 UTC  

BAH - Snowdens employer was booze allen hamilton.

2018-09-29 23:56:47 UTC

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the flight was from the us though - you think snowden would risk it?

2018-09-30 00:03:39 UTC  

No idea.